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Unread 12-05-2009, 03:45 AM
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Default [DrumsUI] Full Interface (Version 1.3)

[DrumsUI] Full Interface - Support Thread

Download link

For the Updater version, see here:

Please note this version is no longer maintained. Blackhood has updated versions available on this site, which I've pushed only to the Updater. Last update was Apr 1, 2018.

After several years of EQ2 UI modding, individual releases, and user requests, the DrumsUI is finally released as a full UI download. The DrumsUI's purpose is to add features to the standard interface windows while also saving screen space and eliminating unnecessary extras. This UI started out as personal modifications and has slowly evolved into user requested ideas as well as features combined with existing ideas.

* Due to being outdated and possibly abandoned, the InfoCenter is not included in this UI release.

To view all of the available individual DrumsUI pieces, view my interface list here:

Included are some slightly edited map icons (originally created by gurkoz) and the skinnable map POI file. Feel free to remove the files from the "images" folder, "images/icons" folder and the "eq2map2/_Skinnable_POI_Icons.xml" file.

UI Feature Listing:
  • Bags
    • Borderless, no titlebar windows.
    • Overlaying drag and close icons
  • Bank
    • Slim border, smaller icons
    • Transfer coin buttons
    • Toggle bags buttons
  • Browser
    • Slim border and re-design window
    • Set homepage and homepage buttons
    • URL input doubles as loading bar
    • Minimize/restore button
    • Scroll position preserved when minimizing
  • Chat
    • Slim border and tab style
    • Toggle timestamp checkbox
    • Toggle text shadows checkbox (useful for transparent chat windows, default: off)
  • Clock
    • Overlays your local time
  • Community
    • Slim border, smaller overall size
    • Invite to Group, Invite To Raid, Send Tell buttons added (thanks to gm9's code)
  • Compass
    • Displays zone's region name (re-size vertically to hide/show it)
    • Re-sizable horizontally
  • Effects/Detrimental Effects Windows
    • Overlay button to bring up options window
    • Adjustable icon sizes, ranging from 12 to 40 pixels (default UI is 30)
  • Examine Windows
    • Slim border, small window sizes
    • Includes hover buttons to look up items/spells/abilities
  • Experience
    • Window re-sizable to show between 1 - 3 bars simultaneously
    • Right-side colored gems swap bar placement and cycle through order
    • Re-sizable horizontally
  • Group members
    • Uses simple, non-segmented health/power bars
    • F1-F6 text
    • Quick Cast/Cure buttons are editable from within game, save between sessions, and save separately between characters
    • Overlay button brings up options window
  • Guild
    • Slim border, consolidated window features
    • Invite-to-group buttons on memberlist
    • Smaller rank rows on Rank page to allow smaller window size
    • Includes Guild XP percentage
  • Guild Bank
    • Slim border, smaller icons
    • Toggle bags icon
  • Hotkeys
    • Extra space/padding removed
    • Re-use timers overlayed when Frame is enabled
    • Re-use bars overlayed when Titlebar is enabled
  • House Items
    • Slim border and smaller item rows for house storage window
  • Inventory
    • Slim border, smaller icons
    • Re-arranged window layout
    • Appearance/Inventory toggle, toggle bags icon
  • Inspect
    • Slim border, consolidated window features
    • Layout matches DrumsUI Inventory layout
    • Switch to Appearance/Inventory button
  • Journal
    • Slim border and consolidated window space
    • Both Journal and Active Quest windows include overlay buttons for quest look ups
  • Knowledge
    • Slim border, consolidated features/icons
  • Loot
    • Slim border, smaller item rows
    • ENTER key bound to Loot Item and Greed buttons
  • Mail
    • Slim border and condensed size
    • Now able to to be re-sized
  • Market
    • Slim border, smaller size
    • Smaller item rows
    • Side-by-side Buy & Sell areas
    • Advanced search window includes Set Class/Level button
  • Maintained Effects
    • Includes overlay Triggers/Ammount and Time Remaining
    • Enable Titlebars to view effect name and target of effect
    • Default is left-aligned icons (zip includes right-aligned icons)
  • Merchant
    • Slim border, small minimum size
    • Smaller item rows, slimmer buttons
  • Persona
    • Slim border and consolidated stats
    • Stats reorganized, and includes extra stats
    • Stat category dropdown replaced with button to swap quickly
  • Pet
    • Includes Health & Power percentages
    • Small icon sizes, horizontally re-sizable
  • Player
    • Includes Health & Power percentages
    • Sizable horizontally
    • Click player name to switch toggle Health & Power Ranges
    • Percentages can be individually clicked to switch to current Health/Power
    • Quick Cast/Cure buttons are editable from within game, save between sessions, and save separately between characters
    • Bottom-right button brings up click-to-cure options window
    • Click-to-cure uses "Smart Curing" and will only initiate a spell/potion when you have a debuff on the button you try to click
  • Quest Reward
    • ENTER key clicks the Accept key for rewards and new Quests, ESC cancels new quests
  • Raid
    • No more colored backgrounds but still has the borders
    • Smaller icons and overall size
    • Re-sizable and includes both basic/advanced mode
    • Quick Cast/Cure buttons are editable from within game, save between sessions, and save separately between characters
    • Overlay button to open options
  • Start Button (Stat Bar)
    • Transformed simple EQII button into a full featured statistics bar
    • Re-size window vertically to access 2nd stat bar
    • Options button opens Stats Bar Settings window
    • Stats are toggle'able from within game, save between sessions, and save separately between characters
    • All stats can be shown on either or both bars
  • Supply Depot
    • Slim border, smaller icon rows
  • Target/Implied Target
    • Includes HP & Power percentages
    • Clicking the "T:" toggles con versions
    • Clicking the target's name inspects targeted player
    • Bottom-right button (hovering over the window) toggles target/implied effects
    • Top-right button searches for targeted NPC on eq2i.wikia
  • Threat
    • Revamped small threat window
    • Shows primary threat on the left and secondary on the right
    • Thick bar is primary threat and overlaying slim bar is secondary threat
  • Tracking
    • Restored window with minimal extra space
    • Uses a slim border and can be made transparent
  • Tradeskills
    • Slim border, reorganized window
    • Checkbox included to toggle side-by-side view
    • Smaller item lists
    • ENTER clicks Create, Repeat, and OK buttons
    • ESC returns to recipe list after a recipe finishes
    • Includes power bar with percentage
  • Zoning
    • Now displays UI over top of loading art
    • Exit button moved to reside next to the loading bar

