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  • Useability and useabilityonplayer will queue from the UI.
  • target_previous used before or after a spell cast screws it up
  • Clicking fast on the player window, and clicking and holding for more than a few 10ths of a second will result in different functions of the player window

If you "useability" and click quickly on the player window, you'll target yourself. If you click and hold and then release after a short second or so, you'll not target yourself.

You can use "useabilityonplayer" and it won't changer your target, but only if you click and hold the buttons, rather than click quickly. I guess it really only poses a problem for the player window if you really don't want to change your target to cure yourself.

The solution

Have your overlying cure buttons on their own page, over top of the impairment icons...


This tells the parent "player window" itself to not absorb input when hovering over my curebuttons page. This disables the player window from targeting yourself all-together.

Credit: Drumstix42
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