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Unread 12-05-2022, 08:40 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - December 6, 2022

Kingdom of Sky is Unlocked on Varsoon!

Face the perils of the Overrealm, a previously-unknown mystical territory, made up of islands floating high above the land. Battle strange new creatures, find powerful new objects and items, and explore a world filled with unseen wonders. Journey to the Overrealm and
stop the creatures who intend to enslave and conquer Norrath, earning new fame along the way!

  • Fixed an issue where unmentoring could cause a zone crash.
TLE Varsoon
  • Adjustments made to many Kingdom of Sky adversaries to increase outgoing damage and maximum health with additional adjustments made based on tier and encounter.
  • The Renewal of Ro: Raj'Dur Plateaus Teleporter now checks either tradeskill or adventuring levels to allow teleportation.
  • Corrected several more guild trophies to remove the lore tag and make them building blocks.
  • Lowered the stats on many mounts items when summoned by a character below level 100.
  • Updated all items with Kingdom of Sky stat packages to have a turquoise adornment slot.
  • Added a colon to the following item names:
    • Replica: Terraporter
    • Replica: Wanted Poster
  • Vetrovia loot items Amulet of Blessfulness and Chalice of Bloodful now mention that a merchant might be interested in them.
  • Hauberk of Subversion - Armor appearance now matches the rest of the set, as intended.
  • Corrected certain gear within Renewal of Ro to match Potency progression.
  • Added Wary Protection to certain items that were missing the effect.
  • Jollinor's spell "Path of Ro" should now trigger "Touch of Flames" from elemental and physical instead of noxious and arcane spells cast.
  • Jollinor Firefall has had his outgoing damage increased.
  • Researchers of Ro: Renewal - To resolve a conflict caused by a shared zone, tradeskillers will now find Takish'Hiz Arena: Renewal of Ro [Tradeskill] for their use on this quest.
  • Researchers of Ro: Renewal will now contain information in the quest journal about the camel ride when on the step to head to Goldami Reservoir Camp.
  • Renewal of Ro: Desperately Seeking Sigils - Confronting Aldys in Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Sultan's Dagger will update more consistently now.
  • Renewal of Ro: Illusion From the Disillusioned - A sandstone walker is much more likely to attack, no matter how intimidating you may appear.
  • Renewal of Ro: Determined Through the Delta - Gurjit the Aggressor is much more likely to attack, no matter how intimidating you may appear.
  • Renewal of Ro: Desperately Seeking Sigils - Desert madmen should now find the courage to attack, no matter how intimidating you may appear.
  • Renewal of Ro: In for a Raj'Durabad Time - Zizzez has been instructed by Aldys to attack, no matter how intimidating you may appear.
  • Renewal of Ro: Sultan's Shattered Designs - Adventurers who subdue Silrena will now get the proper update, no matter how few attacks it takes.
  • Dunetooth Truths - Dunetooth goblins are more likely to be angered and attack more reliably now.
  • Bairam's research mission to craft Amazing Amphorae will now be crafted using the work bench instead of the chemistry table.
  • Hizite Mace of Strategems recipe now uses the proper crafting events.
  • Mastercrafted items crafted with purified armapine primary components should now properly gain refined bonuses.
  • Takish Tokenses will no longer be a thing, even for halflingses. Instead when multiple are received, they will be Takish Tokens.
  • Researchers of Ro: Curing the Curse - Bairam Najafi will no longer repeat old dialog if you hail him before the quest tells you to speak with him. Rather, he indicates that he is busy, to back up his wife's comments during the quest.
  • Hizite Carpenter's books I-III should now be dropping. Sorry about that carpenters!
  • Players will now craft Ykeshan leather boots for Mug in Firmroot Moot, instead of being told that they are making bootses.
  • Upgrade recipes (Journeyman, Expert, Grandmaster and Ancient) have been added to the appropriate recipe books for Essence of the Great Bear VIII and Thorny Trap IV.
  • A minor typo in the player's conversation with Erdani between The Grumbling and Tiptoe Through the Shadows has been fixed.
  • The recipe for Enraging Demeanor IV (Ancient) can now be found in Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume I.
  • Resolute Faith II (Ancient), and Thieves Guild II (Ancient) can now be found in Ancient Dreadfell Coven Teachings Volume V.
  • The following [Solo] zones have had mana damage spells on enemies removed.
    • Raj'Dur Plateaus: Blood and Sand [Solo]
    • Raj'Dur Plateaus: Sultan's Dagger [Solo]
    • Takish Badlands: Overgrowth [Solo]
    • Takish Badlands: Kigathor's Glade [Solo]
  • Raj'Dur Plateaus
    • Several more root nodes in the Raj'Dur Plateaus have been moved to locations that do not require flight.
    • Raj'Dur Plateaus: Blood and Sand - Adventurers will no longer be able to enter this dungeon until unlocking it by completing the quests Renewal of Ro: In for a Raj'Durabad Time, Raj'Durabad Feeling About This, or the account wide unlock item, RoR Flag: Raj'Dur Plateaus: Blood and Sand Dungeon Unlock.
  • Sandstone Delta
    • There is no longer a pile of nodes underwater in Sandstone Delta throwing an underwater rock party.
    • The achievement for defeating Bosin is now spelled correctly.
    • More ore nodes can now be reached without flight.
  • Takish Badlands
    • More ore nodes can now be reached without flight.
  • Sandstone Delta: Eye of the Storm [All Versions]
    • To avoid blocking progression, hungry hippolisks can no longer be tamed by beastlords.
  • Sandstone Delta: Grave Grange [Solo]
    • The minimum duration is now 90 minutes.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [All Versions]
    • Stepping upon the puzzle tiles within The Pit of Pan Esk'Inien should more easily spawn surrounding tiles.
    • To avoid blocking progression, stonefallen drakotas can no longer be tamed by beastlords.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: The Sacred Gift [All Versions]
    • You should now die if you fall down the Well of Vian'lith.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [Heroic I]
    • The minimum duration is now 90 minutes.

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