Credits & Includes:
A big thanks to the EQ2Interface.com community for feedback, suggestions, and donations.

Full Changelog:

v1.36 - 2012.08.14
- Update [MainMenu]: Dropdown added for Casting Bars for Players/NPCs. Added checkbox for new SOE-integrated AutoAttack bar (replaces DrumsUI included one).
- Update [Tracking]: Tracking list text now has a shadow style so it's easier to see without backdrop.
- Update [Examine]: Item Examine windows' text size reduced for procs and effects, matching tooltip size. Spell Effect examine windows' text reduced, matching tooltip size.
- Update [TargetCasting]: Depending on options selected for Casting Bars, the window will auto-adjust where the second bar displays as to not overlap NPC with Player castbars.
- Fix [Persona]: Lethality stat no longer displays Toughness value.
- Fix [Player]: Added in manual command for "Robust" potions for the player window cures. Will remove after SOE fixes /cureplayer command for T10 potions. Update your clickbuttons by using the "Default" button in editing window.
- Fix [Group]: Fixed side-aligned cures/clickbuttons displaying improperly after the SOEmote update.
- Fix [SelfTargetImplied]: Implied target's name is now correct.
- Fix [Map]: Added icon_eq2map2.dds to ignorelist file (thanks Mysstie @Eq2Interface).

v1.35 - 2012.07.24
- New [SelfTargetImplied]: This new window combines the Self (player), Target, and Implied windows into a smaller compact one. Toggled on from the Main Menu window. Includes self cure buttons, and in-combat indicator. The "S", "T", and "I" text indicators can be hidden by turning of the Titlebar in the window settings.
- New [Merc]: Modified mercenary window that mimics the DrumsUI pet window. Includes a close button, and smaller elements. No hp/power percentages yet.
- Fix [MainMenu]: The Target Casting Bar checkbox now correctly stays checked after zoning.
- Fix [StatBarOptions]: Double Attack now correctly reads Multi Attack in both sections.
- Fix [Browser]: Tabs 2-4 should now function properly again.
- Update [Journal]: Active Quest window now has Quest Bauble icon button.
- Update [MainMenu]: Buttons/checkboxes for the Threat Meter, AutoAttack bar, and Target Casting Bar will now cause those windows to "flash" for 2 seconds, to make them easy to locate should they go missing.
- Update [Effects]: The Effects/Detrimental Effects windows no longer have a tooltip when mousing over them, making it easier in some situations to see icons. The settings button tooltips differentiates the two windows.
- Update [Persona]: Mercenary page now has a Suspend/Dismiss button always visible. Updated PVP stats for GU64. Added a toggle button for the Merc window, and moved the rename buttom. Platinum text width increased.
- Update [Mercenary]: Dismiss button removed to prevent accidental clicking. It's now located in Persona window or (/mercenary dismiss). Now displays Merc's HP and Power percentages in text. Window now resizable.
- Update [Casting]: Added a time remaining text to the player casting bar. Use the variant from Alternatives folder if you wish to disable feature.
- Update [TargetCasting]: Added a time remaining text to the Target/Implied casting bar window. Use the variant from Alternatives folder if you wish to disable feature.

