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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
Title, Username, & Date Last Post Replies
[Live] Update Notes - June 27, 2022
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
Today 02:10 PM
by Offical Forums
Manual "install"...
Forum: EQ2MAPCeyarrecks
Today 01:47 PM
by jnils
DarqUI Tip of the Week
Forum: DarqUIDarqwood
Yesterday 06:54 PM
by Darqwood
[Request] Overseer Window changes
Forum: DarqUIziplock9000
06-25-2022 05:17 AM
by ziplock9000
Maintained spell monitor
Forum: DarqUICourgan2k4
06-16-2022 09:11 AM
by Courgan2k4
[Live] Update Notes - June 14, 2022
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
06-13-2022 07:40 PM
by Offical Forums
[Live] Update Notes - June 27, 2022
Jun 27, 2022 - 2:10 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Shattered Lands Raids
    • Epic encounters have had the amount of DPS and Attack Speed they have applied reduced slightly to avoid over increasing the higher encounters too much.
    • Bosses within the Deserted Mine have had their health adjusted and are once again available for play.
There is no downtime associated with this update.

0 Replies | 6 Views
[Live] Update Notes - June 14, 2022
Jun 13, 2022 - 7:40 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Trading in a zone with a lockout timer will now apply that lockout timer to both characters involved in the trade.
  • The 48 hour trade window will now only apply to group or raid members who were in the zone when the window was generated.
  • Thadampos will now sell a Jubilant Familiar Infusion to level 125 subscribers.
  • Set Recall Point - Players on Varsoon and Kaladim servers can now bind in the Qeynos villages and Freeport neighborhoods.
  • Targets will no longer break mesmerize from damage over time detriments applied prior to being mesmerized.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Teleportation Pads and Luclin Teleportation Pads to conflict with each others teleportation networks.
  • The Cognatic Bixie Bopper Plushie has now been coaxed into fitting into the home depot.
  • Jubilee house items "Portrait of an Oakmyst Dryad" and "Lazy Drain Guardians" can now be stored within a home depot.
  • Corrected a bug that caused some level 95 and 100 heroic character starting equipment to vanish into the ether. Characters who were missing these items should find them back in their inventory or overflow slots upon login.
  • The following items have been updated:
    • Bright Ember Necklace
    • Bright Ember Ring
    • Bright Ember Earring
  • Maltena's Brooch
  • Thexian Necklace of Necroism
  • Items found in Spirits of the Lost have been updated.
  • Found Robust Wrist Wraps and Found Robust Bracers now use a more appropriate icon. Who knew that you'd not want to wear boots as bracers?
  • Orc Society - Romiak Jusathorn's name is now spelled correctly in book text and dialogue.
  • On the Origins of Shadowed Men - Romiak Jusathorn's name is now spelled correctly in book text and dialogue.
  • Logos Canon Totem - Item is no longer using an earring icon.
  • Corrected item progression in the following zones: The Tallon Hording Halls, The Sullon Mines, The Darkened Den, Heroic: The Tallon Hording Halls, Heroic: The Sullon Mines, Heroic: The Darkened Den
  • Several pieces of Overseer Season 4 cloth footwear have been renamed from "sandles" to "sandals"
  • Mana Sieve VII ability scrolls will now transmute into the correct components.
  • The following spell scrolls can now be transmuted: Battery and Assault XII (Adept), Double-Cross XI (Adept).
  • Items found in the following level 50 Heroic dungeons have been adjusted:
    • Miragul's Menagerie
    • The Bastion of Flames
    • The Oratorium of Thyr
    • The Sanctum of Fear
  • Items dropped from Chalandria the Queen of the Cursed in Nektropos Castle: The Return have been adjusted.
  • Items dropped from Lord Nagalik in Solusek's Eye (Shattered Lands) have been adjusted.
  • Ancient Tae Ew Tablet now has the correct item stats.
  • City Raid Merchant items have been adjusted.
  • Crafted item Rough Linen Robe no longer has the imbue proc upon it.
  • Adornments flagged as Prestige may now be applied to equipment flagged as Prestige.
  • Visions of Vetrovia familiar drop tables now include a chance to obtain season nine familiars.
  • Sprocket Gearsniffer will no longer conflict with familiars.
  • Potion's of Crafting Progress from the monthly membership claim option are now heirloom on all servers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a zone crash during the Hack 'n Slash Public Quest.
  • The clockwork energy source for "Gearing the Competition" is now easier to see.
  • A More Aggressive Method - Your hungry boarfiend should update the quest when eats its full of Nightmarsh shroomlings.
  • Minor typo fix made to a journal entry for "Inheriting Family".
  • Rescue the Reverend - The assassin will now attack if you beat him to Reverend Valac.
  • The rewards for the quest Revelation in The Icy Dig have been updated to be No Trade:
    • Journeyman Defender's Shroud
    • Journeyman Medium's Shroud
    • Journeyman Healer's Shroud
    • Journeyman Stalker's Shroud
  • The Familiars Wild quest will now grant season nine familiars.
  • Tinkerfest quest "Gearing the Competition" will now allow you to craft the required items within another zone if you truly feel the need to leave the instance instead of using one of the two crafting stations within the zone.
  • General
    • Current adornments may now be used in all versions of the Innovation: Tinkerer's Trial instances.
  • Enchanted Lands
    • Spearfish are guaranteed to spawn off the coast.
  • Nektropos Castle: The Return
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent The Cursed Remains of Alana Everling from spawning.
  • Castle Vacrul: Haunting Presence [Raid]
    • Mayong should now update the mission "Visions of Victories II" if defeated on the first attempt.
  • Feerrott
    • Acrimoniad will now only spawn in the first instance of the zone.
  • Permafrost
    • Knubed will now only spawn in the first instance of the zone.
    • Alangria will now only spawn in the first instance of the zone.
  • The mount,"Allogata Skyspear" is now exclusive to the following encounters and will drop at a 100% rate:
    • Karuupa Jungle: The Fading Light [Raid] - Guabancek
    • Mahngavi Wastes: The Engulfing Night [Raid] - The Undead Lords
    • Forlorn Gist: Emerging Deceit [Raid] - Lithania Dyrmelia
    • Castle Vacrul: Thirst for Power [Raid] - Vorigan

