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Unread 12-03-2006, 10:37 AM
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Default Fetish Credits & Innovations

I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due. Although I try hard to be innovative and original, occasionally someone thinks of something first. When that happens, I feel it’s important to credit them with the original idea even if I don't use their code or I come up with the idea independently. I believe everyone should do the same but also understand it can sometimes be hard to track down who thought of what first.

Since I'm one of the longest participating authors on this site, I thought it would be a good idea to more publicly post my credits and innovations. Hopefully this will help other authors give appropriate credit.

Several components in this UI were based in part on work done by the following contributors to www.EQ2Inerface.com:

Cesea: Heroic Opportunity window
Cehlers: Fetish Customizer
Drums: InfoCenter text updates.
DBurgdorf: Milquetowst InfoCenter (the original)
Dethdlr: RaidAbilitiesEditor (the first Fetish plugin). Player window tweaks.
Deathbane27: Full Function Zoning, Stay-put window workaround.
Djanee: Original MarketFavorites documentation.
Dogvomit: Side-by-side Journal frames
dragowulf: Inspiration for Maintained filtering.
EqAditu: Portions of the RaidAbilities code. Although independent ideas, his window was released first and his code did influence mine. All of the BuffImmunity timer code, enhanced to allow refreshing.
Insomniac: HotKeys
Jaxel: Round compass art.
Kosmos: Nightvision, Volume Controls, Performance settings.
Krull: External file command used in ClickStrike
Pooka: DruidRings and Spires windows.
samejima: Autoattack Timer bars.
Seagoat: Mail Forward button.
Talyn: Main map resizer plugin a.k.a. Talyn’s Minimap, Hide any fog feature.
tonyis3l33t: Rares list tooltip
Honorable Mentions: Humudce, macgregor420, Deathbane27 and Quib for stuff used in prior versions.

Fetish Innovations
To the best of my knowledge, the following features were invented by me (Zonx) and/or first appeared in FetishNightfall:

Complete Set: FetishNightfall was the first completely reskinned EQ2 UI set. It remains the foundation and/or inspiration for many currently available sets.
Themes: FetishNightfall was the first set to support multiple themes.
EQ2Maps: First to publish maps with custom POIs. Originator of the EQ2Maps architecture that enables web updates today.
Multi-form Windows: First demonstrated with the Fetish 6-Way Inventory window.
MiniMap: Resizable/Zoomable external map window.
View Any Map (VAM) plugin: menus that allow showing any map, at any time.
HTML Favs: Enhances the HTML window to include customizable favorites menu.
ClickBrowse: First implementation of in-game browser searches from UI text and atributes.
MarketFavs: Customizable menu system for preset Market searching (later adopted by SOE).
Multi-form Market: When SOE combined the Market and Store windows, FetishNightfall was the first to introduce a multi-form version that allowed both the standard layout and a side-by-side layout.
Value Lookups: "My Class & Level" button was the first use of dynamic data comparisons to automate menu selections.
Spinner Controls: FetishMarket was the first to use buttons to increment numerical fields.
Active Quest Slider: Allows scrolling through your active quests.
ClickSearch: Inspect windows that initiate a Market search when item name is clicked (later adopted by SOE via drag-n-drop)
ClickCures: Custom window that attempts every known single target cure. Linked to Player and Group debuffs for 1-click target and cast.
ClickStrike: Although file commands aren't original, this mod introduces a scheme that allows hotkey macros to activate UI buttons.
Tradeskills: Mouseless crafting, Repeat and Cancel performed via RETURN and ESC. First resizable Tradeskill window. First to embed health, power, and buff bars.
Mouseless Zoning: Zone selection via arrow keys, zone on RETURN.
Extended Color Picker: Enhanced Game Options to include more preset colors.
Con Tier Labels: First to convert target Tier graphics to readable text.
Auto-decline Loot: First to implement a control to auto-decline loot while Lotto is enabled.
Window Locator: Shows the screen location of most windows. Moves windows through numerical settings (even when windows are off screen). Allows in-game window scripting.
RaidAbilities: In-game editable /useabilityonplayer button sets tied to the raid window. Includes options for tell, gsay and raidsay. (Credit goes to EQAditu for resolving cueing issues and releasing his less flexable version befor mine)

The following UI enhancements were added by SOE on my request.
- Concatenation operator ##
- Conditional operator ?:
- SetFocus command
- resizable bags with resizable icons.

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