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By: Darqwood - 06-15-2012 06:35 AM
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DarqUI Unified Update Notes

November 27, 2021: Visions of Vetrovia

Version of the DarqUI Unified Utility has two important changes. DarqUI and EQ2MAP both use new formats that are more secure and significantly more efficient. You can use this utility or the previous version (v3.1.2.9) to get DarqUI updates, but this version (v3.1.3.0) or the Official EQ2MAP Updater must be used to get EQ2MAP v3 updates after December 1.

First-time setup and upgrading instructions can be found on the DarqUI Portal. A new setup video is also available.

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.3.0 includes the following changes:
  • Uses a newer method to to communicate with DarqUI update servers
  • Uses the new EQ2MAP v3 platform for updates (jnils)
  • Characters can be reordered manually in login and shutdown windows (Aidbringer)
  • Extremely long character lists can optionally be abbreviated in Account camp list
  • New option on Themes page for higher-contrast icon backgrounds
  • New option on Themes page for colorblind-aware self and group member map icons
  • Housing Inventory no longer tries to parse non-housing files (kammelle)
  • Macro icons on hotkeys can now have custom foreground and background images (Drax)
  • Added component pages for Custom Heroic Opportunity (premium) and floating Nav Bar (all)
  • Window controls for new features added to existing component pages
  • Inventory items with non-alpha characters in the name will display properly in results grid
  • Corrected pre-Windows 10 scaling issues in theme samples (Imogena)
  • Corrected dark mode auto-close dialog (bluja000)
  • Utility no longer chokes on custom Hotkey files that contain certain special characters (Beltira)
  • Several census calls are more efficient and put less stress on Census server (Feldon)
  • EU/UK players are no longer plagued by "Exception 024" messages when opening the utility
  • Initializing the utility is successful in more Linux installation scenarios
  • New version indicator on Updates page can now be clicked to visit EQ2Interface (ClassicFrog)
  • EQ2MAP extraction errors now remove the corresponding file stub, if it exists
  • Patron Anonymous category no longer listed twice in utility and help window credit scrolls
  • Additional premium changes, Darq Side members please see article on website

DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.2.0.7 includes the following changes:
  • Uses the utility's new method to communicate with DarqUI update servers
  • Uses the new EQ2MAP v3 platform for updates (jnils)
  • URL Helper now offers to remove custom URL Helper chat channels when disabling the feature
  • URL Helper corrects Wikia (fandom.com) and EQ2U requests that contain square brackets (jeffjl)
  • Status labels are now more legible when using dark mode
The Notifier app is included in the download on this page.
Increased max level references to 125 to match game changes
Updated many item preset lists for new tiers
Added Mercenary Search control to match Default UI
Added Battalion icon to Mercenary details page to match Default UI
Added new guild event icons
Maintained Effects
Text Area tiles adjust to font size changes
Mercenary Hire
Added Battalion icon to match Default UI
Internal changes to match Default UI
Corrected a point-of-need icon definition
Added detriment placeholders on combat and mouseover
Quest Journal
Added Achievement link control to match Default UI
Added Forlorn and Dreadfell tiers to potion self-cures
Added Blueprint control to match Default UI
Window Manager
Tithe Snooze button no longer overlaps other elements on the Experience setup page
Disappearing titlebar special controls recognize L and XL container sizes (premium)
Harvesting Helper, Examine, Quest Journal, Quest Helper, Target/Implied Target, Tradeskills, Inspect Player
Wikia URL shortcuts converted from wikia.com to fandom.com
All URL shortcuts converted to HTTPS except lootdb.com
Allakhazam URLs converted to their ZAM equivalents.

October 22, 2021: Visions of Vetrovia Beta

DarqUI file updates for VoV Beta are available. If you intend to participate in Beta, please follow this post to get set up. When you check for updates from the BetaServer utility, a window with additional guidance will be shown.


July 26, 2021: DarqUI Unified Utility

Utility version includes the following new features and improvements:
  • An improved security method is used during the update process
  • Inventory parsing was adjusted to recognize items logged with a certain combination of attributes (thanks Marrywine)
  • Added Tarinax to internal backup server list
  • Additional error correction and logging for private font lists (Themes)
  • More explicit logging for Census server errors
  • Tweaks to the utility's Light Mode

DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.2.0.6
  • An improved security method is used during the update check process
  • You can now choose a dark mode for the notifier on the Settings page

The notifications app is included in the download on this page.


