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Unread 01-08-2024, 08:50 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - January 9, 2024

  • You may now cancel in progress research by right clicking on a researcher with whom you currently have an in progress research.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the dressing room to display inaccurate tinting on some models such as summoned pets.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Metal Afflicted Audoborian illusion to wield weapons incorrectly.
  • General
    • Corrected the Flawless Zimara crit bonus overcap to start at 409.8, and increment at a 25% increase per achievement.
  • Assassin
    • Corrected the amount of reuse speed provided by Perfectionist to Arrow Barrage, Assassinate, Mortal Blade, Necrotic Blade, Shadebringer, Sniper Shot, and Storm of Arrows on Time-Locked servers.
  • Conjuror
    • Corrected an issue that caused Elemental Manipulation to prevent Elemental Blast from using the casters Reuse Speed if Elemental Manipulation was at three increments.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Shard Storm II from applying its tier values to the target of Shard of Essence and Najena's Essence Summoning, thus preventing the epic effects from the essences from being applied.
    • Stormfront is now an incrementing effect that can increment up to 6 times.
    • Shard Storm II will now add the Stormfront effect to Manipulated Essences.
  • Enchanter
    • Corrected a bug with Temporal Mimicry that would allow it to gain double benefits from stats.
  • Necromancer
    • Living Dead is now an incrementing effect that can increment up to 6 times.
    • Abominate Undead II will now add the Living Dead effect to Manipulated Hearts.
  • Troubadour
    • The amount of effectiveness granted by Mindful Melody II has been increased.
  • Wizard
    • Corrected an issue that caused Enhanced Ice Comet II's raid effect to conflict with the base ability.
    • Mystical Hex Ward will now modify all versions of Ancestral Bolster.
  • Darkpaw Celebrator Katrynn now knows how to spell the word "available".
  • House item "Hooluk Bucket of Greenbeans" is now spelled "Hooluk Bucket of Green Beans".
  • Corrected the stat progression on several purple adornments that did not properly increase in power for the higher tiers.
  • All purple adornments sold by Nemok Time-Touched now have a full eight tiers of progression.
  • The icon for Felfeather Bow of Pride has been corrected.
  • Researcher Strigiformes will now offer an Ascension Mastery Primer for level 130 characters that do not already have all ascension classes at level 25.
  • The Crippling Assault adornment rewarded by the Void Energy Sash is now properly the Crippling Assault: Waist.
  • The following items have been updated to require access to The Shadow Odyssey expansion:
    • Artificer's Armlet
    • Artificer's Band
    • Artificer's Choker
    • Chemist's Armlet
    • Chemist's Band
    • Chemist's Choker
    • Crafter's Earring
    • Crafter's Toolbelt
    • Fletcher's Armlet
    • Fletcher's Band
    • Fletcher's Choker
    • Metalshaper's Armlet
    • Metalshaper's Band
    • Metalshaper's Choker
    • Metalworker's Armlet
    • Metalworker's Band
    • Metalworker's Choker
    • Provisioner's Armlet
    • Provisioner's Band
    • Provisioner's Choker
    • Scribe's Armlet
    • Scribe's Band
    • Scribe's Choker
    • Sculptor's Armlet
    • Sculptor's Band
    • Sculptor's Choker
    • Tailor's Armlet
    • Tailor's Band
    • Tailor's Choker
  • The following purchased gear crates will no longer reward duplicate items as long as the following is true: The item is still equipped or in your inventory, or you have not already looted all possible usable items.
    • Zimaran Gear Crate III
    • Zimaran Gear Crate IV
    • Zimaran Gear Crate V
    • Zimaran Gear Crate VI
  • Renewal of Ro Forcelink, Painlink, and Powerlink effects will now function for characters above level 125.
  • The Drum of the Ethernaut Chronicler will now modify Selos's Accelerando VI instead of Selos's Accelerando IV.
  • Of Mice and Maedjinn - Book typo fixed.
  • Silver-Threaded Sandals - Collectible item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Items that can go in slots that cannot equip green adornments can no longer accept green adornments.
  • Corrected an issue that caused some tiers of Zimaran coating and insight temporary adornments to be heirloom or no-trade.
  • Djinn Bracelet of the Sky will no longer cast at the casters level and instead will cast at the level of the item as intended.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Budding Botanist's Rune: Soul Shiver from contributing to its itemset.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Ballads of Zimara tinkering, adorning, and mount gear recipe scrolls from dropping from named encounter tables.
  • Vultak Bracers of Skyward - Item now has the proper icon.
  • Turning in divine items to any camp herald will now give double currency rewards for members.
  • The "Year of Darkpaw: Celebration Contribution" Mission can now be obtained near the Darkpaw Celebrator merchants within Freeport and Qeynos.
  • Mercenary abilities will no longer overwrite or conflict with player abilities in most cases and will instead stack with them.