v1.34b - 2012.05.24
- Update [Persona]: Auto Attack Mode dropdown fixed.
v1.34 - 2012.05.24
- Update [Persona]: Auto Attack Mode dropdown added.
- Update [Target]: Target Quest Icon added.

v1.33 - 2012.04.17
- - New [Group]: New option to toggle individual borders for group members (similar to raid window).
- Update [StatBar]: Removed Crit Mit from options.
- Update [Persona]: Added text to Mercenaries page for zones that disallow them (Gu63). Removed Crit Mit stat. Updated EQII Share options to latest patch.
- Update [Player/Group]: Changed default Cure Curse command back to /useabilityonplayer. The /cureplayer has been reported from multiple players that it can sometimes fail to cast. Users will need to manually edit their buttons.

v1.32 - 2012.03.01
- Update [Persona]: EQII Share options have been updated in the Options tab to the latest SOE code.
- Update [Savagery]: Added dividers, spitting the savagery bar into 6 proportional segments.
- Update [Raid]: Outer frame was removed completely. 4 inner frames are now controlled by the Frame slider.
- Fix [Persona]: Dungeons tab should now show created dungeons correctly (display bug had them scrolled off visible area).
- Fix [StatBar]: Platinum should show more digits without getting cut off.
- Fix [Options]: Advanced button won't try to be auto-enabled anymore (option exists in EQ2.ini now)

v1.31 - 2011.12.11
- Update [Chat]: The chat window now defaults to always showing Chat Input. To get the version with the toggleable input for secondary chat windows, see the Alternatives folder.
- Update [Persona]: Dungeon Finder, Mercenary, and Warder tabs added. EQII Share options added to default Options page (GU62 additions). Weapon/Spell Weapon toggle button moved to sit next to the Toggle Bags button.
- Update [Persona]: Added a toggle button for Spell Weapon stats. Added Spell Weapon stat to PVP page. Added Rare Harvest stat to Tradeskill page.
- Update [MainMenu]: Connection Stats button now toggles the window. Removed "Target Cast" button since there is checkbox. Added a EQ2 Options button.
- Update [Community]: Friends list tab now has a Save Friends and Load Friends button.
- Fix [Raid]: Drag/right-click handle is now hidden upon first opening the raid window.
- Update [Gfx]: Updated include image files to support House Ratings system. Removed one unnecessary DDS file.
- Update [TargetCasting]: The Implied target cast bar should now display correctly when targeting through another player.
- Update [Tooltips]: Increased maximum height (GU62 change).
- Update [Merchant]: Added tabs for Reforging additions (GU62 addition).
- Update [Guild]: Updated image icons included in XML (GU62 addition).
- Update [Pet]: DynamicData updates in XML (GU62 change).
- Update [EditableFields]: Click cast/cure buttons, Item Notes, etc, have been increased from 5 to 10 max lines in the popup window.
- New [BeastlordHotbar]: Added a grab-handle to the default window when the Frame is set to on. Allows moving window around in Minimized mode.
- New [Savagery]: Now just a simple bar which can be resized horizontally and vertically. Shows savagery level and current percent.
- Update [Broker]: Beastlord support added for dropdown and Set Class/Level button.

v1.30 - 2011.08.29
- Update [Gfx]: Updated include image files to support House Ratings system. Removed one unnecessary DDS file.

v1.29 - 2011.07.13
- New [SpellTimer]: Spell Timer mod included. Track up to 15 spells per-character. Access via Main Menu window.
- New [Guild]: Added a Calendar toggle button to the top-left corner of the window.
- Update [Maintained]: Click-to-cancel overlays have been given a color and are now closer to 50% of the icon.
- Update [TargetCasting]: The Target Casting window can now be toggled from the Main Menu window, and will be saved in an open-state on per-character basis.
- Update [MainMenu]: A drop down has been added to replace the Show Titles toggle. You can now quickly show either Horizontal or Vertical setup on player name titles.
- Update [MainChat]: The chat window's scrollabar is now located on the right and will AutoHide when the mouse is off the window. Toggling the window Titlebar will now toggle the chat input so you can hide chat input on secondary chat windows. The chat tabs are no longer controlled by the Frame opacity slider. The old chat window is available in the variant folder.
- Update [Raid]: Added a overlay handle/image to both move and right-click the raid window easier. Click buttons & cures should be more dependable. Re-coded buttons' display code.
- Update [Group]: Click buttons & cures should be more dependable. Re-coded buttons' display code.
- Update [Experience]: Reordering the XP bars now saves between sessions and per character. PVP infamy bar has been added. Debt/UnspentAA texts now display over the bar, and only when they are not zero.
- Fix [Player]: The Click Button Settings button should now stay functional when switching between characters.

