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Using the Icon Bar without DarqUI
Here's how to use the DarqUI Icon Bar with a different custom UI:

  1. Install DarqUI, but on the setup window choose No for the second, third and fourth installation options. Click "Do these items automatically"

  2. Copy darqui_custom_iconbar.xml and eq2ui_mainhud_windowmanager.xml from the DarqUI_v3 folder into your custom UI folder

  3. Use Notepad to include darqui_custom_iconbar.xml in your eq2ui_custom.xml file. In the case of ProfitUI include it in _ProfitUI_custom.xml instead

  4. Log in and you should see the icon bar. Click the blue gem in the upper left-hand corner to see the setup page

You can configure icons manually from here, but I suggest using the utility as it will greatly simplify the process:

  1. Click Save Hotkeys on the in-game Icon Bar setup page. Click Save

  2. On the Files page of the DarqUI utility, click Browse and point to your custom UI folder (ProfitUI_CE, etc.)

  3. Click the house icon in the upper left-hand corner of the utility

  4. Choose your character and Icon Bar on the dropdowns

  5. Click My Hotbars. Choose hotkeys that you want to transfer to the icon bar. Click Autosave or close the utility

  6. Log all the way out of the game and back in. Verify the icon bar icons work, then free up those hotkeys on your "real" hotbars

Most folks appear to be putting their Ascensions on the Icon Bar, but I prefer putting my self-buffs (or other hotkeys that rarely get used) on the icon bar. This way, I only need the icon bar when I change AA specs and it stays hidden 99% of the time. Ascensions go on the "real" hotbars. I was wasting more than one hotbar on self-buffs before.

Below is the complete help text from DarqUI. If you are not using DarqUI you won't be able to see it.

Icon Bar

The DarqUI Icon Bar can be configured with up to 24 spells, macros and other custom commands. A frequent complaint is that there are never enough hotbars. The Icon Bar can be used as an extra cache to free up limited hotkey slots. You can offload seldom-used spell icons or a specific category of commands such as self-buffs, portals, pet summon spells, tradeskill abilities, etc.

Appearance The Icon Bar has been designed to resemble standard hotbars. Window border and backdrop, icon size and padding, and show/hide icon borders can all be configured to make the Icon Bar visually compatible with your hotbar preferences. There is also a control to collapse unused slots to save space.

On the game screen you might choose to keep the Icon Bar hidden most of the time. For example, if you use it to contain your self-buffs, you may only want to display it when changing your AA spec. The Start Menu and the Experience window can be configured with a button to toggle the Icon Bar. Or a simple keyboard command or macro button can be set up to toggle the window on and off as needed (see below). If you want to display the window continuously, you can configure it to open every time you log in.

Commands Virtually any spell, command or custom macro (up to four lines) that can appear on a hotbar slot can be replicated on the Icon Bar. But keep in mind when choosing commands that Icon Bar slots do not have the various visual cues that are available on standard hotbars such as cooldown timers or graying out for too-far and cant-cast conditions.

However, if you check Tint active Maintained spells, icons that match Maintained spells (usually self-buffs) will gray out when they are present in the Maintained spells window. See Maintained spell tinting below for more information.

Configuring with the Utility

The DarqUI Unified Utility offers several ways to get your Icon Bar slots configured quickly.

Hotkey import On the Icon Bar page of the in-game Window Manager, click Save Hotkeys to generate a hotkey definition file for your character. The file will be named according to your character name, server name, and the purpose of the hotkey layout (general, AA build, Ascension class, etc.) If you allow the Window Manager to name the file in this way, then in the utility when you click My hotbars your hotkey assignments will be offered automatically in a pop-up window as choices to copy directly to the Icon Bar.

Click a slot that you want to configure on the main Icon Bar panel, and then select an existing hotkey in the pop-up window to copy the contents. Note that you can leave the hotbar pop-up window open while configuring slots. Simply click a different Icon Bar slot on the main window and then make a choice in the pop-up without closing. Note also that the hotbar pop-up can be resized down to a more compact 6x2 arrangement.

Rarely, a hotkey assignment will not appear as a choice on the hotbar pop-up. This means the utility could not interpret the contents of either the icon or the command. You can try configuring the slot manually, or reserve that particular hotkey for the standard hotbars. Hotkeys containing equipped gear slots (dragged onto a hotbar from your Character window) will not transfer. Gear items in your inventory bags such as potions or clicky gear will transfer.