June 18, 2021

Set Prices
  • The new Glory of Velious Merchant Crate (100% commission reduction) has been included in the Commission Calculator

April 12, 2021: DarqUI Unified Utility

Utility version includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Color themes, skins and font choices can now be previewed graphically on the Themes page
  • An additional custom Start menu slot, made possible by a recent Default UI change, can now be configured with the utility
  • Dialogs, context menus and tooltips now match the utility's color scheme (dark mode, etc)
  • Broker sales logs can now display high-low-average stats for all of a character's sales. (Thanks to Mopreme)
  • The utility will once again accept screen metrics with a negative X value (moving the game window to a secondary monitor on the left for example)
  • Updater: you can now sort the file list using Skip, Accept, and Alt columns (Thanks to Aidbringer)
  • Fixed a rare crash bug when setting up characters with adventure class "unknown"
  • The Beta Tools page will no longer appear inappropriately when navigating the utility with keyboard commands
  • When reinstalling DarqUI to the same computer, your skipped file list is cleared and your offline setting, if set, is cleared before downloading
  • The credits scroll is easier to navigate
  • Fixed an alignment bug on the Inventory page
  • Several additional improvements for premium users. Darq Side members have an article at the Patreon site.

DarqUI Unified Notifications did not have any changes, and is included in this download.

Theme and Font Samples:

Dark Mode/Game Mode Everywhere:


March 25, 2021: Guild Window
  • Status displays correctly for values up to 9,999,999,999


March 17, 2021: Whispers of Tyranny Beta

Please follow the instructions in this post to get DarqUI set up in Beta.


February 8, 2021

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.2.6

This version includes two small QOL improvements for all users but is primarily a feature update for premium Darq Side members. All DarqUI users can safely continue using v3.1.2.5 or upgrade to v3.1.2.6.
  • During first-time setup a suggestion to close the game window, if open, is presented
  • Notifier tokens are no longer generated if darqui_notify is not running

DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.2.0.4
  • Updates to accommodate premium utility features. You may choose to upgrade or continue using notifier v1.2.0.3.


January 22, 2021: DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.2.5
  • Use the new Export to File feature to share specific component settings with other players, or as a component specific mini-backup for your own characters. A Tip of the Week video describing how it works is available for your review at The Darq Side

  • Updated component pages for new and changed features from the RoS expansion

  • Improved interaction with the "Connect/Disconnect from the Internet" setting (Settings page)

  • Added a Credits scroll to the About page

(Several membership items were also added; Darq Siders please visit the site)

The DarqUI Unified Notifications app (darqui_notify) v1.2.0.3 is included in this download, but it has not changed since the last update.


January 13, 2021

Tradeskills (v3.009)
  • Experimentation stats have been returned to the Experimentation tab
  • Corrected several minor alignment and visual issues


December 15, 2020: Reign of Shadows

The following DarqUI updates are now live:

  • RoS teleport baubles were added to the Items page

Threat/Detriment Window
  • Acrylia potions were added to the self-cure choices

  • The new flurry multiplier stat is displayed on self, pet and merc stat sidebars

Target and Implied Target
  • A power bar has been added to the default Target window, so the redundant power and health bar settings in Window Manager have been removed and replaced with system toggles for health and power percentage displays
  • You can now choose to orient the health and power percentage displays over top of the bars instead of their default locations. Use the checkbox in Window Manager

Window Manager
  • Changes to support new stat and reworked features

  • New expansion artwork when logging in

Player and Extended Player
  • Health and power stats up to 10 billion (9,999,999,999) will now display properly in both windows

Stat Monitor
  • Audible setpoint alert tooltips are easier to interact with
  • The new flurrymult stat can be monitored. You can find Flurry Multiplier in the stat dropdown near the Flurry stat
  • Stats up to 10 billion display correctly in the XL-size monitor

  • A display bug when logging in with the Adventure XP bar showing was corrected

Some new items for Darq Side members


December 1, 2020: Large Quest Journal

The DarqUI Quest Journal has a new larger size option, compliments of the Darq Side! It has a larger format and fonts, much easier on the eyes than the default size. Click the "Size" column in the updater and choose L to try it out. (Also get the new Window Manager while you're there.)

November 26, 2020: Optional update

DarqUI Utility v3.1.2.4: No changes. If you do not use the Notifications app, you do not need this download.

DarqUI Notifications v1.2.0.3: A display bug that does not affect the function of the Notifications app was corrected. No other changes. If you are not experiencing any issues, you do not need this download and you can continue using v1.2.0.2.

November 6, 2020

DarqUI Unified Utility version includes the following changes:

  • The majority of utility tasks can be done without connecting to the internet, so you can now choose to connect or disconnect with a simple on/off switch (Settings page). The utility loads more quickly and uses fewer system resources when offline.

  • You can now choose a new location for your DarqUI backup folder (Files page)

  • If you prefer to use the EQII default for any DarqUI-modified component, the utility can help. Check for updates, then right-click the file and choose "Use game default." This will revert any customized version and automatically "skip" (ignore) the DarqUI component for future downloads.

  • Recent intermittent download errors have been substantially mitigated

  • Fixed a bug when working with Custom Option Presets on the Experience Bar configuration page

  • Fixed a bug when changing Target/Implied Target settings under certain conditions

  • First-time setup results are easier to understand

  • Additional features for Darq Side members. If you are a patron, check the website for a post/video.

DarqUI Unified Notifications version is included in this download. No changes have been made since publishing in September.


