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How do I install one of your target rings?
Well there could be two different ways depending on what you are using. The first one I will cover is if you are already using modded pieces and/or custom user interface. (This will be 98% of most users here)

1) Copy the two image files (DDS) to your custom UI folder’s images directory. For an example
/EverQuest II/UI/<CUSTOM_UI>/Images/Ring_Target.dds
/EverQuest II/UI/<CUSTOM_UI>/Images/Ring_Target_Con.dds

If you are using the default UI without any other modifications you will have to do it this way.
1) First create a folder within the UI directory. You can name it whatever you want, for this example I used the name “Apathy”.
/EverQuest II/UI/Apathy/

2) Now create a folder inside the Apathy folder called “Images”.
/EverQuest II/UI/Apathy/Images/

3) Copy the two files (DDS) to your new Images folder under Apathy.
/EverQuest II/UI/Apathy/Images/Ring_Target.dds
/EverQuest II/UI/Apathy>/Images/Ring_Target_Con.dds

4) Almost done, just one more thing to do. Go to your EverQuestII folder and find the file eq2.ini don’t worry if you do not have one just create a new text file and name it eq2.ini. (The icon for this file should be a notepad with a gear on it, if this is not what you see go to “Special Notes” on the bottom of this FAQ.)

5) Open the file with notepad and add the following.
cl_ui_skinname Apathy
cl_ui_subdir UI/

6) Save and close the file, that’s it.

“Special Notes”
If you did not get the right icon on the eq2.ini file then chances are your file has double extensions on it. Don’t worry this is easy to fix just have to change the view options of your operating system. Go to “Tools” then “Folder Options” then select the tab “View” then take the checkmark OFF of “Hide extensions for known file types”. Now go back to the file you created and it will look like eq2.ini.txt right? Just rename it to eq2.ini and you are good to go.

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