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Unread 04-30-2013, 09:40 AM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 "Scars of the Awakened"

Ever vigilant, Norrathians march united under the banner of the New Combine army, deeper into the perilous continent of Velious.

Finally, the army breaches the borders of a region known as Cobalt Scar - a majestic, lush, but tormented region. And from within dark passages in the surrounding mountains, the inhabitants of Sirens Grotto beckon to all.

The first news heard from Cobalt Scar concerns tribes of Othmir that succumbed to an unfortunate fate that now threatens everyone. Further examination into the area will reveal a foreboding presence of the Awakened Legion, a force of evil that decimated dragonkind in the legendary city ofSkyshrine.

Nearby, in the watery depths of Sirens Grotto - unseen by landwalkers for the ages – it is said that the caverns hold secrets of their own. And the beguiling siren coven known as the Darkwater Sisters will not give up those secrets easily.

All the while, the Ages End Prophecy looms with its promise to see Kerafyrm - Norrath's most evil, powerful dragon - bring a violent end to the world. Heroes from every corner of Norrath are called to explore this new land in Velious and fight for a future for all.

  • New overland zone, Cobalt Scar: Includes a new story quest line and new collections
  • New dungeon, Siren’s Grotto: Includes Solo, Group, and Raid challenges
  • New Tradeskill quest line
  • New Tradeskill Apprentice daily tasks
  • Class updates based on feedback
  • PvP reward updates
To reach Cobalt Scar, hail either the Combine griffin tamer located on the docks in Great Divide or the tamer near the entrance of The Withered Lands!

Pitch, Roll, and Heading options have all been added to the house decorator mode wheel.
When inside one of your houses, a housing bar will now appear which you can click on to easily bring up your /house window, enter / exit house decorator mode, or leave your house.

Individual coin drops have been added to encounters in many zones including those in Destiny of Velious, Skyshrine and Chains of Eternity. When an encounter drops coin, the amount of coin will be calculated based on how many players participated in the fight, up to the maximum for that encounter which is calculated based off of the number of intended players. Looted coin rules remain unchanged. If your group is set to split coin you will still split coin evenly among all group or raid members, and if your group is set to master looter all coin will be collected by the master looter.

Scale Yard: Scalebreak
You can now revive properly in this instance.

The class restrictions on what armor is purchasable from Assilus Poisonbolt have been eased up.

Temple of the Faceless [Heroic]
When defeating Venekor in challenge mode you should now receive the Sense of Urgency and Flawless achievements.

Generals Aakita, Utehk, and Zevitus in Tallon's Stronghold should now award a guild medal in both normal and challenge modes.
Hand of Vallon should now award both normal and challenge mode Guild medals.
Ancient Sentinel should now award both normal and challenge mode Guild medals.

The Guild Chronomage now costs less upkeep.
The Guild Prophet now costs less upkeep.

Help the New Combine sort out their logistic woes by talking to Acting Supplymaster Grant in the Supply Camp.
Tradeskill Apprentices are hard at work preparing new recipes from materials discovered in the new Velious zones. Assist your apprentices in their daily toils to begin creating the required materials.
Tailors can now make t10 throwing pouches and scout cloaks.
Ice Comet II now requires t8 components to craft instead of t7.
Matoppie & Banyan Hex Doll recipes now use Matoppie Roots as build components instead of Thick Bear Pelts.
Level 91-95 Essential and Advanced recipe books can now be purchased without completing any prerequisite quests.
Any recipe that requires more than one a primary component will now accurately display its required amount in any tooltip or examine window.
Tailor: 46 slot bags can now be crafted! The recipe has been retroactively added to the level 95 tailoring essentials recipe book.
Epaulets of the Draconic Oracle now require Banyan Root instead of Metallic Repltile Hide.

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