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DarqUI Unified file updater and window configuration utility
Customization pages for 20+ interface components
Quick Setup feature finds your characters and configures the DarqUI interface automatically
Active context help sections give you guidance from the author for the controls on each page
Scan and install new file versions with full-featured integrated updater
Choose from various alternate window configurations and large/normal sizes to download
Configure UI mods for any number of characters on any server
Choose level- and class-aware spells from the spell suggestions database, or create your own database
Query Daybreak census API to add entire spell lines, spell ID numbers and icons to your suggestions
Choose names or ID numbers to reference spells; all spell suggestion ID numbers are pre-loaded
English, French and German language external spell suggestion databases
International compatibility features including auto-detect umlaute reduce spell name miscues for non-US clients
Make DarqUI the game default without using Notepad
Add common entries to eq2.ini file such as silencing mercenary chatter
Back up or restore your entire DarqUI configuration with one click
Manage spell names and selection order with easy to use tools
Automatically check for updates when you run the utility
Run EQII or another program automatically after closing the utility
Download and select from several UI color themes and custom skin adaptations
Import settings from old versions of DarqUI and DarqUI Live
Save configuration changes automatically in the background with the Autosave feature

Bags and Containers
Automatically resize all inventory, bank and vault bag sizes and icon padding to your specifications
Spruce up your inventories by choosing a new default color for all uncustomized containers
Download a disappearing titlebar version to save space and streamline inventory displays

Configure the window to open all bank bags automatically whenever you visit a banker
Deposit, withdraw and transfer plat instantly between inventory, bank and shared bank. No more dragging coins and typing values

Beastlord hotbar and Savagery bar
Hidden frame grips make it easier to move and resize the mini-hotbar
The Savagery bar is resizable, and you can show or hide the gold skull graphics and frame to save space
Show the Savagery bar only during combat or when there is savagery to spend

Broker Prices
Configure price presets to dramatically simplify pricing items with common prices
Presets are configured from the game window and display with correct denomination colors
Get control of your item sales prices on the broker using the Commission Calculator
Calculator automatically accounts for container discounts and city commission percentages
Work backward to display the desired final price after container and faction adjustments
Sell items for millions of plat with the Large increments feature

Broker Window
A side-by-side version of the Broker window
Set search parameters for current character's Adventure or Tradeskill class and level
Level shift +5 and -5 buttons on Broker search dialog
Buy-side Search Reset button with pop-up custom search filter display
"Shop Item" button searches for the selected item on the Buy side, similar to "Search Broker" on the Sell side
Common searches dropdown gives quick access to 10 favorite searches on each character
Choose single-pane or side-by-side with frame button or default file setting
Browse the Presets area to shop for specific items or item categories

Remodeled, multi-tabbed browser interface operates more like a mainstream browser
Choose or create up to 10 favorite website shortcuts accessible from menu or favorites toolstrip
Smart address/search bar with configurable search providers
Track recent URL history for each tab separately
Choose a new home page with a single click
Use the built-in Favorite Sites page as your start page, configure easy to read URL buttons
ACT Mode offers a streamlined Advanced Combat Tracker parse viewer
Configure ACT Mode and standard browser separately; both windows remember their locations
Browser window can be "rolled up" to a mini-titlebar

Casting bar
Resizable self and opponent casting bars, font size adapts to horizontal size
Customizable self casting bar color with optional opaque background shroud
Turn on/off text resizing feature
Show a "ghost" view of the casting bars to assist in positioning on the game window

Character (Persona) window
Smaller overall footprint than the default without changing format or font sizes
Choose icon tabs instead of text for a more efficient window footprint
Stats sidebar and icon tab status displayed automatically when the window is opened
"Blackboard" keeps notes handy -- shared notes page can be seen and edited by all your characters
Currency tab has a button to access the Broker
Mounts tab has a dropdown with mount display choices
Combat Stats page shows all stats except misc and tradeskills without scrolling through the sidebar
Controllable pet stats sidebar appears alongside self stats without switching to the pet tab
Handy stat hilighter for the combat stats tab makes selected stats easy to find
Mercenary payday tracking lets you save coin by suspending mercenary intelligently
EQ2Inventory button tracks your inventory, bank, shared bank, mounts, familiars and house vault
Window hugs the right hand edge of the game window when it is operated in that area