Expansion 17 Beta: Reign of Shadows

Don't forget you can use DarqUI in Beta, to get beta versions of DarqUI files and to copy your Live and Test game settings over. Using DarqUI on the Beta server will not make any changes to your Live or Test installation.

The easiest way to make it work is to drop a copy of the utility into the \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ folder:


When you open the utility from that location, it will detect that it is in Beta. Allow it to install if it's not already there, or check for updates if you have a previous version of DarqUI_v3 in Beta.

There will be a new tab, Beta Tools, that you can use to copy settings from Live or Test to Beta. This is not required -- all settings on this page are completely optional. Each section has a short Help window.


I will be posting beta files to the server this time, and you will be able to download them directly into your DarqUI Beta installation. When you check for updates from the utility in the BetaServer folder you will get a server alert pop-up that tells you which files to choose.



September 19, 2020

DarqUI Unified Utility version includes the following changes:
  • Renaming a character now includes DarqUI components that don't have a dedicated setup page
  • Canceling a character rename no longer renames the character anyway
  • Checking for updates no longer reports that certain files always need updating
  • The utility will use an internal server list when Census is not responding
  • The utility now gives explicit messages for specific actions when Census is not responding
  • Added controls for the new Casting Bar announcements feature
  • Fixed a bug in the fullscreen UI options dropdown (Patreon)
  • Inventory: added EQ2U and Dragon's Armory link buttons to character image frame
  • Backspacing out of an inventory search no longer removes green Census tinting
  • Chat log search types are easier to distinguish

DarqUI Unified Notifications version includes the following changes:
  • The Updates page now enumerates which DarqUI files need updating
  • Notifier no longer reports that certain files are always out of date
  • Tray icons have been updated to be more visible with Windows' light color theme
  • A URL Helper crash condition when multi-boxing has been fixed. Very big thanks to jeffjl for his extensive help identifying this bug and testing.

DarqUI Unified Notifications and the URL Helper app are included in this download.


August 10, 2020: NPC Spell Monitor

  • Precast timers (purple) no longer activate in combat unless there is a monitored spell in that slot


Beta GU 115: Reignite the Flames

Don't forget you can use DarqUI in Beta, and use it to copy Live and Test settings over. Using DarqUI on the Beta server will not make any changes to your Live or Test installation.

The easiest way to make it work is to drop a copy of the utility into the \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ folder:


When you open the utility from that location, it will detect that it is in Beta. Allow it to install if it's not already there, or check for updates if you have a previous version of DarqUI_v3 in Beta.

There will be a new tab, Beta Tools, that you can use to copy settings from Live or Test to Beta. This is not required -- all settings on this page are completely optional. Each section has a short Help window.



June 2, 2020: DarqUI Unified Utility

Version includes the following changes:
  • Added a startup method for determining the best way to connect to Census

Recently Daybreak changed the way Census is accessed, and it is unknown whether this is a permanent change. Therefore this version of the utility performs a check at startup that should give you access to Census whether or not the change is reverted in the future. If you still get the message about the server list being inaccessible, please let me know in the DarqUI discussion forum.


February 11, 2020
  • Character window was updated to include the new mercenary rarity labels

December 17, 2019: Blood of Luclin

DarqUI Unified Utility

Version includes the following changes:
  • The utility loads more quickly and uses substantially fewer system resources
  • Profile viewers (Bag, Bank, Hotbar and Chat windows) will now work for character names that contain diacritic marks
  • Corrected an issue that sometimes resulted in blank XP Bar stat areas on new characters
  • Added two Bank window options from the Window Manager
  • EQ2MAP auto-download icon tooltips are more accurate
  • Cleanup of deprecated files is more complete when reinstalling EQ2MAP
  • The updater module now uses a more secure method for all downloads
  • Added more explicit log entries for file downloader errors
  • Added Hide all/Unhide all to Quick Setup right-click context menus
  • Retired code that corrects incompatibilities in very old Persona/Broker versions
  • Server messages can target specific installations (version number, beta, test, etc.)
  • Titlebar now shows which of your installations it is targeting (live, test, beta)

November 5: Blood of Luclin Beta

You can use DarqUI in Beta. Using DarqUI on the Beta server will not make any changes to your Live or Test installation.

The easiest way to make it work is to drop a copy of the utility into the \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ folder:


When you open the utility from that location, it will detect that it is in Beta. Allow it to install if it's not already there, or check for updates if you have a previous version of DarqUI_v3 in Beta.

There will be a new tab, Beta Tools, that you can use to copy settings from Live or Test to Beta. This is not required -- all settings on this page are completely optional. Each section has a short Help window.


