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Using DarqUI on the Beta Server
Using DarqUI on the Beta Server

Before installing DarqUI in Beta, you should
  1. Use Launchpad to download the Beta game files into the BetaServer folder
  2. Copy any Live characters over to Beta that you want to use
  3. Log in to Character Select on Beta and see your copied characters. You don't have to log all the way in. If you can see your characters in Character Select, then the utility will be able to see them too.

If you need help with 1 and 2, take a look at this walkthrough.

After doing the above items, you can use the utility to
A) Install DarqUI and get Beta DarqUI file updates
B) Copy your Live or Test game settings over to Beta
Using DarqUI on the Beta server will not make any changes to your Live or Test installation.

The easiest way to make it work is to drop a copy of the utility into the \EverQuest II\BetaServer\UI\ folder:

When you open the utility from that location, it will detect that it is in Beta. Allow it to install if it's not already there, or check for updates if you have a previous version of DarqUI_v3 in Beta.

There will be a new tab, Beta Tools, that you can use to copy settings from Live or Test to Beta, instead of using Quick Setup. This is not required -- all settings on this page are optional. Each section has a short Help window.

I will be posting beta files to the update server as they become available, and you will be able to download them directly into your DarqUI Beta installation. When you check for updates from the utility in the BetaServer folder you will usually get a server alert pop-up that tells you which files have changed.

Renamed Characters

If you find that your character's name has an X or Y appended to it, visit the Manage page of the utility and change the character's name there. It's very easy and saves you the trouble of reconfiguring that character's settings.

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