v1.28 - 2011.05.31
- Update [Examine]: Examine window updated for GU60's adornment icons.
- Update [Target/Implied]: Now includes Target Tag icons (GU60 update).
- Update [Persona]: Stat areas slightly adjusted for GU60's changes. New PVP stat button tab. Bountiful Harvest stat is now included with Tradeskill stats.
- Update [Knowledge]: Minor code changes to mirror default UI changes on Research tab.
- Fix [BGScore]: The mini scoreboard's top-left button shouldn't have a background color overflow any more (button size tweak).

v1.27 - 2011.04.28
- New [TargetCasting]: A seperate window has been added to show the Target's casting bar. This is an option window. Show it with: /show_window Custom.TargetCasting
- Update [Persona]: Housing tab added with multipl-housing patch. Currency/mount tab lists rows decreased in size to show more at once.

v1.26 - 2011.04.11
- New [ZonePopup]: The zoning popup window has been added. It's wider than default allowing more text to be seen without resizing.
- Update [Examine]: Examine windows' widths have been slightly increased to better fit stats and closer match the tooltip size.
- Update [MainMenu]: A few tweaks to the DrumsUI Main Menu window. A few buttons now hide the main menu after being clicked.
- Fix [StatBar]: Bar #2 options should now be toggleable again in the options popup.

v1.25 - 2011.03.23
- New [MainMenu]: Added a new Main Menu window accessed from the Stat Bar's "Menu" button. Includes buttons to open all DrumsUI windows, as well as several stock options.
- New [Player]: Toggling full Health/Power ranges or individual Health and Power numbers in the window will now save between sessions, and per character.
- New [Threat]: Pet threat is now included, and will dynamically resize the window depending on if your pet has hate or not (or if you even have a pet).
- Update [StatBar]: Melee AE and Strikethrough has been added. Stats slightly rearranged to group melee/casting skills closer together. Block Mod is now next to Avoidance.
- Update [Chat]: Reduced (visually) the space between tabs. The actual width-size of tabs remains the same.
- Update [Pet]: Pet threat bar will change color to Red when the pet has aggro.
- Fix [Player]: If the Playername color gets out of sync when switching between Ranged/Melee autoattack, mousing over the window while out of combat should fix it (unofficial fix for SOE coding).
- Fix [Knowledge]: The close button should no longer vanish if you change the Window Settings for this window.

v1.24 - 2011.03.07
- Update [Persona]: Spacing/sizing tweaks to the Mount and Currency tab.
- Fix [Common]: Special quests that were missing a background in dialog boxes is now fixed (updated commonelements.dds).
- Fix [Tradeskills]: The recipe list now expands with the window. Create button fixed to show up after closing the window on various pages.
- Fix [StatBar]: Spell Multi-Attack text fixed. Various spacing tweaks. Crit Bonus label now reads "CB". Weight has been removed.

v1.23 - 2011.02.25
- Update [StatBar]: Base now reads Potency. Multi-Attack label now properly labeled "MA". Spell Multi-Attack is now included as "SMA".
- Update [Experience]: Disabling Quest Experience now displays text over the XP bar (thanks DiggityMan).
- Fix [Pet]: Threat meter should be displaying properly now.
- Fix [Tradeskills]: Recipes should show up again normally.

v1.22 - 2011.02.22
- Update [Community]: Calendar window now included (Velious update).
- Update [Journal]: "Show on loot" checkbox added to collection tab (Velious update).
- Update [Guild]: Even tab icon styles updated (Velious update).
- Update [Persona]: Search inventory button added. Block Chance modifier stat moved to Avoidance area. Spell Multi-Attack now included where Block Chance was (Velious update).
- Update [Pet]: Now includes Threat bar and Cure icons (default click to cure included). Window bars now styled like Player/Group bars (Velious update).
- Update [Tradeskills]: Window updated to reflect changes to default recipe loading (Velious update).

