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Unread 12-04-2023, 08:30 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - December 5, 2023

  • The initial values of Flawless Zimara have been corrected to start above the initial values of Renewal of Ro: Domination.
  • The Ballad of Antiquities achievement will update upon entry into Aether Wroughtlands.
  • Updated Chrono Dungeon encounters to use percentage based weapons to reduce the likelihood of mighty smiting, due to the way original encounter buffs could interact with Chrono Buffs.
  • Blizzard Grizzly Cub Carrier - Backpack is no longer marked Lore.
  • Candied Fairy-Leaf Cakes now stack in inventory.
  • Updated the Elemental Fascination item set six set bonus to bypass the normal limit of 100% increase on spell duration increase effects.
  • Adornments purchased from the Chrono Dungeon merchant are now no-value.
  • Festive Spren - Flavor pet now has a 2 second cast time.
  • A new solo daily mission is now available from Oonnora at Sanctuary in Splendor Sky Aerie for those who have completed the Ballads of Zimara Signature quest series.
  • Accounts that qualify for the Ballads of Zimara Overseer adventures will automatically be granted them upon logging in, claiming the adventure grant will not be required.
  • Blood of the Brood - Hoo'Loh's Strifewing Disguise should be usable, once again.
  • Ballads of Zimara: Hard Act to Follow - Reading "Sacred to the Aurai" no longer updates for the entire group.
  • A page turner can now be seen by those who have completed "Ballads of Zimara: Hard Act to Follow" but haven't completed "Sacred to the Aurai".
  • "Sacred to the Aurai" tome collection pages can now be seen by those who have completed "Ballads of Zimara: Hard Act to Follow" but haven't completed "Sacred to the Aurai".
  • Ballads of Zimara: Ascending Collection - Odd Stones no longer have a chance to spawn in obscured locations in 'Zimara Breadth: Strungstone Ascent'.
  • In Need of Reeds - The fishing nodes along Splendor Wellspring lake edge should no longer interfere with gathering kerratail reeds.
  • Destruction of Amassed Weapons - Now all Zakir Rish weapon racks are available to sabotage in Zimara Breadth.
  • Zakir Rish Removal - Now all Zakir Rish weapon racks are available to sabotage in Zimara Breadth.
  • Guildhall recipe vendors, threatened with varnishing and sawdusting, will now carry the Zimaran Carpenter's Primer recipe books.
  • Carpenter item "Hooluk Cast of Greenchilles" has been renamed "Hooluk Bucket of Green Chiles".
  • The Ballads of Zimara tradeskill daily will now display in the mission timers tab of the journal as "Ballads of Zimara [Tradeskill] Daily Mission" so as to have a consistent naming structure compared to the other Ballads of Zimara Missions.
  • "Disassemble: A Different Approach" - Bivouac is now correctly spelled.
  • Additional items have been added to the tradeskill researcher located in the Splendor Sky Aerie.
  • Research time on the house items available on the Splendor Sky Aerie tradeskill researcher is now an 8-day base instead of a 10-day base.
  • Splendor Sky Aerie is now a selectable choice on the fast travel map if prerequisites are met.
  • Aether Wroughtlands: Tarnished Oasis [Heroic II]
    • Triggering Overpowering Barrage (from Bulwark of Order) against Tarsisk's corrupted roots now clears the reuse of Cure Curse for all priests in the group.
    • Hasira the Hawk's curse, Metal Mayhem, has a longer duration, and clears the recast of Bulwark of Order every 5 seconds.
  • Aether Wroughtlands: Tarnished Oasis [All Versions]
    • More revive locations have been added.

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