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Unread 01-09-2012, 09:33 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Tuesday, January 10, 2012(0)

Fixed a bug where you would have to recast buffs on group members every time you zone.
Fixed random lighting bugs on characters and environments.
Players will now receive achievement credit for earning hall of fame status if they are offline when awards are processed.

Sense of Urgency: Debone Bonewing should correctly update when defeating the zone boss in under 30 minutes from zone in.

Dungeon Maker creatures will no longer temporarily reappear when defeated while under the effect of a tier-adjusting object.
Dungeon Maker adventurers should now show up in the Marketplace preview tab.
Fixed a UI bug with the Dungeon Maker create window.

Fixed an issue that allowed “a drakonine guardian” to be tameable.

Ten new mercenaries can be found within the major cities of Norrath. This includes Freeport, Qeynos, Neriak, Gorowyn, New Halas, and Kelethin!
Gaeri Tallspire and Firus Scorchtouch have returned to their normal hang out and can once again be hired! They have been rebalanced a bit to do less spike damage but in some cases might do more DPS on sustained battles! Gaeri is now more encounter based where as Firus is more single target based damage.
Stamper (Inquisitor Merc) should no longer be invisible to players who have not hired him.
Bdorn (Templar Merc) should no longer be invisible to players who have not hired him.
All mercenaries should now have the correct amount of magical mitigation.

Beastlords should now be able to purchase gear from the scions of war.

Tradeskill Apprentice food and drink no longer require reactants.
Provisoners can now have their Tradeskill Apprentice research belt recipes.
The recipes required for the daily Tradeskill Apprentice tasks no longer delete themselves from your recipe book.
Tradeskill Apprentice scout bows should now use arrows as ammo.

Tower of Tactics [Challenge]
Ambassador grindstones Geonid Warriors will not spawn as frequently, have less health, and have less members per wave.

Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge]
During the Tallon Zek fight the sparkfiend will not cast sparked as often. Combustible Combination Curse (caused by spark interaction with greater avazek Concussive Winds) now lasts 7 secs instead of 24 secs.

The City of Freeport
Atraxus Bhotlis, the titular target of the quest “Qeynos Bounty: Atraxas Bhotlis,” has moved to the Seafarer’s Roost.
Adrianna has now agreed to complete the “Descent into Madness” quest for those who have already finished “Searching the Sewers for the Strix.”
For the quest “Killing All the Birds,” it should now be more obvious if you’re on the Strix cultists’ hit list. (Check your buff window!)
An appearance-only Cultist's White Cowl is now a reward for completing "Killing All the Birds." If you've already completed the quest, you can purchase the cowl from Viducius Festus in the Harbor Exchange.
For the quest “To Make or Unmake,” it’s no longer necessary to target Lerenth to use the clickable items on him.

The Ancient Diakan Grindstone and Grim Ring of the Ruthless should once again be able to be used by both fighters and scouts.
Beastlords can now wear Roger Goldie’s Straw Hat and the Unseen Hand rewards from the Dark Mail Gauntlets quest line.
Priestly Wand of Focused Power should now have a red adornment slot.
Wand of Crystallized Shadows should now have a red adornment slot.

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