v1.21 - 2011.01.25
- New [Chat]: Window now saves Chat Text Shadows setting between sessions and per character.
- New [Socials]: Window now included, and defaults to Macro tab.
- New [BG]: BG score window now included. It has a new button at the top left which opens the BG scoreboard window.
- New [Options]: Option window now included. Advanced button is now pressed by default. Re-arranged bottom buttons to make it more apparent as to what they're for.
- New [Cure Finder]: Cure Finder feature and settings window included. Cure Finder will search for the first detrimental in Group/Raid window and cast a cure on that member. See this topic for usage information:
- Update [Persona]: Window no longer has an Appearance tab. Appearance slots are now located on the main equipment page on the inner row/column.
- Update [Persona]: Bonus stats at the bottom are now scrollable if they aren't all visible.
- Update [Threat]: Can now be set to always visible via UI options (User Interface -> Game Windows -> Always Show Threat Window)
- Update [Maintained]: Now has rounded frame border.
- Update [Maintained]: Window should now Scrollable with the mouse.
- Update [Group/Player]: Click cure's 'default settings' have been changed to use Sony's "/cureplayer" command. This mainly helps with Potions and non-healers and can be easily updated by using the "Default" button while editing.
- Update [Guild]: Roster page scrollbar will autohide if its unneeded.
- Update [Casting]: Bar's frame is slightly thinner.
- Update [Auto-attack]: Razc's Attack bar has been updated with rounded borders and is styled more like the casting bar.
- Fix [Group/Raid/Player]: Windows' click cure buttons have been fixed to not attempt to double cure.
- Fix [Raid]: Click cast buttons should no longer trigger from pressing the Enter key.
- Fix [Market]: Toggle bags button should once again be clickable.
- Fix [Tradeskill]: Window should be fixed to show the Prepare page when not using the Repeat button.
- Fix [Tradeskill]: The "Create" button should now properly display when canceling back from the Prepare page.
- Fix [General]: Tweaked various windows' backgrounds (when set to show) to not extend past the frame border.

v1.20 - 2010.12.16
- New [Group]: Subclass text option added as an overlay.
- New [Mail]: A "Forward" button has been placed in the Opened Mail window, which will copy the body and title to a new mail.
- Update [Knowledge]: Updated to support new Research page.
- Update [Market]: Advanced filters will only auto-hide if window isn't tall enough to show everything.
- Update [Market]: Selecting a preset from the dropdown will not auto-hide filters incase you need to tweak options first.
- Update [Target/Implied]: Slightly adjusted border opacity of casting bars.
- Fix [Market]: Icon dragging is supported again, but hitting the Enter key while typing in the search field will not auto-hide filters (SOE hard coding).
- Fix [Group]: Cure buttons setup next to health bars should no longer keep resetting/disappearing.
- Fix [Group]: Adjusted the pet "P" text to show a little better with cures set to the side.
- Fix [Bank]: Button tooltips should read properly now.
- Fix [Journal]: Collection look-up buttons should no longer "Ready to turn in" and "Completed" texts.
- Fix [Journal]: Quest look-up buttons in the Completed tab should function correctly again.

v1.19 - 2010.11.28
- New: [Group] Pets are now included as a toggle (pet alternative window now obsolete)
- New: [Group] Quick buttons can now be switched to show next to the health bars rather than as an overlay. Note: only Cures OR Quick button cans be on the side. Attempting to turn both on will revert cures to normal location.
- New: [Group/Player] Added new "refresh" button to the Group Settings & Player Settings windows. These can be used at any time should your Quick Cast/Cure buttons fail to load properly.
- New: [Journal] Collection look-up buttons added (credit to DiggityMan)
- New: [Bank] New denominations added for withdraws
- New: [Welcome] Code added & updated to auto-hide window on login
- New: [Statbar] Guild XP option added
- New: [Maintained] enabling/disabling the Titlebar in window options now swaps window between left & right aligned modes (variant window now obsolete)
- New: [Heroic] New slimmed down Heroic Opportunity window added
- New: [Market] Advanced filters are now integrated into the window. Upon initiating a search, the filters will auto-hide until you mouse over them again.
- New: [Market] 6 preset filter dropdowns have been ported over from DiggityMan's most recent ProfitUI market favorites mod
- New: [Examine] Search Xanadu button added
- New: [Threat] Having trouble finding your threat window? Use this command to force the window the middle of your screen: /show_window MainHUD.Threat.FindMe
- Update: [Target/Implied] Targets with level "None" will no longer display level text (harvest nodes, etc)
- Update: [Examine] Clicking the name of the item has been updated to work with the Market window updates (but is still compatible with default/other mods)
- Update: [Hotbar] Grab handles are now hidden. Turn on and grab spinners to move hotbars around.
- Update: [Maintained] now supports right click menu "Hide/Show Text" to toggle modes
- Update: [Maintained] width of data is wider than before when in expanded view
- Fix: [Group] Fixed a bug in code which caused button customizations to copy to incorrect characters.
- Fix: [Persona] Double Attack displays as Multi Attack
- Fix: [Persona] Default tradeskill profession text should no longer display on characters that have no profession when logging in
- Fix: [Maintained] changed "amount remaining" font style to fit larger numbers (large wards)