Spell search To search the Daybreak database for a spell or ability, type the name into the Slot name box. Click Lookup to add the spell and its icon. In most cases the command will be useability <spellname> and the utility will include this in the Command box automatically. Note that combat arts, alternate abilities and tradeskill abilities such as Transmute, Salvage etc., are also considered spells and can be found by the search feature.

Sometimes the utility will insert the Spell ID instead of the spell name into the Command box. These exceptions include Ascension spells, spells with an apostrophe in the name, and item casts such as cure potions and totems. The Name field also serves as the icon's tooltip, and so you will always see the more user-friendly spell or item name, which can contain apostrophes and other punctuation, rather than the ID while playing.

A right-click context menu is available while configuring the Icon Bar. You can reorder the icons by choosing Move left and Move right, delete one or all of the icons and their commands by clicking Clear slot or Clear all slots, and move all unconfigured slots to the bottom of the bar by clicking Pack icons. To view the icon slots as an editable grid, click Show definitions at the top of the viewer. The same right-click commands are available on the context menu for the grid.

Custom design You can build custom icons using a variety of image libraries and commands. Choose a slot to configure and then click More icons. Select from various libraries at the top of the window. Scroll through the sheets using the VCR controls below the sheet image. Click an icon, and optionally a color backdrop, to add it to the icon bar. The Slot name box serves as the title of the icon as well as the tooltip. Use the Command box to add virtually any command that can be typed in-game.

Multi-line macros You can create and edit icons that execute multiple commands from the same hotkey. Click Multi-line to show the additional boxes. (Optionally you can click "Show definitions" to edit the additional lines in a spreadsheet format.) Macro commands will be played in order after the Command from Macro 2 to Macro 4.

Limitation Non-alphanumeric characters Because the Command and Macro fields have been designed to allow a variety of custom actions other than spellcasting, commands and spells such as Jester's Cap that contain apostrophes should be avoided. Either use the Spell ID in these cases, or reserve the commands for the standard hotbars.

If you are building a macro that contains a spell name with special characters that are not apostrophes, such as a colon, you can usually enclose the entire spell name with single-quotes (apostrophes) successfully. If you are using the utility to generate the commands, it will fall back on the Spell ID for anything that is not strictly alphanumeric. Some examples that you may encounter when creating your own icons:

contains non-alpha but will work:
loadhotkeys 'Baldaor(Antonia_Bayle)Etherealist.hotkeys'

contains non-alpha but will work:
useability 'Summon: Beloved of Bristlebane'

will not work -- spell contains apostrophe:
useability 'Summon: The Tribunal's Bailiff'
use the Spell ID here instead

Configuring with the Window Manager

The Window Manager is best used to adjust and edit custom icon slots while playing rather than creating new ones from scratch. But it can be used to configure icon slots initially, with a few limitations. Only icons from the "Spells" library are available, and the game's spell and ability databases cannot be searched automatically.

Use the left and right arrow buttons to scroll to a slot, then add or edit the command and select an icon and background color from the selection panel. If you are building a multi-line macro, click the down-arrow in the first command box to reveal the other three lines.

Toggling the Icon Bar

If you don't want to keep the Icon Bar on or off continuously, you can configure the Start Menu or the Experience Bar with a button that toggles the Icon Bar. Or you can create a macro button (or type this command in the chat window):

/show_window Custom.IconBar.Toggle

Maintained spell tinting

Because the Icon Bar is designed to serve a variety of purposes, the icon slots do not have the ability to show recast timers or gray out like standard hotbars. However, if you enable the Tint active Maintained spells option, Icon Bar icons that match Maintained spells (usually self-buffs) will gray out when they are present in the Maintained spells window. Spells that you want to gray out must not be hidden with /hidden_effects (Spell Filtering Options in the Character window).

To check for tinting, the Tooltip field (Slot name in the utility) is matched against Maintained spell icon names. Therefore when setting up the icon, make sure the tooltip is exactly the same as the Maintained spell name including any roman numeral level suffix (IV, V, IX, etc.)

Special cases

Ascension spells Versions of the DarqUI Utility prior to v3.1.0.9 included (Ascension) in the tooltip when doing automatic Census lookups of Ascension spells. Omit (Ascension) from any tooltips that you want to monitor.

Mounts You can monitor your equipped mount by replacing Summon Mount with the mount's Maintained icon name in the Tooltip field. For example:

Tooltip/Slot name: Summon Hazrat Kingfeather
Command: summon_mount

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