0 Replies | 185 Views
[Live] Update Notes - May 31, 2022
May 27, 2022 - 7:35 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Corrected the stats that were missing from Beloxx, the Undying on a Time-Locked server.
  • Bloodmetal Infusion will now grant Potency, instead of Potency Overcap, as Potency has no cap.
  • Collection pieces "Bad Blood" Romance Novel, "To Serve Pygmies" and "How to Fight Fire with Fire" have been renamed to: Bad Blood (Romance Novel), To Serve Pygmies (Novel) and Treatise: How to Fight Fire With Fire. This is to allow them to be searched for properly on the broker (which apparently dislikes double quotes).
  • "The Blackwater Mask" - Havras has learned that there is no need for a space BEFORE a period at the end of a sentence.
  • "The Scrivener's Tale: Animating the Inanimate" - progress text in the journal now properly spells the Woodworking table.
  • "Court of Truth: In the Name of Love" - Ayala is now able to more properly say the word "minutes".
  • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
    • Challenge Arachlord Dyrraga's Silk Road and Behind the Schemes will only drain power.
  • Lore & Legends Server
    • Nektropos Castle: The Return - The ghosts of Jenni, Deirdra, Alana, Melanie, and Crysta Everling are now defeated by the cursed guardian, accurately reflecting the history of events.

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[Live] Update Notes - May 26, 2022
May 25, 2022 - 7:30 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Brokers have been re-enabled.
  • Purchases from the broker are now limited to 100M plat per transaction.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause status consumables to fail to grant status.
  • The following items have been updated:
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Chainmail Chestguard
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Chainmail Chestguard
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Chainmail Chestguard
    • Vacrul Bloodweave Robes
    • Vacrul Bloodweave Robes
    • Vacrul Bloodweave Robes
    • Vacrul Bloody Skinned Tunic
    • Vacrul Bloody Skinned Tunic
    • Vacrul Bloody Skinned Tunic
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Breastplate
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Breastplate
    • Vacrul Bloodmetal Breastplate
  • Increased the duration of Money Sink on The Price Paid charm from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  • Reduced the stats granted by Orekbyr of Dark Ember and Ofurrak of Flame below level 80.
  • Added reuse or casting speed to all Tarinaxian Stones.
  • Increased the casting speed on the Quickening Tarinaxian Stone.
  • Increased the reuse speed on the Refreshing Tarinaxian Stone.
  • General
    • Corrected an issue that caused Arabella F'arquharson to wander off.
  • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
    • After Three's a Crowd, challenge Beefcake will no longer chow down on a target with the Chew Toy or Cat Carrier detriments.
    • Only mages and scouts can be chosen as cat carriers when the old crone shows up during the encounter with challenge Beefcake.

0 Replies | 206 Views
[Live] Update Notes - May 24, 2022
May 23, 2022 - 8:00 PM - by Offical Forums
The Isle of Refuge is awaiting your arrival as the newest Time-Locked Expansion server, Varsoon, is now live! Enter the Shattered Lands and get ready to relive your early adventures in EverQuest II and become the legend you were born to be!