v1.18 - 2010.10.13
- Update: Persona window updated for new GU58 additions. This includes the Mount/Currency tabs, auto-inventory slot, and tradeskill mod stats (found under the Weapon/Misc stats).
- Update: Target & Implied windows now include new GU58 casting bars.
- Fix: Dressing Room/Character window's paperdoll backgrounds are Blue once again. Find and remove the "PaperdollbackgroundColor" in the respected XML files if you want the Red color back.

v1.17 - 2010.09.26
- Fix: The Start menu button should be working again (Note: The menu opens from wherever your XP bar is located, thanks to Sony code changes).
v1.16 - 2010.08.29
- Update: The help text when editing Quick Cast/Cure buttons has been updated. Wrapping double quotes around spell names allows use of abilities with apostrophes without relogging first!
- Update: Map icons updated to support the new GU57 "regions of interest" update (Thanks Mysstie!).
- Update: Map icons image file updated to support ROIs, Battlgrounds icons (players and POIs).
- Fix: The group window's "Hide Yourself (F1)" will now properly save. This also fixes hiding/showing yourself with Cures showing to the side of group members.
- Fix: The 2nd "Health Regen" now properly reads "Power Regen" in the persona window.
- Fix: Item Notes now works properly for items with an apostrophe.
- Fix: Closing the Inspect window now resets the window to the Equipment page when inspecting any player afterward.
- Fix: Missing icons in Achievements tab of Journal should be back to normal.

v1.15 - 2010.08.25
- - New: Examine windows for items now include the DrumsUI Item Notes feature. Item Notes allow you to save personalized information on a per-item basis. This info is saved locally and is shared between characters. Some notes have come supplied with this feature.
- New: The experience window now has a button function on the left side gem for each bar. XP opens Character window, AA opens AA window, and TSXP opens Tradeskill window.
- Update: Changed the default text in the Group/Raid click to cast buttons to make it more apparent how to edit the "useabilityonplayer" command.
- Update: The Start Button Stat Bar's border has been updated to the rounded corners style.
- Fix: The Start Menu button on the stat bar now only tries to force the menu to appear next to the bar if you are using the most up-to-date DrumsUI experience window.
- Fix: The experience bar's right click menu once again includes normal options (such as disable combat xp, etc).
- Fix: The Faction dropdown in the Persona window once again expands long enough to avoid needing a scrollbar.

v1.14 - 2010.08.23
- New: Maintained window's icons can now be clicked to cancel maintained buffs. The top 2/3rds is the button (shows a tootlip) and the bottom 1/3rd shows the normal icon tooltip. Alternate version updated, too.
- New: Group window now has a new persistant option to display cures to the bottom of (default) or to the right of group members via the settings window (Pet version not supported).
- New: Now includes Mini-map file which no longer display the N,S,E,W icons.
- Update: The square-bordered icons image file is now included in the /Alternatives/ folder.
- Update: In the Tradeskill window, hitting the "Clear" button will also set your cursor to the input field.
- Fix: Tradeskill window now successfully focuses the reaction buttons for keyboard usage on creation start!
- Fix: Small fix for the Tradeskill window's Create button not reappearing after crafting an item.
- Fix: Inspect player window now properly shows appearance slots.
- Fix: Click-to-cast buttons in the Group window now appear on yourself if you're not in a group and choose to have yourself visible.

v1.13 - 2010.08.19
- New: Included new graphic file that slightly modifies the "queued spell" pulse to be more visible. Rounded icon borders are untouched.
- Update: Inspect player "show appearance" button now matches the inventory. Also slight tweaks to element sizing/spacing
- Update: Persona window's border changed to be round on to the top as well (to match and keep consistency). Also the tabs at the bottom take up 5 pixels less space.
- Update: New casting bar is now 4-pixels smaller vertically.
- Fix: Tradeskill window now properly displays 6 buttons (update caused only 5 to show during crafting)
- Fix: Tradeskill window will now bypass the "Prepare" page ONLY when hitting the repeat button. This is the cleanest method to allow comissioned crafting to work and allow repeating to be more fluid.
- Fix: Rally Flag and Online texts in the guild window are now properply aligning to the bottom of the window.
- Fix: Fixed a few spacing anomolies on windows with tabs that weren't caught the first time

