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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 13,...
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
Today 10:25 AM
by Offical Forums
2 problems
Forum: ProfitUIteyabs
11-11-2018 05:20 PM
by teyabs
Submitting POI's
Forum: EQ2MAPFjunebri
11-10-2018 06:00 PM
by Fjunebri
DarqUI error help please
Forum: Help!?!?!Catarrah
11-10-2018 05:11 PM
by kosmetas
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 6, 2018
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
11-06-2018 02:01 PM
by Offical Forums
DrumsUI Chaos Descending Beta
Forum: DrumsUIBlackhood
11-03-2018 06:05 PM
by Mysstie
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 13, 2018 "Chaos Descending"
Nov 13, 2018 - 10:25 AM - by Offical Forums
The Elemental Planes of Order have been thrown into chaos! Thrust in the middle of a mystery of Celestial proportions, you must return to the Planes of Power to help restore balance to the Planes of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Accomplishing this will be no small feat, and you will need to make new allies such as Maelin Starpyre, the Grand Librarian of Myrist, who resides within the Plane of Knowledge, as well as learn the fate of infamous characters from Norrath’s past by traveling to the Plane of Justice.

Along the way, you will gain new strengths and new abilities necessary for battling the ceaseless denizens of the Elemental Planes and the puppet master behind them! Will you defeat the gods who sit upon the Elemental Thrones? The future of the Planes depends upon you in Chaos Descending, EverQuest II’s 15th expansion!
  • Face the trials of the Elemental Planes with all new adventure, tradeskill, and public quests!
  • Get ahead with new achievements, collections, and more.
  • Conquer all new Solo, Heroic and Raid challenges, including a new contested Raid Dungeon!
  • Mount Gear – Mounts can now be equipped with gear to bolster their rider’s power!
  • Mount Levels – For the first time your mounts can now level! They can level to 10.
  • Ascension Levels – Ascend 5 levels to 20.
  • Mercenary Levels – Gain another 10 levels, for a maximum of 20!

  • Characters will now receive an increase to Hit Points as they level from 101 to 110.

  • You can now enter very large values into the Set Price popup UI.
  • You may now resize width of the target window.

Group Reordering
  • Your group members list can now be reordered on the client. This will change the order they're drawn in the group members window, and will change which character your F2-F6 keys (or whichever keys you've bound the "target_group_member 0-5" actions to in the Options menu) will target.
  • Right-clicking on a member in your group members window will offer you three additional actions: "Move Up", "Move Down", and "Reset Group Order". "Move Up" and "Move Down" will swap with the next or previous group member. Selecting "Move Up" on the first group member will wrap to the back and vice versa for "Move Down". The "Reset Group Order" action will restore the order to what is seen by the server and other clients who have not reordered their group members.
  • When somebody joins your group, the ordering will be preserved. If a group member in the middle of your reordered list leaves, then the ordering will reset automatically and notify you about this via chat.

  • Fixed an issue where the Guild search functionality was excluding matches that only matched on tradeskillers.
  • The Recruiting tab in the Guild window now allows you to specify separate Adventure and Tradeskill Levels. The filter options dialog in the Guilds Looking For Members window also has controls to match and will auto-populate your character's tradeskill and adventure level. All dropdowns for specifying levels have been replaced with input fields so you can just type level filters in directly.

  • Some zones, such as Myrist, will suppress your mount appearances to prevent large mounts from smothering important NPC's. This restriction will not prevent you from gaining the mount ground speed.

Plane of Magic
  • Mournthing will no longer eat pants.

  • Ascension experience will now be granted when completing Kunark Ascending, Planes of Prophecy or Chaos Descending quests. Ascension level up is handled automatically when.

0 Replies | 13 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 6, 2018
Nov 06, 2018 - 2:01 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Missing Decorations in … – Can now be completed 30 times maximum.
  • Aggressive Advertising in … – Can now be completed 30 times maximum.
  • Festive Flames in … – Can now be completed 30 times maximum.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented you from consuming the Mercenary: Sireen Wyndmoore or Mercenary: Mindblaster Kander tokens if you had previously unlocked Mercenary: K'nozz the Confuser.
  • Beastlords may now equip Molten Eidolon's Boots.
  • Beastlords may now equip the Centered Mantle of the Lava Lotus.