October 15, 2019: Bag Sorting and Bank Window updates

New controls enable bag sorting by name/type, level and tier, with or without a confirmation window

When enabled, a new control on the Bank window transfers all coin denominations when you click "ALL." When disabled (default), only platinum coin is transferred. Thanks to Rosyposy for the idea and for testing

September 8, 2019

  • Maintained Effects Large and normal versions have been combined into one. All icon and font size ranges from both versions can be obtained by resizing the icons in Window Manager. Also, efficiency has been improved to further combat the stuttering issue introduced by a recent game update

  • Maintained Spell Monitor The Lite version of the DarqUI Maintained Spell Monitor has been improved to further combat the recent stuttering issue. A display bug involving timer labels has also been addressed. Remember to use the gear icon to select "Lite" before downloading

  • Sept 9 Update Icon Bar tinting of Maintained effects is working again. Thanks Rosyposy and others for the heads-up

June 22, 2019: DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.2.0

Utility v3.1.2.0 includes the following changes:

  • Added Transmute and Salvage buttons to Bag windows
  • Added a separate Cancel Spellcast for cures to Group and Raid windows
  • Increased icon size range for Maintained, Target, Implied, Spell Effects, Detrimentals
  • Added larger font size increment to Maintained Spells window
  • Level and class are now shown when selecting a character in the Login window
  • Added automatic EQ2MAP Ignore List check when downloading DarqUI Add POI file
  • Corrected a localization issue with gear buff macro definitions
  • Added a reverse windowshade option to the Tradeskills event timer
  • Quick Setup: Fixed a bug when the highest usable spell is an AA while also specifying full spell names
  • Default POI files are not copied if user is using EQ2MAP, are added if user removes EQ2MAP, are removed on startup
  • Repairing (or removing) EQ2MAP now also removes deprecated fog image files

Thanks to primamezzo, bluja000, Pijotre and several other players for ideas and testing on many of these new features and improvements

February 9, 2019

Implied Target

The Implied Target window can now be resized horizontally, similar to the Target window. Choose normal or large size from the utility

PvP Beta

You can use DarqUI on the Beta server by copying the utility to the EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ folder and running it from there. It will create a separate DarqUI installation that won't interfere with your UI on Live servers


You can now submit EQ2MAP Points of Interest (POI) directly to your Windows browser instead of copy-pasting from the in-game browser. Use the utility to download the new Add POI window. The DarqUI URL Helper must be running in order to use the new feature

Also on the EQ2MAP page of the utility add eq2ui_popup_add_poi.xml to the Ignore List so the EQ2MAP Updater won't overwrite the file.

December 27, 2018

One-Button Pet Pull

Controllable Pet, Warder and Construct classes can now choose their pet's protection states after returning from a one-button automatic pull. When the backoff timer expires, your pet can optionally
  • Auto Assist (default off)
  • Protect Me (default on)
  • Protect Self (default on)

Thanks to SerenityMW for the idea and for testing

December 21, 2018


The Login window has been returned to the UI with a tabbed character selection list similar to the Shutdown (Camp) window. It uses the same data, so no extra configuration is needed. If you prefer to log directly in to the game without using the Launchpad, you will have access to all of your characters once again.

Note: If you previously checked the Skip checkbox on the updater in order to use an older version, remember to uncheck it so you can get the new version.

Thanks to Firefae and Suziekew for making the request, Suziekew and Rosyposy for testing

December 19, 2018

DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.2.0.0

DarqUI_Notify has been redesigned and offers two new features. In addition to checking periodically for DarqUI and EQ2MAP updates, v1.2.0.0 offers the new URL Helper which opens Web links in your Windows browser instead of the in-game browser.

Using the helper also gives you access to an in-game command to invoke Fullscreen Windowed Mode. This mode improves the experience of opening your Windows browser while playing, without reducing the game size as in standard windowed mode.

Thanks to Armageddoux for inspiring the URL Helper feature in this thread, and for help with testing. The notifier app is included in the download on this page. How to use the URL Helper

DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.1.9

Utility version is a minor maintenance update that fixes two bugs in the Inventory module. If you are not having trouble with Inventory, then you can continue using v3.1.1.8. Inventory now displays correctly for:

* Characters that do not have any houses or house layouts
* Characters wearing Chaos Descending gear that has new icons

Thanks to SerenityMW and FoxdenVixen for reporting these errors and testing the fixes

December 13, 2018

Mount and Familiar Presets
  • Save up to three mounts and three familiars as favorites and recast from convenient preset buttons on the Character window. Inspired by a request from SerenityMW and recent threads here and here on the subject. Thanks to SerenityMW and Rosyposy for tireless testing and feedback (on five beta versions!)

Community (Friends List)
  • The Community window no longer interferes with chat window operation (SerenityMW)

Threat Window
  • Celestial and Dauntless remedy potions are now self-cure choices (SerenityMW)

December 4, 2018

  • Normal and Large size target windows have been updated to include the new horizontal resizing default feature (image)

Audible Countdown
  • Configurable sounds have been added to the new group and raid /countdown command. This is an experimental mod, so it's not on the DarqUI updater. Unzip and drop the file below into your custom UI folder if you want to try it out. Sound variables are near the bottom of the file if you want to change the sounds. You can configure a separate sound for each of the five seconds and the "Begin!" display, as well as turn on/off the feature.