v1.12 - 2010.08.18
- New: Persona window total overhaul/update for GU57. Similar layout to the DrumsUI inventory window, but with slightly smaller icons. Stat layout has changed slightly, but is close to the old persona window
- New: on the Compass, click zone area name to toggle your location
- New: Guild window's experience bar shortened and added Rally Flag and Members Online to the bottom of the window to be visible on any tab
- Update: updated Casting window style. You can now click the casting bar to cancel spellcasting. Click & drag on the spell name to move the window
- Update: examine windows slightly tweaked for spacing. Examing effects expands long data details (instead of showing a small scroll area)
- Update: changed the color of the effect names text in the Maintained window to be less dark. This window does not yet support the right click "Show/hide text" integrated with GU57
- Update: by user request, the highlight color on the Tradeskill window's recipe list has been brightened up
- Fix: bank's Toggle Bank Bags button tooltip corrected
- Fix: "Avoidance" is now spelled correctly in the Stat Bar setting window
- Fix: pressing the browser's minimize button now takes focus off the window, allowing movement & other controls to be responsive
- Fix: the Prepare step of crafting is no longer automatically skipped. Until SOE takes another look at the tradeskill window, normal and comissioned crafting have too a high of a chance of bugging users out. Hopefully this change helps stop any more problems.
- Fix: compass heading-orientation is now fixed
- Fix: tweaked bag's close button & drag handle to cover slighty less of the icons they overlay
- Fix: Implied Target's health percentage color should be acting normal again
- Fix: Item currency icons in the Mechant window should no longer cover coin costs in the selection list. Also updated the window to support GU57's station cash items.

v1.11 - 2010.05.03
- Update: Target/Implied windows have been updated with a style closer matching the player/group windows. (Also the con_version1 should hopefully no longer occasionally cut off part of the window)
- Update: The battlegrounds icon gem in the topright corner of the player window has been made slightly smaller.
- Fix: The storyline tab in the Journal window should no longer be displaying placeholder/incorrect text.

v1.10 - 2010.05.03
- Reverted the group and raid windows from the r1-r24,g1-g6 commandline casting. Your tells and chat text should be normal again.
v1.9 - 2010.05.02
- New: Player window options window now has a toggle for Smart Curing
- New: Group window options now has a toggle for "self" (F1) for normal and with-Pet versions.
- New: Hotbars now have a grab handle when hovering over them to more easily move them around/access the right-click options.
- Update: Switched both Group and Raid windows to use r1-r24/g1-g6 commandline casting. This opens more support for international players and maintains Battlegrounds functionality. (Affects both normal and with-Pets version of group window)
- Update: The Stat Bar has new stats added: PVP Crit Mit (goes live GU#56), Accuracy, Flurry, BlockMod, Spell Reuse, ZoneArea name, and Location.
- Update: Browser window has been overhauled to include 4 tabs. It is now equiped with a "Favorites" dropdown menu which can be edited from DrumsUI_browser_favorites.xml!
- Update: Hotbars' overlays will now auto-config themselves when loading into game. (Previuosly they waited for a mouse-over, which will still work in the event auto-config fails)
- Update: The journal window has been made ready for GU#56 and the Storylines feature.
- Update: The persona window's weapon stats width areas were increased to accommodate larger numbers. New Stats added: PVP Crit Mit (goes live GU#56), Flurry, and Spell Reuse (this is different than Ability Reuse).
- Fix: The checkbox on the Completed quest tab of the Journal should no longer over the Share quest button.
- Fix: The Market windows Advanced Search options pops up more to the left. Mousing over the sell tab causes this window to hide itself. Hopefully this change will prevent that from happening as much.
- Fix: The Seller information in the Market window now has a tooltip. If the seller text is too long to fit, just mouse over it to see the full location.