  • The reward for completing "Tarew Marr Celebration Research Investigation - Vol 55" has been increased to 30k status from 5k and coin cost on the merchants tied to this mission have been removed.
  • Overseer agent Selekia Chanak description typo now fixed.
  • Jerol in the Isle of Mara will now offer the "Were is the Messenger" Visions of Vetrovia tradeskill signature line mail to level 125+ crafters that have misplaced their original quest offering mail, instead of just offering it to level 120-125 crafters.
  • Dismal Crystal Pendant Fragment - Scorched Shambler is now spelled correctly in the quest journal.
  • Corrected an issue with crafting writs and rush orders that prevented them from clearing the flag allowing you to start them again after completing them once.
  • Aether This or That [Solo] - Defeating a menacing shockspine or a crystalline terror in Aether Wroughtlands will now properly update the quest.
  • Of Spells and Swords - Enchanters level 80-89 are now sure to be awarded the Mentalist's Robe of D'Lere.
  • Getting the Smarmy Sprocket Underway! - Reading Cap'n Cog's Logs now progresses as intended, once again.
  • "Supply Stocking", "Clockwork Rescue", "Shipyard Services" and "Emergency Portal Repairs" - The supply inventory ledger now functions as intended, once again.
  • A Stitch in Time, Part II: Lightning Strikes - The necessary bucket can be successfully gathered, once more.
  • A Restitch in Time: Lightning Strikes - The necessary bucket can be successfully gathered, once more.
  • Ominous Tattered Wrappings - Quest journal text typo fixed.
  • Planting the Seeds - Bucket in Jinisk can be gathered once more.
  • News From The South - Purified water in Greater Faydark can be gathered once more.
  • When mass producing "Bar Chair with Armrests", the player will no longer be told that they are making bar chairs with armrestses, precious!
  • The recipe for Forward Charge II (Grandmaster) has had the ingredients required adjusted to be level 10-19 ingredients instead of level 20-29 ingredients.
  • The recipe for Quicksand VI (Grandmaster) now properly requests the Quicksand VI (Master) as a secondary component.
  • Crafting multiples of Handcrafted Zimaran Barding of Criticals will now include proper pluralization on the crafting completion message. ("Criticalses" is SO 2023!)
  • Level 126-130 recipes for scout experts now require ammolite gems instead of dichroic titanium.
  • The recipe for Untamed Regeneration XII (Expert) has been adjusted to match other Zimaran fury expert spells.
  • Zimaran fuels now display prose stating that they are used for level 130 recipes.
  • "Test Your Mettle: The Sky is the Limit", Orren's dialog has been cleaned up a bit.
  • Level 126-130 tradeskill work orders and rush orders have been added for all tradeskill classes.
  • Several specialty fuel vendors in Qeynos and Freeport that were unable to sell their Zimaran fuel have been informed of the proper selling price for their fuel.
  • Sloppy fish gut buckets in Frostfang Sea can be gathered once more.
  • The [Solo] overland Weekly missions: Do or Die Aerie, Zimara's Last Breath, and Aether Here or There no longer make references to locations in the southern desert of Ro.
  • Elements of Destruction: Pure Adventure - Adventurers who left "Eryslai: The Bixel Hive" during their battle with the icecrete rumbler should no longer find themselves being teleported to seemingly random locations while in other zones.
  • Aether Wroughtlands: Native Mettle [Heroic III]
    • Heroic Opportunities involving Scout's Honor and Window of Opportunity will now be more reliably tracked, preventing needless deaths!
    • Aureate bandits no longer proc Discharge (from Dishonorable) while charmed.
    • Fighters will no longer be targets of Nugget's disarm.
    • Coppernicus' Heliocentric ability now has a 1 meter tolerance on expiration.
    • Coppernicus now utilizes damage reduction as stated in his buffs, The Central Fire and Orbiting Bodies.
    • Goldan's maedjinn adds no longer spawn one after another.
  • Zimara Breadth
    • Ironbane will no longer cast Soulrend, Harm Touch, Malice or Unending Agony.
  • Vaashkaani: Golden Rule [Solo]
    • Zephyren aeromancers now auto attack from ranged with divine damage.
  • Vaashkaani: Golden Rule [Heroic II]
    • The Storm Mistress' lightning anchors will spawn less frequently.
  • Aether Wroughtlands: Tarnished Oasis [Heroic II]
    • The casting time of Cragnok's Critical Mass ability can no longer be modified.
  • The carnivorous corpse eaters in 'Splendor Sky Aerie: Marshlands Miasma' are now spelled correctly.
  • Aether Wroughtlands
    • Ohmzok's adds will now have a slight delay between teleporting their targets.
    • Odd duckies will no longer conflict with your shiny collecting in the Tincture Orb Gardens in Aether Wroughtlands.
    • Embri should always spawn on solid ground now.
  • The crafting instance in West Freeport for the Coalition of Tradesfolke has finally changed their zone name from "Coalition Crafter's Association" to "Coalition of Tradesfolke"

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