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Unread 08-02-2020, 04:11 PM
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Default Come to the Darq Side!

The Darq Side

DarqUI is a feature-rich EverQuest II add-on that offers tools and improvements for every play style in the form of custom in-game controls, utility and notifier apps. Although the DarqUI help facility is extensive, it's nearly impossible (and boring) to discover everything using text files alone.

The Darq Side is a companion to EQ2Interface that offers detailed hands-on information about its multitude of features in a short-form video format. There are informative weekly and daily tips as well as in-depth tutorials and a private Discord channel. The Darq Side will offer answers to your questions as well as reveal new ways to improve your gameplay immediately.

DarqUI 2K/4K

EverQuest II can be played at high resolutions, but the default UI has not been adjusted for resolutions and screen sizes available with newer computer systems. Standard DarqUI has a number of larger-size components that are ideal for players with 2K and near-2K systems, but even those larger versions are only marginally more comfortable to use with a 4K display.

We have a growing group of Darq Side members who are participating in the resolution project, and quite a few UI components have already been expanded to 2K- and 4K-friendly options based upon their selections. We also have a special Discord channel dedicated specifically to the 2K/4K project, where members can offer suggestions and feedback that actually gets listened to. If you find yourself squinting at the screen instead of enjoying Norrath and Luclin, I invite you to join us in our eyesight-saving quest.

To serve as a free sample, I have written Large (2K) and X-Large (4K) versions of the DarqUI Broker window for all EverQuest II players. On the front page of The Darq Side you can choose one of them to download and use immediately with no strings attached.

Click to learn about the latest developments in the DarqUI 2K/4K Project

ProfitUI CE Utility

As many of you know I also developed the ProfitUI CE Utility, and provide server space for it alongside DarqUI. I enthusiastically support the current community-maintained version of the UI, but have gotten feedback that the utility could be improved with some of the newer features enjoyed by DarqUI utility users. And although I have resisted getting involved in the UI files themselves, players have asked about correcting some of the time-worn quirks in the UI, and even the possibility of a large or 4K version of ProfitUI CE. All of these things are possible, depending upon community-driven interest. If you are a ProfitUI CE user, I invite you to take a look.

Visit patreon.com/thedarqside

Important! This website, EQ2Interface.com, is the one and only location for DarqUI and ProfitUI_CE installer packages. Never download or use a DarqUI or ProfitUI_CE utility app that does not come from this website.

Thank you!


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