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What is the uibuilder?
The UIBuilder is a program used to edit the Everquest II interface. It allows you to view the interface while you edit it and much more. You can find the uibuilder.zip in your local Everquest II folder or you can download it here.

How do I use the uibuilder program?
Unzip the files in the uibuilder.zip into a folder on your hard drive and double click on EQ2UIBuilder.exe. This will load the UIBuilder and you will see a program open up on the left side of your screen. You will then want to go to File >> Open and open up the eq2ui.xml in your %eq2%/ui/default directory. Then a preview window should load up and interface elements should be listed to the left. Across the top are tabs to preview each window.

You can find offical documentation on this tool in the uibuilder folder in a file named EQ2_UI_Customization.doc. A great starter tutorial on how to use the program has been written by tonyis3l33t and you can find it in this thread.

Does SOE really use this?
Yes. This is the same tool SOE uses.

What affect does placing pages with in pages?
Sub pages are a good way to group things with tons of great reasons for them and almost as many ways to have things go wrong.

Can you select and move multiple objects?
Yes. Shift + click in the list. Then go click on any in the display.
Shift + arrow will move the item 10 pixels instead of just 1.

Can the tint level of selected objects not overlap?
No. But you can change the opacity in highlight settings.

Can the document text "save often" be updated to read "save very often"?
Report your crashes and other issues. We have become used to many of the quirks of the tool.

Will SOE ever fix the memory leaks?
Very low priority for the tool. Very high priority for the game client.

How can i move objects by pixel for a precise posistion?
Select the object you wish to move from the list, then click on the Preview pane and use the arrow keys to move it pixel by pixel. Hold Shift while pressing the arrow keys to move 10 pixels at a time.

Reported by: Deathbane27

Can I select multiple objects?
Yes, Select multiple objects by holding the Shift key and clicking. (Control-click to deselect.) When you have multiple objects selected, you can move and resize them as a group. And, the buttons at the top of the Preview pane are enabled, allowing you to use extremely useful functions like Distribute Horizontally and Align Vertical Center.

Reported by: Tonyis3l33t

Where can I preview an interface image in this tool?
Double-click on an image or imageframe's SourceRect property to bring up a preview of the image given in SourceResource. You get the standard highlight box which you can move and stretch around to select part of the image! And you can zoom in up to 8x!

Known Issue: If the image is not a square, it will be stretched to a square in the preview window, but the selection box won't be.

Image View Animation

Reported by: Kosmos

Is there a color picker I can use?
Yes, Double-click any Color, BackgroundColor, etc. value and it will bring up the Windows color picker.

Color Picker Animation

Reported by: Deathbane27

How can I align multiple objects to each other?
In the picture below you will find ten alignment functions (Align Left, Align on Horizontal Center, Align Right, Align Top, Align on Vertical Center, Align Bottom, Make Controls same Width, Make Controls same Height, Distribute these controls Horizontally, Distribute these controls Vertically. These buttons help you align multiple objects to each other and will save you a ton of time. The animation below will show you how one function works and you should be able to figure out the rest from that.

Alignment Animamtion

Reported by: tonyis3l33t

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