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Category: MiscellaneousRandom Combat Emotes
Interface Information
How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: Random Combat Emotes   Popular!
Date: 03-01-2021 06:12 PM
Size: 7.41 Kb
Version: 1.1
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 1 votes  
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Size: 6.14 Kb
Dimensions: 281 x 85
Battlecry emote
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Size: 7.88 Kb
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Shake emote
V1.1 (3/1/2021)
  • Same as V1.0 but fixed incorrect commands in the instructions that got overlooked.

By default, this addon will randomly choose from 5 emotes (set in the addon xml file) to cast when player starts combat. It will randomly choose each time and creates a random delay between 4-9 which means it should at the most use emote once every 5 to 10 fights.
The default set emotes are: battlecry, taunt, shake, hey, incoming.
These emotes should have voice lines and animations. (Likely the animation will not play since they are overridden by combat animations).

It does not actually cast spells or anything, it just runs one of the following emote slash commands: /battlecry /taunt /shake /hey /incoming

UseNumRange MIN/MAX is for the number to use to determine random action from list of choices
DelayNumRange MIN/MAX is the range to the determine random number of times to delay between commands

This addon is just for fun and immersion purposes

Install like any other addon. If this is your first addon, please follow these instructions: https://www.eq2interface.com/forums/faq.php?faq=howto_install#faq_new_faq_item

Copy _CombatEmotes.xml to your addon UI folder and add the EQ2UI_custom.xml include line to your EQ2UI_custom.xml in your addon UI folder.

Usage for v1.x

This addon can be turned off and on while in game: Default is ON
Use the following commands in game via chat command or macro:

To turn off entire addon:
/hide_window Custom.CombatEmotes.EnableMod
To turn back on:
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.EnableMod
The emotes that can be used and number of fights before it triggers again can be controlled by the following commands in game:

This mod allows changing USE range while in game for any range between 0-9: Default is MIN=0 and MAX=4
Use the following command format in game via chat command or macro:
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.<Option>

Options for UseMIN UseMin0, UseMin1, UseMin2, UseMin3, UseMin4, UseMin5, UseMin6, UseMin7, UseMin8, UseMin9
Options for UseMAX UseMax0, UseMax1, UseMax2, UseMax3, UseMax4, UseMax5, UseMax6, UseMax7, UseMax8, UseMax9

Example: (This example will only get the whole numbers from 5 to 6 for use so it will only run commands 5 and 6. By default this addon does not have commands beyond the number 4 so 5 and 6 will do nothing)*

To have a minimum USE of 5
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.UseMin5
To have a maximum USE of 6
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.UseMax6
This mod allows changing DELAY range while in game for any range between 0-9: Default is MIN=4 and MAX=9
Use the following command format in game via chat command or macro:
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.<Option>

Options for DelayMIN DelayMin0, DelayMin1, DelayMin2, DelayMin3, DelayMin4, DelayMin5, DelayMin6, DelayMin7, DelayMin8, DelayMin9
Options for DelayMAX DelayMax0, DelayMax1, DelayMax2, DelayMax3, DelayMax4, DelayMax5, DelayMax6, DelayMax7, DelayMax8, DelayMax9

Example: (This example will only get the whole numbers from 2 to 8. Unlike Use, Delay is not used for a fixed list of commands so any range is useful)

To have a minimum DELAY of 2
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.DelayMin2
To have a maximum DELAY of 8
/show_window Custom.CombatEmotes.DelayMax8
*Since there is only 5 emotes, if the Use range MAX is set to over 4 (0-4 is 5 options) any use number generated higher than 4 will not have any emote to run.
This will not break anything but could prevent emotes from showing for a very long time if you get have too many numbers in range above 4 like 0-99.
You can also add/change more emotes/commands to the mod using the following guidelines:
<!-- ==============================================================
This section uses the random generated UseNum.
MODIFIY to add more options but keep the same format
Example: To add another emote, add the following to their respective sections
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 5)
Parent.RndNumCmd5.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL


<Page Name="RndNumCmd5" Visible="false" OnShow="new command you want
Visible=false" />

Example of a command could be: (This would show the generated number for some reason it could show it twice. I have been looking into this but it works for now)
<Page Name="RndNumCmd5" Visible="false" OnShow="say Parent.RandNumCheck.CHKNUM
Visible=false" />
=============================================================== -->
<Page Name="RndCmds" Visible="false" >
<Page Name="RandNumCheck" Visible="false" CHKNUM="" OnShow="
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 0)
Parent.RndNumCmd0.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 1)
Parent.RndNumCmd1.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 2)
Parent.RndNumCmd2.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 3)
Parent.RndNumCmd3.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL
BOOL = (CHKNUM '==' 4)
Parent.RndNumCmd4.Visible=BOOL ? BOOL : BOOL
Visible=false" >

<Page Name="RndNumCmd0" Visible="false" OnShow="battlecry
Visible=false" />
<Page Name="RndNumCmd1" Visible="false" OnShow="taunt
Visible=false" />
<Page Name="RndNumCmd2" Visible="false" OnShow="shake
Visible=false" />
<Page Name="RndNumCmd3" Visible="false" OnShow="hey
Visible=false" />
<Page Name="RndNumCmd4" Visible="false" OnShow="incoming
Visible=false" />
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