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Unread 09-30-2007, 03:03 AM
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Default [Test] Test Update Notes: Friday, July 27th 2007(0)

  • Fixed a problem with flying on Griffins away from the Butcherblock docks
  • Nektulos population touchups based on Test Server bugs and comments.
  • The old Bear Caves respawn point in Nektulos has been moved to the entrance to Darklight Woods.
  • The effect from Bangle of Polished Marble no longer cancels the effect from Cloak of Woven Leaves.
  • The mage set effect on Crystal Gift and Ring of Tunarian Grace now properly affects the caster's entire group when triggered.
  • Quest tomes can once again be purchased from city sages.
  • Please speak to any of the NPCs in order to receive a card with five charges of subclass achievement respecs. Aelia Naeni in Greater Faydark, Nexa L'Dur in North Freeport, Wynia Vethe in South Qeynos, and Tria L'Belk in Neriak may all present you with the card.
  • Weapon Mastery: Also increases damage effectiveness of Summoned Spirit Companion.
  • Tenure: Reduced duration bonus from 15% to 12%. No longer effects any DoT durations.
  • Sonic Interference: Increased effect from 25% to 30%. Removed effect that increased durations from this spell.
  • Enhance: Apply Poison: Increased trigger percentage from 1% to 1.5% per rank. Increases damage of poison by 3% per rank.
  • Enhance: Ancillery Poison: Increased skill reduction bonus from 4% to 7% per rank, resist bonus from 3% to 5% per rank. Also improves reductions in defense, deflection, and parry skills.
  • Enhance: Resurrections: Reduced bonus from 4% to 3% per rank. Also increases all of the resurrection bonuses that follow the resurrection by 5% per rank.
  • Intimidate: Properly shares a reuse timer with Instill Doubt, as is described by its examine information.
  • Evade: Increased range from 10m to 35.
  • Alin's Soothing Serenade: reduction at its highest level at Master I is 6%
  • Lowered the damage done by the Scroll of Fire Seeds
  • Charges on items will show over the icon in the merchant window.
  • You may now buy back items by double-clicking on them.
  • Guild status items no longer appear in your buyback list when sold for status.
  • Messages filtered as spam can no longer be reported as spam
  • Messages filtered as spam can now be reported as not-spam

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