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Welcome to my UI forge, I'm chrislau. In here you can find information that related with Jade Project and my other modded UI piece.

ProfitUI Catalyst #7 released!
By: Chrislau - 09-26-2009 08:38 AM
Chrislau's Avatar Boost your ProfitUI Reborn with ProfitUI Catalyst, pick it now >>

ProfitUI Catalyst #7 mainly solves your ProfitUI's GU53 compatibility problem, for more information, check the ProfitUI Reborn Auto-Updater or the Readme file inside the Manual Update version.

Extraordinarily busy
By: Chrislau - 08-26-2009 11:56 AM
Chrislau's Avatar Recently i'm extremely busy on my personal business.
If you've encountered any problem during using ProfitUI Catalyst, PM me.

ProfitUI Catalyst #2 Released
By: Chrislau - 06-16-2009 10:06 AM
Chrislau's Avatar ******************************
What's new?
#2 (Jun 16, 2009)

Casting Window
  • Modified: Now you can hide the "Cancel Spellcast Button" by changing the window mode.
Maintained Window
  • New: Now you can cancel a maintained spell by clicking the spell name on the maintained window. (Probably i18n servers not supported or works weird, since EQ2's multilingual transcribe system is seriously sucks.)
  • Note: You can hide this button by changing the window mode
Persona Window
  • Modified: Set two unnecessary stat amount half-transparent.
  • Fixed: GU52 capability fix.
Group Window
  • Kick group member function should be correctly work again.
Market Window
  • Fixed: GU52 capability fix, for the new scroll ranks.
QRB (Quick Raid Buttons)
  • Fixed: GU52 capability fix, for the new spell renaming system.

ProfitUI Catalyst #1 released
By: Chrislau - 05-29-2009 06:33 AM
Chrislau's Avatar check this page if you're interested in it.

What's new?
#1 (May 29, 2009)
* New: Now you can cancel spellcasts by clicking the cast bar.
* Fix: Group Window Voicechat volume adjust function will work correctly now.
* Fix: You can leave group correctly while using compact version group window.
* New: Interface version mark added in Login Screen

ProfitUI Catalyst on Development Schedule!
By: Chrislau - 05-27-2009 10:01 AM
Chrislau's Avatar I'm planning on introducing a Patch that for ProfitUI Reborn, it's name will be "ProfitUI Catalyst".

Before using this add-on, You have to had ProfitUI Reborn 5.0.1 installed first.

ProfitUI Catalyst will be just a PURE functional enhancement patch for ProfitUI Reborn, there won't be any huge graphical changes on this add-on package.

I'll release this add-on package when GU52 comes alive!

or maybe you can check the DPSR page for some extra details.

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