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Unread 09-30-2007, 03:03 AM
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Default [Test] Test Update Notes: Thursday, August 30th, 2007 (0)

  • Like Estate of Unrest, but just don't have the time? Well now you can get both rest and Unrest, as the Estate of Unrest is now persistent!
  • Upon reaching level 20, you'll be able to access new appearance item slots on the inventory window.
  • Equipping items in the appearance slots will change the way you look without affecting your stats.
  • Only items usable by your class, and heavier than your currently equipped armor can be worn.
  • Some clothing items, such as city rewards will be wearable by everyone.
  • Ranged weapons will no longer trigger procs on weapons equipped in the primary or secondary slot.
  • +damage and +heal items have been changed. Instead of normalizing by casting time you will get the full benefit on non aoe spells if the casting time is greater than .5 seconds and the reuse time is greater than 2 seconds. AoE spells gain 1/3 of the amount per target as do triggered reactive spells. Lifetaps continue to function the same. Also, damage is applied up front based on the amount of damage/healing the spell will do over time. Combat art damage has also been added to the system and the Bruiser Brutality line will buff this raid wide.
  • There is now a 2-second usage delay for using most widgets in the world (i.e. quest widgets). Using the widgets will also unhide you.


When selling guild status items, guilds now only advance via sales of level-appropriate items. Members of higher level guilds can still sell lower level items for personal status gain.

There is now a text description at the bottom of status items that tell you what level guild will gain advancement from selling those items. Generally, items found in the nearest 10 level range will continue to advance your guild. (e.g. A level 50 guild will be able to gain advancement from level 51 items and higher, which drop from T6 creatures and above.)

If you go to an NPC who will buy your status item and your guild is too high level, you will see the status points in YELLOW instead of the normal teal. Those are the items that will only grant you personal status

Spells/Combat Arts

Completing the bloodlines quest which gives out the vampire bane spell will also grant vampires to the master strike.

  • The Brutality Line now grants +combat art damage instead of dps.
  • The Miracle shot line now requires the ranger to acquire the target with line of sight. The actual shot does not require it though.

Test Only

Reduced the damage of devastation fist against epics to be direct damage that scales with level.


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