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Unread 04-22-2019, 01:26 PM
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Default Any good UI mods for targeting mobs?

I realize this sounds like a dumb question, but it's a real problem for me. I find EQ2 has a really terrible targeting system. I play a Coercer, and admittedly there aren't a ton of encounters where I have to keep things mezzed, but on the encounters where I do mez adds, it's very difficult to target them and keep track of what refreshed mez on.

1. When mobs are very close to each other, even standing inside of each other, it's hard to click on the correct one.
2. Tab targetting doesn't always cycle through all the mobs for some reason. I recently did an Icy Dig where I was trying to tab through all of the Queen's adds and one of them was never being targeted by cycling through them with tab.
3. I've tried using the threat list window (/togglethreatlistwindow) but that is difficult to use especially when mobs have identical names because they shift around in the window to be sorted in threat order. When 2 mobs have the same name and they swap positions in the threat list window it's impossible to tell that they've moved. There doesn't seem to be any way to stop it from reordering mobs.
4. I've tried tagging mobs with icons and numbers, but the tags do not appear on the threat list window, so that didn't really help.
5. I've tried using DarqUI's Spell Effects window to monitor my Mesmerize spell, and it does show up in the window when I cast it, but, of course, the recast button cannot be used to recast mez. It just says the name of the NPC is not a member of my group or raid. This window also cannot be used to target mobs, so it's not even an option to just find the mez effect that has the shortest duration left, target that mob, and manually recast.

I haven't tried Prophet, but I know someone that uses it and he said it doesn't have anything that would help me.

Does anyone know any solution to this problem?
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