v1.8 - 2010.03.30
- New: You can now hide the quick cast buttons for the Group/Raid window via the settings window
- New: Group member's F2-F6 text now serves as a /follow button for each member
- Update: Raid window overhauled to be smaller in overall size. This change was based off the decrease in size to the default UI raid window. Quick buttons decreased in size by only 2 pixels. HP bars should be slightly thicker now as well.
- Update: Raid window's overall "background" was transformed into 4 backgrounds for each raid group. The window settings opacity still controls this change. It mainly was aimed at removing the extra "black space" around the window.
- Update: Group member's quick cast buttons trimmed down a bit, making more space to click on group members with the mouse
- Fix: Broker window's "Take Coin" button and Sell tab's header sort buttons are now fully clickable
- Fix: The curse icon on "yourself" in the group window is now displaying the proper graphic
- Fix: Clicking the "Enter" key while hovering the group window should no longer trigger one of the quick cast buttons
- Fix: Maintained window icon's "spell amount" slightly increased in width to accomodate larger numbers (wards, etc)
- Fix: Stat bar had several elements widths fixed as noted by several users' feedback

v1.7 - 2010.03.15
- New: Group window now includes "yourself" as the first group member (F1). Quick Casts/Cures apply the same as they do to the rest of the party.
- New: Edit window for quick cast/cures now has "Default" button which can be used to revert to the default DrumsUI settings for that button
- New: Group/Raid Settings windows have a few more options to choose from including:
  • Show tooltips on Quick Cast/Cure buttons
  • Display cure button placeholders (transparent icons)
  • Use smart curing (only casts when a debuff counter is found) [This used to be default to always on, now it's a choice]
  • The new options will save between sessions, and per-character like the other options do.
- Update: The T9 potions "Focused 'x' Remedy" are now included in the default Potion options for the player window. (thanks to foozlesprite and TalTal)
- Update: Stat Bar formatting fixed in several areas (decimal numbers needed more space)
- Update: Group window now includes updated pet alternative version

v1.6 - 2010.02.25
- Update: Active Quest helper font has been changed to pre-SF font. Window now shows a scrollbar when appropriate.
- Fix: Target/implied window effects shouldn't be overlapping by a few pixels anymore
- Fix: Group window quick buttons no longer display over non-existant group member slots
- Fix: Tradeskill window no longer shows writ timer filler text. It won't show writ timer text at all until SOE can put a fix in.
- Fix: Tracking window con colors are now properly aligned

v1.5 - 2010.02.20
- Update: Tracking window's con checkboxes and track button now autohide when not hovering over the window
- Fix: Tracking window restored with the sort-by-name header
- Fix: Group window can now be size horizontally far enough to show all 5 group members (max width was too small before)
- Fix: Raid window quick cast/cure buttons should be working again
- Fix: Guild bank window now includes the level 80 row

v1.4 - 2010.02.18
- Update: Previous zip was missing file /DrumsUI/Settings/DrumsUI_TextSettings.xml
- Update: Alternate group window With Pets is updated to new code
- Fix: Group quick buttons/cures now properly load and function
- Fix: Self cure & Group/Raid now load default settings correctly
- Fix: When editing a quick button, you can no longer close either of the custom settings window (code limitation prevention). You must first finish editing your quick button
- Note: EQ2's raid window is currently bugged, and raid quick buttons and cures are not working (cannot retrieve raid window's player names properly)

v1.3 - 2010.02.16
- New: Group/Raid button quick buttons & cures
- New: Tracking window -- several asked for it, hope you enjoy
- New: rearranged Broker window (with more updates coming)
- Update: Player window self cures now editable
- Update: Journal window, active quest, persona, inspect player, stat bar updated for Sentinel's Fate
- Fix: Guild bank settings rank list displays properly now
- Fix: Target/Implied windows show now play nicely in either con mode (originally a game bug?)
- Several other small spacing tweaks/changes

v1.2 - 2010.02.01
- Statbar options, player window cure options, and group/raid checkboxes now appropriately update when switching characters!
- Effects/detrimental effects window now handle icon sizes better and automatically adjust when switching characters
- Group window now comes stock WITHOUT pet health bars showing (Pet version available in /Alternatives/ folder)
- Player window style updated to match group window (original version available in /Alternatives/ folder)
- Examine window's text names (Items/Spells/Harvests/etc) can be clicked on to search the broker when it's open (remember to reset any search filters if you set any while searching)
- Examined items now have a "LootDB" button
- A few small spacing/text fixes for other languages (more to come as I catch them)
- Journal window's "Expand/collapse all" button no longer slightly overlaps the drop down list on each of the quest tabs
- New: Compass with zone region name displayed; re-size window vertically to hide/show text; window re-sizable horizontally as normal
- New: Mail window that's styled like the other DrumsUI compacted windows; window now also re-sizable

v1.1 - 2009.12.09
- Rally flag info added to guild window (GU54)
- New Effects and Detrimental Effects option window to adjust icon sizes for each window (accessed via button while hovering each window)
- Some more slight tweaks to included map icons/sizes
- Tooltip added to StatBar options button, slight tweak to spellcrit text

v1.0 - 2009.12.05
- Initial release
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