  • New broker sales are now limited to 50 million plat.
  • General
    • Most mesmerize abilities that did not also apply a no aoe effect have had a no aoe effect added.
  • Fury
    • Force of Nature will now update once every 3 seconds.
  • Darklight Placard - Umbra Serpent - House item name changed to differentiate from another item of the same name.
  • Darklight Placard - Dark Bargainer - House item name changed to differentiate from another item of the same name.
  • Chain Freeport Unbroken Helm - Item icon and appearance is now appropriate for a helm.
  • Enhanced Chain Freeport Unbroken Helm - Item icon and appearance is now appropriate for a helm.
  • Corrected the description on the Casks of Illumination.
  • Overseer's Polished Ebon Hauberk - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Leftover Spider-Like Cocoon - Collectible item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Several item effects and mounts have had their granted stats updated to scale down when below the intended equip level.
  • Items dropped by Lord Mayong Mistmoore have been updated and have had their dropping behavior changed.
  • Erilynne, the Master's Blade has been updated.
  • Chris Weathers City Festival merchant has received a couple new items for each city! Browse his wares during each city festival to find different styles of doors and hanging lamps starting with New Halas City Festival on 6/1.
  • Rescue Simone Chelmonte - Adventure description typo fixed.
  • Deliveries for Flores - Merchant Geddard should no longer spawn under the floor.
  • Gnoll Leaders, Part III: Tactician Mengs - Bulvar should no longer spawn under the floor.
  • Heck of a Ghoul Time - Quest completed journal text typo fixed.
  • After players are sent to Freeport docks by Varlos from Outpost of the Overlord they will now find Tyrael Emsworth offering them a single step quest that tells them where to find their racial quest mentor.
  • After players are sent to Qeynos docks by Varlos from Queen's Colony they will now find Danaera Ironheart offering them a single step quest that tells them where to find their racial quest mentor.
  • Beauty's Only Skin Deep - Quest should now recognize those players who have the "Sealed Bloodstained Scroll" or the "Sealed Moldy Scroll" in their inventory, regardless of what zone they are in.
  • Beauty's Only Skin Deep - Players who have already completed "Besought Baubles" and deleted their "Sealed Bloodstained Scroll" will be able to return to any of the "yearning" quest givers to receive another "Sealed Bloodstained Scroll".
  • Beauty's Only Skin Deep - Players who have already completed "Unhappily Ever After" and deleted their "Sealed Moldy Scroll" can now return to an angry relative to receive another "Sealed Moldy Scroll".
  • Revelation: This quest has had cloak rewards added to it to be discovered.
  • The upgraded pack pony and the gathering goblin have been sent back to harvesting school to learn that silver clusters and severed bone are both valid rare harvests. They now have a chance to bring back these harvests when sent for level 10-19 resources.
  • Icy snowdrifts are now iceless and contain clean and pristine snow! -- The Frostfell recipe "Icy Snowdrift" has been renamed to "Pristine Frostfell Snowdrift" to match the name of the item that is produced.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing characters from switching to combat stance in the dressing room when previewing weapons while certain appearance items are equipped.
  • General
    • Fracture and Fissure, the Inheritance Merchants, have been removed from the game.
    • The following Shattered Lands raids have had their levels, and in some cases, tiers increased. The loot has been upgraded to reflect that change.
      • Meeting of the Minds
      • Commune of K'Dal
      • Echoes of Time
      • Shattered Stillness
      • The Deserted Mine
  • Karuupa Jungle: Heart of Conflict [Heroic II]
    • Unified Strike will only trigger once against the dramodon duo.
  • Drayek's Chamber: Throne of the Kromise King
    • Fixed an issue that would cause King Drayek to get stuck unable to be defeated.
  • The Merchant's Den [Heroic II]
    • Silk Road now drains 50% power every 4 seconds instead of all power every 4 seconds.
    • Challenge Beefcake will now choose random non-fighter archetypes to deliver the crone's cat familiar.
    • Tangled Webs should now clear properly after Mayong makes an appearance.
  • The Merchant's Den [All Versions]
    • Beefcake is now immune to teleport effects from abilities.
    • Challenge Beefcake's Heads of State debuff will no longer trigger its teleport mechanic while he is reflecting abilities.
  • Nektropos Castle: The Return
    • Heroic loot has had its quality increased.

0 Replies | 204 Views
Title, Username, & Date Last Post Replies Views
[Live] Update Notes - May 10, 2022
05-09-2022 07:40 PM
05-09-2022 07:40 PM
by Offical Forums
0 331
[Live] Update Notes - May 6, 2022
05-05-2022 08:03 PM
05-05-2022 08:03 PM
by Offical Forums
0 344
[Live] Update Notes - May 3, 2022
05-02-2022 07:40 PM
05-02-2022 07:40 PM
by Offical Forums
0 413
[Live] Update Notes - April 26, 2022
04-25-2022 08:10 PM
04-25-2022 08:10 PM
by Offical Forums
0 490
[Live] Update Notes - April 19, 2022
04-18-2022 08:05 PM
04-18-2022 08:05 PM
by Offical Forums
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