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Unread 01-09-2023, 09:00 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - January 10, 2023

  • With the introduction of the Renewal of Ro expansion, new items posted on the broker would delist on the first server restart after 7 days from when the item(s) were listed. We have now increased that timer to 10 days.
  • Bard
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Bladesing from enhancing Raxxyl's Rousing Tune's bonus to Rejuvenation Celebration on a time-locked server.
  • Crusader
    • Aura of Leadership will no longer heal health pools on update or termination.
    • Aura of Leadership has been temporarily restricted from activating in Renewal of Ro raid zones.
  • Dirge
    • Dancing Precession has been temporarily restricted from activating in Renewal of Ro raid zones.
  • Troubador
    • Mindful Melody has been temporarily restricted from activating in Renewal of Ro raid zones.
  • Mysterious Pillar of Unknown Origin is now properly spelled.
  • Added salvaging and transmuting classifications to several Renewal of Ro items that were lacking them.
  • Added the legendary tier blue Renewal Rune: Expedience, red Renewal Rune: Evasion, mythical tier blue Renewal Rune: Reactionary Strike, and blue Renewal Rune: Salvo to Charifa for those that have unlocked purchasing those adornments on their accounts.
  • Added the Renewal of Ro: Domination ability to the Triumph: Save it for Desert [Heroic III] achievement. Characters that have already completed this achievement will automatically obtain the reward upon login.
  • Added turquoise adornment slots to many hex dolls that were missing the slot.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the spellscroll for Savante VIII (Celestial) to be unnamed and mysterious and non-functional.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Eustace from being able to toggle harvest tracking.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented required tradeskill level from being displayed on adornment predicates.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Takish mount pattern from dropping on many encounters.
  • Corrected Renewal of Ro accolades that had duplicate stats.
  • Corrected the ammo stats on several crossbow bolts between level 1 and 70.
  • Corrected the crit bonus overcap progression on the Zealous Rune of the Plateaus, Zealous Rune of the Hizzite, and Zealous Rune of the Delta.
  • Corrected the mitigation values on Renewal of Ro mercenary armor.
  • Fixed a typo with Harpooner's Gauntlets and Negotiated Peddler's Gauntlets.
  • Frostfell Greeting Card, Frostfell Carol Greeting Card, Frostfell Wishes Greeting Card, and Frostfell Feast Greeting Card can now fit in the house item depot. (Note: this is only for the original cards, not the "Personalized" versions that would lose their writing if they went into the depot.)
  • Preferred Trickster Barbute - Item has now been more accurately named for the item type it is.
  • Rainkeeper's Storm Shield can now be properly turned into an appearance item after completion of "Renewal of Ro: Determined Through the Delta".
  • Tallon's Armored Strap of Conquest - Typo in item description has been corrected.
  • Tallon's Braced Cincture of Triumph - Typo in item description has been corrected.
  • Updated Monolith to use account wide leveling. Having converted any of the appropriate pieces will grant the ability to see and purchase Monolith from Charifa for all characters on the account, if they can also afford to pay the purchase price. Each converted slot after the first will grant 2,000 experience (2 levels) to monolith. As previous, monolith will re-calculate its experience when a character applies any ability while in an appropriate zone for the adornment to function in.
  • Updated the appearance of several Renewal of Ro items that were looking old and drab.
  • Frostfell Decoration Committee: Permafrost! - Quest recipes are no longer Blueprint usable.
  • Vaaca the Renewed - An accurate message is now seen when hiring or summoning her.
  • The Taloned Vigil Infiltrators - Nepther'tum will now offer this quest, even if you have completed "Premonitions of Doom" in the past.
  • How the Mighty Fall - The Overlord's Office is now named "The Overlord's Office: How the Mighty Fall" for this quest.
  • Age's End: Pieces Assembled - The Overlord's Office is now named "The Overlord's Office: Pieces Assembled" for this quest.
  • Shattered Seas: Summoned to Dethknell Citadel - The Overlord's Office is now named "The Overlord's Office: Shattered Seas" for this quest.
  • All conversation steps for Researchers of Ro: Curing the Curse and Researchers of Ro: Renewal now have appropriate signature quest colored dialog backgrounds.