0 Replies | 135 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 30 2018
Oct 29, 2018 - 7:51 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Borden Chargehammer will now sell armor to Beastlords and Channelers.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Glacial Sleet Cherub's Drape to stun the wearers party, despite how hilarious it is.

0 Replies | 111 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 23, 2018
Oct 22, 2018 - 6:13 PM - by Offical Forums
Miragul's Planar Shard [Raid]
  • Miragul's Mandate and Shadowy Servitude should no longer be cast within Miragul's Planar Shard.
Munzok's Material Bastion
  • The abyssal marauder has had its maximum health lowered to be more appropriate.
  • Munzok's Tap Veins ability should now only hit 6 players instead of 8.
Raids [TLE]
The following bosses have had their maximum health reduced:
  • Anashti Sul
  • Gynok Moltor (and group)
  • Xebnok
  • Munzok
  • Zarrakon
  • Miragul

  • Illusion: Jann Magi will now maintain gender on zoning, and only swap genders if toggled off or on. If 24 hours pass without zoning, this illusion will default back to the characters natural gender until cancelled and recast.

  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from purchasing Relic Tinker Prestige House Deed of Ownership after they have opened their Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 9.
  • The Oversized Autumnal Globe and Square Autumnal Window Pane now have the proper crafting counter events offered.

0 Replies | 193 Views
Chaos Descending Beta Testing has Begun!
Oct 09, 2018 - 2:20 PM - by Cairenn
With Chaos Descending across the Elemental Planes, the time for Beta testing has arrived! When you pre-order EverQuest II: Chaos Descending, you'll be granted access to the expansion's closed Beta. As always, the feedback that players provide during the Beta testing phase of an expansion is invaluable to us, so we want to make sure that you're rewarded for your hard work!

Depending on what you help test, you'll be able to earn a variety of different rewards:

Questing Beta Reward

May be earned multiple times.
  • Mount: Errithak, the Black Ravager
  • 40 resolve
  • 5 Block chance
  • 495 Crit Chance
  • 2,555 Potency
  • 20,000 Max Power
  • 100,000 Max Health
  • 120,000 Ability Modifier
Tradeskill Beta Reward

May be earned multiple times.
  • Mount: Kristoph, the Purple Dread – A flying mount that grants both tradeskill and adventuring stats
  • 50 to all harvesting skills
  • Increases tradeskill durability gain by 5
  • Decreases experimental critical failure chance by 5%
  • 35 resolve
  • 5 Block chance
  • 475 Crit chance
  • 2,200 Potency
  • 15,000 Max power
  • 80,000 Max health
  • 100,000 Ability Mod
Heroic Beta Reward

Earned once, and may be claimed once per character.
  • Chaos Descending Beta Heroic Infuser Crate: 5 Chaos Descending Beta Infusers which grant a minimum of 80 Potency, 80 Crit Bonus, 4,500 Ability Modifier, 600 Stamina
Raid Beta Reward

Earned once, and may be claimed once per character.
  • Chaos Descending Beta Raid Infuser Crate: 5 Chaos Descending Beta Infusers which grant a minimum of 80 Potency, 80 Crit Bonus, 4,500 Ability Modifier, 600 Stamina

Each of the rewards can be earned multiple times by completing the requirements for unlocking them more than once - this can be done on alts, or by re-copying your character over to the Beta server. If you've already pre-ordered the expansion, you can learn more about how to join the beta server here.

Source and further details.
0 Replies | 288 Views
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 9, 2018
10-08-2018 04:10 PM
10-08-2018 04:10 PM
by Offical Forums
0 183
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 2, 2018
10-01-2018 06:12 PM
10-01-2018 06:12 PM
by Offical Forums
0 276
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday September 27, 2018
09-26-2018 08:35 PM
09-26-2018 08:35 PM
by Offical Forums
0 300
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday September 25, 2018
09-24-2018 05:42 PM
09-24-2018 05:42 PM
by Offical Forums
0 336
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday September 18, 2018
09-17-2018 09:41 PM
09-17-2018 09:41 PM
by Offical Forums
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