November 13, 2018: Chaos Descending

A new version of DarqUI is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements:

Utility v3.1.1.8 adds broker log support for non-US clients. If you are not having trouble displaying broker logs, then you can continue using v3.1.1.7. Thanks to saw-lau for reporting the bug

Shutdown (Camp) Window
  • Rearrange the order of account tabs using the Nickname field. See the help file for instructions
Thanks to Hiza for the suggestion

Broker Logs
  • Display a summary of interesting broker sales metrics for each character: total receipts, most popular item, biggest spender and more
  • Drill down to view and sort individual purchases and sales in a spreadsheet format
  • Use the sales grid to calculate additional data such as average price paid for an item
  • Parse character's entire history or narrow the results for today, current week, past 12 months, etc.
Thanks to Suziekew for the idea. Thanks to Suziekew and Rosyposy for their very detailed testing and feedback


Oct 25: Changes to the Character window for Live and Beta are on the updater. Beta testers still need the files in the zip package below.

Oct 10, 2018: Chaos Descending Beta (Oct 23)

For Beta Testers: you can download everything using the DarqUI utility except the items in the zipped file below. Check the "Skip" checkbox for Guild and Enemy List, and use the Beta versions below instead.

darqui_betafiles_oct23.zip (Oct 23)

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, drop a copy of the DarqUI Unified utility into \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ and run it from there. The utility will detect its location and download into the correct folder. You will also get a Beta Tools tab that will assist with porting settings from Live or Test.

If you are not a Beta tester, you don't need to do anything special. You can use the DarqUI updater as usual to receive file updates for Live servers as they occur.


Oct 19: Transport Window

The DarqUI Transport Window has two new features:
  • Favorites tab
  • Option to click the transport categories instead of mouseover

Click the Edit button to add and remove favorite transports for each character and configure category tab behavior for all characters

Thanks to SerenityMW for both suggestions. Thanks to SerenityMW and Rosyposy for testing and feedback


Sept 27, 2018: DarqUI v3.1.1.6

A new version of DarqUI is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements:

Multi-account Camp window
  • Switch quickly between characters on different accounts
  • Add characters and servers automatically or manually
  • Preset account login info or input manually in-game
  • Give each account a nickname displayed on tab labels
Credit to thepriz for a suggestion that inspired this feature

Utility v3.1.1.6
  • Multi-account Shutdown (Camp) interface
  • Extended target alerts feature
  • New Letterbox configuration page
  • Corrected a bug in the Stat Monitor dropdown
  • Duplicate Settings window: fixed an issue with certain DPI settings
  • A new option to exclude DarqUI files when initially setting up
  • The updater can now offer to delete unused DarqUI files
  • Fixed some color list dropdown choices

Notes: DarqUI utility v3.1.1.6 or higher is required to set up the multi-account feature. Entering account usernames and passwords is optional. The single account quick-camp dropdown was not changed. The Shutdown (Camp) help file has been updated to explain fully the new feature.

If you are currently using the DarqUI account-switch feature on the main login page, please migrate to the new multi-account camp window. The old loginscene file is not compatible and will be deprecated in the near future.


Sep 20, 2018: Target Alerts

Using the Extended Player window you can receive visual and audible alerts when your target is a quest update, gives bonus AA experience, or matches a specific name. Use the Player/Extended Player page in the Window Manager to configure this new feature.

Thanks to Hiza for the suggestion

Aug 26, 2018: Large Preset Broker Prices

The Set Price window has been amended to include large broker price presets. Large presets are platinum-only, and can be saved up to 10 million (9,999,999p) for each character

Thanks to Aniko for the suggestion

Aug 21, 2018: Alternate Letterbox

This new window duplicates the function of the built-in game letterbox with some technical distinctions and additional features. Rather than reducing the size of the 3D world viewport which has been reported to produce glitches with certain video hardware, the new DarqUI Letterbox overlays top and bottom masking areas onto an unaltered viewport.
  • Specify black or a different color
  • Change opacity
  • Change size of upper and lower areas independently
  • Show or hide decorative tinsel borders
  • Allow or prevent mouse click-through
  • Settings are configurable for each character

Thanks to Furiant for the suggestion

To access settings for this window, open the in-game Window Manager and choose Letterbox from the dropdown. Also please click the Help button at the top of the Window Manager if you have any questions about the window.