  • All Renewal of Ro "Music Box" quests - Finding the music box keys update should now recognize the proper key even if it is already in your inventory, when the corresponding key quest has been completed, no matter what zone you are in at the time.
  • Familiar's Wild - Coyotes in Raj'Dur Plateaus and Takish Badlands are now properly flagged as canine for the quest.
  • Blood of the Brood - Scroll in the Academy of Arcane Science will no longer be obscured by punchbowl during Frostfell.
  • Familiar's Wild - Corpsebeaks in Raj'Dur Plateaus are now properly flagged as birds for the quest.
  • The Obulus Frontier Garden now will list the option for Renewal of Ro harvests AFTER the Visions of Vetrovia harvests option instead of before it.
  • The Dew Collector Components crate for "Do You Dew?" is no longer a temporary item, and will stay in your inventory until you complete the quest.
  • The recipe scroll for the tradeskill quest "Piratical Fashion" is now named Pirate Outfit (instead of Mutagenic Essence) to more closely match the recipe contained within it.
  • Creating jum jum muffins no longer grants the message that you have created muffinses, precious.
  • When players are given the tradeskill quest "Senior Crafter Service" they are no longer told to speak to a Gatecaller Scion in order to travel to the Overrealm.
  • Recipes for Fanatic's Faith VIII have been added to the appropriate recipe books.
  • Delta Field Research Requisitions now tell the player to return to Shahin. (Only her enemies call her Shahini, and you don't want to be her enemy, do you?)
  • Public Researcher missions from the Reign of Shadows (Echo Caverns, Fordel Midst and Shadeweaver's Thicket) will now award 8 tokens per mission completion instead of 4.
  • Blood of Luclin public researcher missions in Recuso Tor, Sanctus Seru and the Aurelian Coast have had their token rewards increased from 2 to 4.
  • Public researcher missions in Renewal of Ro zones now have a chance to award cactus fruit, dustmaw hide, goat meat or takish fig in place of the crafting nails. This will not change the drop rate on the crafting books at all. It just reduces the drop rate on the nails and adds in a bit more of the resources that share nodes with another resource.
  • Corrected the links for Obscure Adorner's Studies Volume I and Obscure Adorner's Studies Volume II to grant the correct recipes. This fix will apply automatically if you have scribed the recipe previously.
  • Corrected several harvest and collectable spawn points in Renewal of Ro zones to remove underground or otherwise un-selectable locations.
  • Bleedthrough has been reduced for all Renewal of Ro heroic tiers.
  • Mercenaries will now have extra time to resurrect their fallen employers in Renewal of Ro [Solo] zones.
  • Removed erroneous messaging when attempting to cancel Grace of Norrath while in combat.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: The Sacred Gift [Heroic II]
    • Detritus Storm, cast by some bosses, inflicts less damage over time.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [Heroic III]
    • Malachiel Caedor's Telluric Tremor now has a 1 second warning and a 2 second cast time.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [All Versions]
    • Takish cylinder locks have less health and their Piercing Pins inflict less damage over time.
    • The Delving Departed's Eldritch Assistance increments will be accurately counted whenever the encounter is reset.
    • Sanum Ordast's dialogue has been edited very slightly for lore consistency. Although it may have felt like his imprisonment has lasted eons it has not in fact been so long, and saying so was giving the wrong impression.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [Heroic III]
    • The lifts within the research halls and Takish archives now work.
  • Deathtoll
    • Added double loot and Personal Treasure Cache support to the following encounters: Corpuscles, Cruor Alluvium, Fitzpitzle, Tarinax the Destroyer, and Yitzik the Hurler.
  • Holiday Mercenary Gallery - Zone exit door is now more intuitive, as it is now located in the cabin door frame.
  • Laboratory of Lord Vyemm [Raid]
    • Corrected an issue that caused Vyemm to not spawn if you activate him, leave the zone, and come back later.
    • Vyemm and Alzid Prime will now spawn in the same linked encounter. Their loot tables have been merged to drop both in the same treasure chest when defeated. Buff packages for both have been adjusted to account for a multiple boss encounter.
  • Bonemire
    • The Mutagenic Outcast has had his maximum health lowered.

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