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Gear Buff Macros
Gear Buff Macros

If you don't see a page that looks like the diagram below, click the house icon at the top of the utility. Here you can choose your character and the Gear Buff Macros setup page. If you do not see Gear Buff Macros as a choice, make sure you are using at least version of the utility.

Click a macro slot that you want to configure (#1 in the diagram). Next click Assign item (#2 on the diagram) and enter the exact name of the piece of gear that has a buff you want to use. When you click OK the utility will convert the item name into its ID and place the number in the box. The utility will also put the icon for that piece of gear into the icon above. The utility will also try to guess the correct gear slot. In the case of charms, rings, earrings or wrists, you may need to pick left side or right side depending on which gear slot you are configuring for.

If you can cast the buff from inventory without equipping the item, choose Cast from inventory from the Gear slot dropdown list. You can also set the casting time at zero since buff casting won't be interrupted by a gear swap. But you can optionally set the casting time accurately so the window gives you a visual indicator while it is casting.

If you want to wear a different piece of gear after casting the buff, click Assign item for the worn item (#3 on the diagram) and type the exact name of the gear piece to equip. Here you will want to make sure you do set the casting time to be at least equal to the casting time of the buff, because once the timer expires the gear swap will take place. This will interrupt casting if the timer is not long enough.

Hovering over Verify will do a reverse lookup on the ID number that you supplied, to make sure it's the item you wanted. If you had chosen a different icon and you want to go back to the icon of the gear piece itself, click either Verify link and the icon will be switched out for the one with that ID number.

Click the [?] in the upper right corner of the utility (#4 on the diagram) to get some additional help that goes into more detail on the other features of the window.

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