Jun 28, 2018: DarqUI Utility v3.1.1.5

A new version of the DarqUI utility is available. Version includes the following new features and improvements

  • Import and export settings between all characters for all DarqUI components
  • Rename customizations when you rename a character
  • Restore the frame on a frameless full-screen game window
  • Add an optional note to backups when creating a restore point
  • EQ2MAP checks for updated files much more quickly
  • Fixed an indexing bug with Stat Monitor dropdown controls
  • Communication with Census and update servers uses a more secure method
  • Increased maximum number of slots for custom themes and skins
  • Enabling profile viewers without a character selected no longer throws an exception

  • Inventory

    + Special naming for house files is no longer required when using Census
    + Sort housing layouts by item count (right-click context menu)
    + Click category headers (Bank, Vault etc) for bag slot lists with slot and item counts
    + Optionally stack duplicate house items in results pane and printable reports
    + Right-click to view or delete a housing layout in the results pane
    + Printable reports accurately list your first familiar and first wardrobe item
    + Optionally view and search hidden characters in inventory
    + Date/time in name of printed report matches time when report was generated
    + Bad URLs for house and dungeon item in-game links have been corrected
    + Invalid housing layout files are bypassed

  • Utility pages updated

    + Enemy List
    + Experience
    + Gear Buff Macros
    + Hotbars
    + Player/Extended Player

  • DarqUI Unified Notifications v1.1.0.4

    + Uses a more secure method to communicate with update servers. DarqUI_Notify is included in the download on this page. For help installing or upgrading, check here

May 24, 2018: GU106 Seeds of Vengeance

Examine, Target, Implied Target
Updated code to reflect default changes (Jun 19)

Nav Bar
All pages stay visible when the Nav Bar is maximized near the bottom of the game window. Choose normal or large size from the updater

Harvesting Helper
Save a default speed setting for each character

Player and Extended Player
Mouse-over Group window spell buttons can be added from the window manager. Choose normal or large size from the updater

Thanks to SerenityMW who suggested and tested all three of the above improvements (Jun 9)

Updated to reflect default changes (Jun 5)

Updated to reflect default changes (Jun 2)

Added an extra-large font size choice for cooldown timers. Hotkey icons larger than 50 pixels will get the larger font by default. This can be changed to suit your preferences. Thanks to Furiant for the idea

Item examine updated to reflect default changes. Choose normal or large size from the DarqUI utility

Optionally add tooltips to the stat area. Thanks to SerenityMW for the idea and for testing

Nav Bar
A new default control replaces the +/- buttons. Use the mouse wheel to scroll between nav bar pages, or click to show all pages at once. If you prefer the original +/- buttons, you can choose them while in Edit Mode. Thanks to Aniko for the suggestion

Gear Buff Macros
A new control to change tile spacing along with tile size (again thanks to SerenityMW)

New EQ2U and Wikia link buttons on the recipe create and prepare pages

Updates to Familiars page to match default changes

Quest Journal
  • A new link to EQ2U on the Collections tab. Thanks to feldon30 for developing this new feature

  • A new Close on Add checkbox on the Collections tab. Thanks to SerenityMW for the idea and for very detailed feedback and testing

Nav Bar

A new floating Nav Bar duplicates the Experience window Command Bar in a separate window. You can detach the Nav Bar from the Experience window and move it to a more convenient place on screen, or use both nav bars at the same time. Icon sets in the two windows are independent, so you can use Edit Mode to configure up to 20 different commands.

Activate the Nav Bar from the Experience Window page in the Window Manager. Choose normal or large size from the Updates page in the DarqUI utility.

Update Mar 12: slight change in function -- when the floating nav bar is the only one present, it will automatically choose a page based upon which XP bar is showing. When both nav bars are present, only the main (docked) nav bar will choose pages automatically


Inspired by popular add-ons like Mystal's Travel Hub, the new DarqUI Transport window gathers dozens of transportation modes from around Norrath -- spells, portals, evacs, calls, and more. Transport categories are aware of your class, race and tradeskill class, showing spells, traits and teleportation gear specific to your character.
  • Free up hotbar slots
  • Stop digging through inventory for transport items
To access the window, a pre-configured icon can be added to the XP Command Bar or the Start Menu. If you prefer instead to add a button to the Icon Bar or a hotbar macro, the command is

show_window Custom.Transport.Toggle

Many thanks to Rosyposy for suggesting the window, and for her truly outstanding feedback and testing. We hope you find the new Transport window to be useful.

  • Zoning will alternate between EQII and DarqUI "Did you know" tips
  • Mouse over the tip to make it easier to read
  • Click to choose a different tip
  • Resizing the window while zoning is now easier

Displays an EQ1-style marker to point the way to your current waypoint

Quest Helper
Control to enable/disable quest URL buttons

Also, take a look at the new tutorial for Auto-Hiding the Quest Helper

New characters no longer start out with an extremely wide Player window
Rebuilt countdown timer
  • Set time intervals up to 100 minutes
  • Mouse wheel quickly adjusts display values
  • Audible and visual alarms
New stopwatch feature
  • Time events up to 100 minutes
  • Optionally auto-start on combat
  • Record up to 30 splits and laps using markers
  • Split table is exportable to chat or Notepad
Hide timer and stopwatch when not in use
Optionally display Earth time

The DarqUI Chat window has a new option to remove redundant input boxes from specific chat windows. Right-click -> Window Settings and choose Frame and Titlebar to remove the input line. Choose Frame Only or None to show the input line (see images in the comments section below)

