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Unread 09-18-2006, 09:54 PM
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Question Faq

Q: How do I move a Hotbar?

A: Fetish hotbars have been intentionally designed to use minimal space. Due to overlaping changes from SOE, the dragable area is now very limited.

To repossition a Hotbar, use any of the following methods:

- Right-click the hotbar and select Hotbar Options. Enable the spinner. Now drag the Hotbar by clicking the spinner number (you may need to adjust opacity settings to see the spinner).

- There's about a 2 pixel area between the border and the buttons that is actually dragable even with the spinner disabled, but it is difficult to grab.

- You can also resize the window by dragging its borders to repossition it.

Q: How do I get my Persona Bar to open when I first log in?

A: Custom windows like Personabar often do not save their settings unless you manually move them and tweak them via the "Window Settings" dialog.

To open the Personabar, use any of the following methods:

- Toggle the clock with Alt + C.
- Open the Persona window and click the small "P" button in the titlebar.
- Type the following chat command /show_window MainHud.Personabar (Caps matter).

Q: How can I set my chat window so the text entry box doesn't overlay the chat history?

A: Use Window Settings and turn ON the titlebar for any chat window you plan to type in. You can hide the titlebar (and scrollbar) using the opacity slider. I recommend leaving the Mouseover slider to 50%+ as this will make the scrollbar and tabs visible when manipulating the window.

Q: Why do I crash when draging to/from the Bagstrip?

A: As noted in the documentation, this window is a total hack. Its a miracle it manages to show and open slots. It is incapable of dealing with drag and drop. NEVER attempt to drag or drop with the Bagstrip, you will always crash.

Q: How do I customize some window to always/never show or show with a layout option selected?

A: Read the provided doc. The last few pages include instructions for commonly requested code tweaks.

Q: Is it safe to allow the EQ2Maps Updater to replace MainHud.Map?

A: Yes. The default map file has been updated to support plugins and skinning.

Q: Can I use other window mods with Fetish?

A: Yes, but you'll need to ensure several files with Fetish specific includes are not replaced. If the addon mod includes any of these files, you'll need to open the Fetish version and the Alt version side-by-side in Notepad and copy any lines of code from the addon file to the Fetish file.


Q: Why do my windows appear black, white or other strange colors?

A: This generally indicates image files are missing from your Fetish directory (occasionally the files just wont extract properly). To correct this, open the Fetish Zip, sort by directory path, and manually drag DDS files from the ZIP to the appropriate directory (you may need to create some directories).

Another possibility is that your eq2ui.xml file was overwritten by another mod. Extract another copy from the Fetish ZIP and follow the instructions in the previous question.

Q: Why am I crashing when I use the "Head" button in the Inventory window?

A: It appears many video cards or their drivers simply can't process resizing the Paperdoll. If you have one of these cards, just don't click the Head button.

Q: How do I prevent a window from closing when I hit ESC?

A: Open the XML file for that window in Notepad. Insert the following bit of code just after the first "<Page "...
Q: How do I edit the spells cast by ClickCures?

A: The ClickCures feature attempts every known cure, from highest level spell to lowest. Its was developed several months ago so some spells might no longer be apropriate and other may need to be added.

You can edit the list of spells cast by opening _Fetish_mainhud_cures.xml in Notepad. Each button attempts to cast all spells under them, in the order they appear in this file. To remove a spell, simply delete that line of code. To add a spell, copy/paste an existing entry then edit the spell name to match the exact spell name desired (caps matter).

Note: The first spell in the list that your toon has scribed and ready to cast will be cast. Spells later in the list will only cast if the earlier spell is unscribed or still refreshing. To simplify editing, ClickCures was not made class aware, so you should include all cure spells for any toon you play.

You can add whole new buttons for other things like Master Strikes by copy/pasting an existing button. You'll need to rename the new button, edit its possition, and tweak the other window objects size and location atributes to accomodate the new button. DO NOT rename existing buttons. Doing so will break the linkage from both the Player and Group windows.

Q: A window is missing, how do I get it back? I've already tried the key commands to show it.

A: When switching from other UIs to Fetish, occasionally one or more windows previously saved to a non-default location may wind up off screen. This is due to differences in default location settings between the UIs.

To resolve the problem...
1) Rename your server_character_settings.ini file for the affected toon(s) to something like default_server_character_settings.ini.

2) Log in to the toon. You will be asked if you wish to copy settings from an another file. At this point you can try selecting your default settings file.

If the window is still missing, you'll need to use Game Options to restore all windows to their default locations, then rearange everything as you want it.

To avoid the problem, always keep separate server_character_settings.ini files for each UI you'll be using, including the default UI. For example, if your toon's name is "MyToon" played on the "Blackburrow" server and you want settings for both Fetish and Default, you'd have something like the following...


When using the Fetish UI, blackburrow_mytoon_settings.ini would be a copy of fetish_blackburrow_mytoon_settings.ini. When using the Default UI, it would be a copy of that file.

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