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Unread 09-11-2023, 07:21 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - September 12, 2023

Shards of stone and metal have fallen from the sky, nearly causing another calamity on Norrath along the shores of Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest, if not for the efforts of those brave enough to intervene. The same could not be said for The Estate of Unrest, which may have taken the brunt of the impact, if not for the efforts of one who did not mean to intervene, Doctor Arcana.
Preoccupied by his struggle to keep the destruction from spilling out of Ultera, he is unable to retrieve the valuables he was forced to leave behind in the tumultuous few seconds before his escape. As ever before, Doctor Arcana is not one to shy away from the assistance of others. Seek out the good doctor at the Ulteran Spires in Nektulos Forest and discover the fate of Shattered Unrest!

  • Items over the maximum broker price have been unlisted from the broker.
  • You may now unlist all of your current broker sales by using the corresponding button on the broker UI or with /vendor_unlist_inventory_all while in a broker window.
  • You may now list all of your current broker sales at their current prices by using the corresponding button on the broker UI or with /vendor_list_inventory_all while in a broker window.
  • Swashbuckler
    • Enhance: Avoid Blame will no longer add a damage component on Time-Locked servers.
  • Resolve has been removed from all mount buffs, and a corresponding reduction to resolve has been applied to all encounters.
  • Corrected an issue with Renewal Rune: Gleeful Ire that caused it to use an incorrect max health percentage increase value. The correct values are substantially higher.
  • You may no longer equip more than a single Vampiric Requiem adornment at a time.
  • Stormfury Trawler Illusion now persists when zoning.
  • Mark of the Dragonslayer now has a Green adornment slot available as expected.
  • Goblin Skull Candlestick (Lightsource), the level 100 recipe from Bloody Tooth Carpentry Essentials, now emits light and has had its name changed to reflect this, to avoid confusion with another house item of the same name.
  • Collection pieces with lore prose will now show that lore prose on item mouseover instead of only on item examine.
  • Corrected an issue with several past expansion items granting flurry values for flurry multiplier effects.
  • The Cobalt Seal of Discord is now Heirloom.
  • The Sanguine Seal of Discord is now Heirloom.
  • The Tynnonium Seal of Discord is now Heirloom.
  • Renewal of Ro Tishan's Lockbox adornments will no longer repeatedly notify you about unlocking.
  • General
    • Encounters were reduced in resolve amounts in accordance with the removal of resolve from mount items.
      • Terrors of Thalumbra encounters have been reduced by 15 resolve.
      • Kunark Ascending encounters have been reduced by 30 resolve.
      • Planes of Prophecy encounters have been reduced by 50 resolve.
      • Chaos Descending encounters have been reduced by 85 resolve.
      • Blood of Luclin encounters have been reduced by 125 resolve.
      • Reign of Shadows encounters have been reduced by 230 resolve.
      • Visions of Vetrovia encounters have been reduced by 290 resolve.
      • Renewal of Ro encounters have been reduced by 345 resolve.
  • Butcherblock Mountains
    • Philosopher Rhimes now correctly identifies Tychus Zeksworn's location as the Highlands camp.
  • Scale Yard: Traitors' End
    • Fixed a spot where it was possible to get stuck between a table and candle.
  • Age's End: Final Monolith - Hate-filled tomes will now persist after leaving Tower of Frozen Shadow: Cursed Vaults, so the next time you enter they can still be found for the quest, as intended.
  • The Means to an End... - Cantile Digglefiz is now guaranteed to be chopping away at wood, instead of the possibility of thin air.
  • What Lies Beneath - Captain Ethan Darani's surname is now spelled consistently through dialogue, quest journals, and in-game mail.
  • The Mother Lode - Quest text update typo fixed.
  • Galen Stormwolf's portrait now matches his description and icon.
  • Garick the Mad's portrait now matches his description and icon.
  • Loyalty Outfitter Noble Toowik Mclure has unearthed three new appearance armor sets: Dedicated Vesspyr Vanguard plate appearance armor, Dedicated Tallonite cloth appearance armor and Dedicated Dragon leather appearance armor. Along with this he has located one Dedicated Shield of the Kingly Lion. Spruce up your look today.
  • The Personal Avatar miscbag has had its tier adjusted to match that of the contents of the miscbag, that being treasured.
  • To better match the other quest recipes, the Shovel Repair recipe for "Takish Delight: D.I.R.T.Y. Deeds" and "D.I.R.T.Y. Jobs The Right Tools" will now require five astral coal instead of ten.
  • The currency reward for Anchorage tradeskill missions has increased from ten Anchorage chits per mission to twenty.

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