Important! In order to chat, you must have at least one input box present on screen. If you find that you cannot chat after the update, use the above instructions to show the input box, then right-click the chat window and click Always Chat Here

Thanks to Mazar for the suggestion

Set Prices
The large increments feature has been updated to allow adding and subtracting any amount of plat in up to one-million plat increments. The feature uses the same coin selection interface as the DarqUI Bank Sidebar

Added Atomizing Merchant Crate to special containers in the Commission Calculator

Window Settings
Added several custom and new windows to the Locate feature
Experience and Character Windows
Stat areas were widened to prevent clipping large stat values when using large font styles
Enemy List
This window now has a plain background and obeys the click-through setting similar to other persistent windows
Tier 12 items have been added to Preset Filters
  • Rare harvests
  • Food and drink
  • Snacks
  • Status items
  • Ammo incl bolts
An Ascension Class shortcut filter was added to the Advanced Search page
Levels 101 through 110 are recognized by Advanced and Preset Searches

Character Window
Pet, Warder and Construct tabs will appear in the correct order for pet classes when using the icon tab sidebar, and there are no longer extra icon tabs at the bottom for non-pet classes

Finding the Krono panel is easier (thanks kdberg for the idea)
DarqUI Help has been moved to the EQII Help window instead of the Browser window (see image). As a result, accessing help files in-game should no longer crash your session. Accessing Help from the utility did not change
Spell Suggestions
Spell lists have been updated with Level 101 through 110 spells in English, French and German

Other changes since the expansion went live are shown below in green


November 28, 2017: Planes of Prophecy

DarqUI and DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.1.4 have the following new and updated features:

Socials Window
Use the new DarqUI Socials window to convert your macro pages to a more efficient hotbar-like window (see image). Use custom macros directly from the window instead of using up hotbar slots

Show or hide text area
Start with a specific macro page
Change tile and icon size
Flip through pages using frame or tile controls
Edit macros on the fly directly from icons
Use your existing macros, no reconfiguration necessary
Disable drag/drop behavior
Keep window on screen persistently
Gear Buff Macros
Added three more macro slots (12 total)
Exact item name no longer required for lookups
EQ2U links are available for multiple search results
When reordering macros, icon display checkbox now moves with its slot
'Cast from inventory' is selected for items that have no gear slot
Requests for item containers return the first wearable item in the container
Added a Census search feature to improve character inventory listings (see image). EQ2Inventory is now useful to all of your characters, even those without inventory logs and housing layouts. View, search and report on current Census data for
Gear and appearance gear
Dungeon and house addresses
Create inventory logs and house layouts to view and search snapshot listings for
Shared Bank
House Vault
House Items
Fix: Wardrobe icon now shows for characters with exactly one item in wardrobe
Added Dragon's Armory and EQ2U Profile links to the Inventory page (right-click the character's image)
Bad items from the Daybreak database will show the green "bug" icon instead of crashing the inventory
Experience Window
Use the mouse scroll wheel anywhere on the progress bar area to cycle XP pages (see image)
Added Find Item choice to the Command Bar. Thanks to Gardee for the suggestion
Added Night vision choice to the Command Bar. Thanks to Rosyposy for the suggestion
(Command Bar icons can also be added to the Start menu)
Platinum coin amounts up to 9,999,999,999 are displayed correctly
Custom search Experience and Tradeskill levels increased by 10
Hotkey Picker (Hotkeys, Icon Bar)
Utility no longer opens an empty picker when canceling hotkey file selection
Spell lookups (Icon Bar, Group, Raid)
Ascension spells with multiple levels are enumerated
Character Window
Added reduced-height merc list option (see image)
Added "Nightfall" color theme, an adaptation of the original Fetish Nightfall theme by Zonx
Fixed an obscure bug when cloning bank or bag layouts between characters that don't have any bags
Added Socials window configuration page
Added Census lookup features to Inventory page
Added one-time instructional tooltip for Home/Settings button
DarqUI windows without a setup page are now included in management section
Added Start page controls to access settings pages directly
Changing the current UI folder no longer requires restarting the utility
Additional Beta Tools to copy hotkey sets and AA builds to the Beta folder


DarqUI Unified Notifications

The optional taskbar notifier app has been updated. Version will be included with the upcoming version of the utility. If you need help with setting up or upgrading, use these instructions.


