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Unread 08-10-2022, 08:00 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - August 11, 2022

  • Consort's Greataxe Insight has been renamed to Consort's Greatsword of Insight.
  • Assembled Furious Wrist Wraps - Item icon is now appropriate for forearms.
  • Unfailing Vesspyrian Leather Coat is now properly spelled.
  • The Unwavering Wristguards of Maligned Intention can no longer be used as a silly hat, but instead fit properly on a player's forearms.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented some food and drink from granting stats on a Time-Locked server.
  • The stats of the following items have been adjusted:
    • Void-Etched Bracelet
    • Earring of the Shattered Assailants
    • Tincture of Agony
    • Quickened Pulse of Power
    • Club of Nullification
    • Crossbow of Nullification
    • Fighting Staff of Nullification
    • Longbow of Nullification
  • The following appearance-only Dashing items have been renamed to Formal Dashing and will no longer erroneously display stats:
    • Formal Dashing Gloves
    • Formal Dashing Pantaloons
    • Formal Dashing Shouldercuffs
    • Formal Dashing Tunic
  • Liddo Bowbeck's Chain Hauberk of Force - Item name typo fixed.
  • Vongrut Battlebreaker's Chain Hauberk of Frenzy - Item name typo fixed.
  • Stelgar Mortertoe's Chain Hauberk of Fortitude - Item name typo fixed.
  • Crimson Theleh's Chain Hauberk of Force - Item name typo fixed.
  • Urohg Shattershield's Chain Hauberk of Frenzy - Item name typo fixed.
  • Scorched Sky appearance weapons can now consistently be reforged to add decorations.
  • The Fabled Kurn's Tower [Heroic I] and [Heroic II] daily missions now have the correct reset times.
  • Dora Wicket now properly knows the prices on the recipe books that she sells once you complete the new level 60 "Doors" series of tradeskill quests.
  • Ewart Nefird no longer tries to give you items that generate an error message at the start of the "Water in the Desert" quest.
  • Tradeskill quest "Loping Doors" now spells "Cemetery" correctly.
  • The Fabled Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void [Heroic II]
    • Theerian warder adds during the encounter with Telvorsinn and his best bud Thovalakk, will spawn at a reduced rate.

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