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Unread 11-12-2005, 05:56 PM
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Default Draco'Kyn UI Support Thread (Current Version = 1.18.1, released 21 DEC 05)

Draco'Kyn UI Installation

Draco'Kyn UI Installation - Full Release (1.18.1 - December 21st, 2005)

  • Live Update 18 Compatible!!
  • Consolidated many of the add-on's to prevent multiple downloads for first time users (Most notably, Silverfox's Quest Journal reskinning add-on)
  • Added Geniva's "SlimProfit" Maintained Spells window
  • Completely replaced the loadscreens to eliminate the "stretched" graphics from the previous version
  • Made cosmetic changes to the Knowledge book

** The current discussion thread for this UI can be found at the link below - it's located in the Release area of the Interface Forums on the EQ2Interface.com site. **

Draco'Kyn UI Support Requests & Notes

** The support forums for the EQ2Map mod can be found on the EQ2Interface.com site as well. **

  • NOTE: Changed the numbering system I use for releases. For example, this is release 1.18.1 - First digit (1) indicates major release version. 2nd digits (18) indicate last LU the UI was tested to be compatible with. Last number (1) is the number of times it's been patched since the last live update.
  • 21 December 2005 - Updated UI to be LU 18 compatible
  • 18 December 2005 - Added the option to have a target bar without the orbs
  • 03 December 2005 - Updated UI to be LU 17 compatible

Installation notes
Often, installing a new UI, or upgrading an existing UI will cause certain windows to move around a bit, and sometimes "disappear". Also, remember that F10 cycles through the HUD modes, and if inadvertantly bumped, can cause your UI to disappear. Following is a list of some of the common "hotkeys" used to make windows visible / invisible.

Clock Window = <ALT> C
Compass Window = <ALT> N
Group Window = <ALT> G
Raid Window = <ALT> R
Guild Window = U
Hotkey Window = <ALT> H
Maintained Spells Window = <ALT> M
Options Menu = <ALT> O
Player Window = <ALT> U
Effects Window = <ALT> E
Quest Journal = J
Quest Helper Window = <ALT> J
Target Window = <ALT> T

If all else fails, I've included 3 "default" character .ini files that can be used to reset the default locations. Please note, using these may cause the loss of any custom chat channels, so I recommend them as a last resort. They are contained within the INI folder of the install instructions, with a README.txt file for installation.

Install UI And any additional Options Before you install the EQ2Map. Once the UI is installed, make sure you run the EQ2Map installer PRIOR to running EQ2 for the first time, or you'll have a ton of UI errors!!!

Right Click Dracokyn.zip, and extract the files someplace easy to find. Popular places include the desktop, or directly into your ...\EverQuest II\UI directory. Next, we'll move the files you extracted to the proper locations.

Make sure to place the eq2.ini file into your EQ2 directory. (This controls the UI that loads upon startup)

Under the UI Folder of your EverQuest II directory, copy the Dracokyn folder you unzipped.

EQ2Map Installation

After you've copied the folder and eq2.ini file to the proper locations, simply run the EQ2MAP-Updater-1.0.6-Setup.exe file, which is located inside the Dracokyn folder. Make sure the first time you run the Map Auto-Updater that you click the "options" button, and that the UI folder and Everquest II game directories are selected properly. Taco's done a great job with it, and it should auto-update. If you have any problems with EQ2Map, visit the link below.

EQ2Map Troubleshooting & Installation.

UI Options
1) To change the "fill" color of the Arcane Orb casting window or enable the default casting bar:
  1. Go to your UI\Dracokyn\images\Arcane folder
  2. Rename Orb-purp.dds to Orb-red.dds (this way, you can switch it back later), as well as Orb-purp-2.dds to Orb-red-2.dds
  3. Orb colors to choose from are blue, green, grey, purple, or red. (Orb-XXX.dds) The default is set to red.
  4. Rename the colored orbs (both Orb-XXXX.dds and Orb-XXXX-2.dds) of your choice to Orb-purp.dds MAKE SURE TO RENAME BOTH THE STANDARD AND -2 files.... otherwise, only one side of your target bar orbs will change color.
  5. If you want the default style casting bar to come up, rename the eq2ui_mainhud_casting.xml file in the dracokyn folder to eq2ui_mainhud_casting-OFF.xml
  6. If you want to disable the orbs on the sides of the target window, rename eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_target-CAST.xml, and then rename eq2ui_mainhud_target-NOCAST.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml

2) If you want to change the target consider system:
  1. While in game, type /con_version 0 for Detailed consider system, and /con_version 1 for the Simple consider system (from within the game)

3) If you want the UI while zoning:
  1. Rename eq2ui_hud_zoning-OFF.xml to eq2ui_hud_zoning.xml (**NOTE** Buggy with resolutions over 1024 x 768 at the moment - images appear off-centered while zoning)

4) If you want scroll arrows on your hotkey bar:
  1. Go to your UI\Dracokyn folder, and rename eq2ui_mainhud_hotkey.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_hotkey-NOSCROLL.xml
  2. Rename eq2ui_mainhud_hotkey-BANKS.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_hotkey.xml

5) To disable the quest journal modification:[list=1][*]In the UI\Dracokyn folder, re■ame eq2ui_journals_quest.xml to eq2ui_journals_quest-OFF.xml

6) If you want the older version PlayeÔ window (with t°e %'s over the bars):
  1. In the UI\Dracokyn folder, rename eq2ui_mainhud_player.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_player-NEW.xml
  2. Rename eq2ui_mainhud_player-OLD.xml to eq2ui_řainhud_player.xml

7╣ To remove the orbs from the Target / Implied Target bar:[list=1][*]In the UI\Dracokyn folder, rename eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_target-ORBS.xml[*] Rename eq2ui_mainhud_target-NO-ORBS.xml to eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml


* T. King, for his wonderful artwork, especially the Arcane Orb, used so heavily here.
* Beastnic, for his Celtic chat window borders.
* Kuvasie for creating the original Arcane Orb player and group windows (circa EQ1).
* Zonx and DBurgdorf for inspiring me to rip apart their compass and cloˇk windows, and put 'em back together
* Valdacil, for his great work on the quest journal, that xSilverfox further improved upon
* Drumstix, for creating a working version of the "UI while zoning mod", that I * further bastarized.
* The entire EQ2Interface community, for the support and encouragem§nt
* Fenix, for compiling the first version of this UI

Last edited by Wulfgyr : 12-22-2005 at 11:52 AM. Reason: Inserted notes
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