Planes of Prophecy Beta

To use DarqUI on the Beta server, copy the DarqUI Unified Utility into your \BetaServer\UI\ folder and run the installation from there. This copy of the utility will create a separate UI installation that will not interfere with your Live server UI

If you are copying your Live characters to Beta, you can also use the Beta Tools page to copy your customizations over to the Beta server

All DarqUI customizations
Character UI settings files (hotbar and window locations, bag sizes, chat tabs)
Custom keyboard layouts
Custom option files (preferences and video settings)


September 26, 2017: DarqUI v3.1.1.2

Gear Buff Macros
Configure special macro buttons in a new window that will automatically equip an activatable "clicky" item, cast the buff, then re-equip the previous item. See image below. Inspired by this conversation on the EQ2Wire forums

A variety of item types beyond gear pieces are good candidates for a buff macro including totems (runspeed, invisibility, etc.), mender bot, teleport items, food and drink, tinkered lifestones and manastones, repair kits, divining rods. If you use a specific mount when tradeskilling, you can set up a macro to switch to it from inventory
Use macro tiles to cast item buffs and spells in three ways:
+ directly from inventory
+ equip and cast
+ equip, cast and re-equip
Monitor Maintained buffs to remind you to recast
Send a custom line of text into your chat log to assist with ACT refresh timers
Dynamically resize macro tiles
Toggle the window from Start menu or Command Bar
Optionally display the macro window on login

Setup is relatively painless using the DarqUI utility, and you will probably want to use it even though the in-game Window Manager has a setup page. There is plenty of help if you click the [?] on the Gear Buff Macros utility page. Also check out the Gear Buff Macros tutorial

Thanks to Sneaks and halldor for testing and feedback
Thanks to DuneWarrior for improvement ideas
Group and Raid Windows
Added a setting to allow casting cures without a detriment icon present. Useful for "pre-curing" on certain encounters. See image below. Thanks to Zorbac for the idea
DarqUI Unified Utility v3.1.1.2
Added Gear Buff Macros setup page and help files
Messages for census connection errors are more explicit
Quick Setup: added Un/Lock and Un/Lock All to all context menus
Fullscreen windowed mode messages are more clear
Group: added Health and Power controls
Group: added Hide When Solo control
Group: added forced cures control
Icon Bar: Summon Familiar and Summon Mount lookups return the correct command
MaintMon: increased Amount values to 99,999,999
MaintMon: added control to show long Amount values

Sep 10: DarqUI and DarqUI Utility v3.1.1.0 have these new and updated features:

A new large size version of the Examine Window is available on the updater. See image below. The large Examine window affects items, spells, spell scrolls, recipes, alternate advancements and spell effects
Start Menu
The three custom buttons near the bottom of the Start Menu can now be configured with your choice of game commands or DarqUI window commands

Sep 3: Changed SOEmote to Voice Chat, added shortcut choices to Reset DarqUI windows and raise the Group Options (loot options) window

Sep 10: Added shortcut choice to toggle the Enemy List. See image below. Thanks to Outlaw for the idea
Experience Window
The Experience Window has been improved See what's new
Thanks to Basmol and Accredo for their testing and feedback

Sep 3: Added Command Bar shortcut choices to Reset DarqUI windows and raise the Group Options (loot options) window, changed SOEmote to Voice Chat. See image below.

Sep 10: Added Command Bar shortcut choice to toggle the Enemy List. See image below. Thanks to Outlaw for the idea
Group Window
Added Health and Power Monitor to the Group window. Thanks to tetryl for the suggestion
Group member portraits were removed in anticipation of an upcoming game feature change
Added a control to Hide window when solo. Thanks to Aniko for the suggestion and testing
Maintained Spell Monitor
Some internal logic points were reworked to improve efficiency
Added new tile modes to the utility
Removed the extra "Target" label (thanks Aniko for the suggestion)
Spells with punctuation can now be recast and sidecast without errors
The target line will now read "a Mercenary" instead of "Out of range"
The recast/sidecast button is more clear about attempting to cast on Mercenaries

Icon Amount displays (wards, charges, etc.) are now abbreviated for values over one million
Unabbreviated Amount values can optionally be displayed on spell tiles. See image below
Thanks DuneWarrior for testing and feedback

Aug 21: Amount values and followup spell buttons can coexist on tiles

Sep 2: Corrected a display issue with the follow-up button
Window Manager
Added Fallen Gate to the server list
Character Window
Updated for new Familiars feature
Added controls to list and clear your hidden spells (Spell Filtering Options)
Pet Stats sidebar tab no longer appears for charmed or possessed pets (thanks to stach for the heads-up)
Your Familiar collection can now be viewed from the EQ2Inventory page
My Adventure and My Tradeskill updated to work with changes to default class filters
Icon Bar
Buff tinting Custom icons that cast Maintained buffs will now gray out in the Icon Bar when the buff is active on your character. Turn on the option from the Window Manager or the utility. Thanks to DuneWarrior for the suggestion

Note: To use buff tinting for Ascension spells that were set up before this feature was added, remove (Ascension) from the name/tooltip

The utility no longer offers two copies of Ascension and AA spells when doing a Census lookup

You can now use TNAME (the DarqUI version of %T) and ITNAME mnemonics when referencing targets and implied targets with the Icon Bar. Utility v3.1.0.9 and above will replace %T in imported hotkey macros with TNAME for compatibility

useabilityonplayer TNAME Murderous Design
tell TNAME Giving you some of my hate'!'
Thanks to neutra-eq2 (and a number of others) for the suggestion
[indent] Icon Bar selection will advance to the next icon when doing Census lookups
Corrected a [COLO

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