Choose top or bottom tabs, normal or reduced tab fonts to save space if you have many tabs
Choose a larger version from the updater that has an oversize text input area
Quickly show or hide chat categories and timestamps for all tabs
The DarqUI Chat window does not have a titlebar, easing game window placement near other controls

Clock and countdown timer
Sun-and-moon game clock with current Earth-time digital display
Easy to use collapsible 7-minute countdown timer with optional flashing and audible warnings

Color themes and skins
Interface color themes offer a change of pace from default Red and Blue themes
Choose from new Forest (green) and Earth (gray/brown) color themes
Choose from three full skin adaptations for a more dramatic change
Automatically configure the UI for a new theme with a click of the mouse
Create your own theme that can be selected in the utility

Community window
Send a group or raid invite, tell, voice invite, or perform a "/who all" for the selected character on the friends list
Temporarily ignore another player for 5, 15 or 60 minutes
Temporarily stop ignoring another player for 5, 15 or 60 minutes

Detrimental effects and spell effects windows
Choose a new icon size and disable mouse wheel scrolling

Dissonance bar is resizable, and the ornate frame can be hidden to streamline the display
Numerical dissonance value is displayed continuously on the bar
Display the Dissonance bar only in combat, or only when there is Dissonance to spend

Dressing room
Zoom and pan equipment and objects with simple viewer controls
Sheathe and unsheathe weapon views in the character paperdoll view

Examine: character, item, effect, spell and active quest windows
EQ2U link opens the browser to the displayed character on EQ2U
EQ2i.com, Zam.com and Lootdb.com web links for item, effect and spell examine windows
EQtraders.com, Zam.com and Lootdb.com web links for recipe examine windows
EQ2i.com and Zam.com web links in mini-Quest Helper window
Smart "Shop" button on item and spell scroll examine windows offers automatic search at the broker

Experience/stats/command bar
Command bar displays 10 configurable game and DarqUI command buttons
Display up to 30 fully customizable stats on each of six XP bars in a more efficient dockable window footprint
Controls page for master volume, music volume, "night" vision, personal torch, pet visibility and mini-map
Click the gold gem or use the mouse scroll wheel to cycle quickly between experience bars
Show experience and debt percentages on each XP bar
Flashing Tithe alert with optional "snooze" feature

Group window
Targeted spell buttons with real spell icons, tell/raidsay/groupsay/macro extensions
Select reference-cast spell icons from the suggestions database or query the Daybreak server
Full-featured click-to-cure interface with DarqUI Cure Check and macro extensions
Macro facility is compatible with Battlegrounds naming convention
Choose from several unique window layout modes or design your own
Each character can choose a different group window layout
Audible group detriment alerts, selectable from the window manager
Programmable, targeted F-key icons for self and group members

Hotbar window with optional spell recast "cooldown" timers
Timer font resizes as you change the hotbar icon size
Digits change to warning color as recast approaches
Configurable font size breakpoints, warning color and warning time interval
Timer options are configured for each hotbar separately
Optional disappearing hotbar selection spinners

Maintained Effects window
Display Prestige stack, amount remaining and timer values directly on the icons
Resize maintained spell icons
Icon font size increases as icons are resized
Control opacity and target display on text sidebar tiles

Maintained Spell Monitor
Clone and display larger copies of up to 9 selected Maintained spells and their icons
Choose from several display modes including a space-efficient icon-only mode
Display Prestige stack, amount remaining and timer values on the spell tiles
Recast the icon's Maintained spell on its current target from a button on the tile
Cast a different follow-up spell from a button on the Maintained spell's tile
Use setpoint logic to flash a colored warning tile when monitored values reach a certain level

Use the unique one-button mercenary pull script to simplify combat pulls
Mercenary salary tracking bar with informative tooltip
Configurable 2-minute audible and visual warnings when payday is approaching

NPC Spellcast Monitor
Listen and report on NPC and PvP opponent combat spellcasting behavior
Assign visual, audible, or chat text alerts for spellcasts
Mnemonics for target, implied target and spell name in chat text alerts
Graphical spellcast interval timers, programmable on-the-fly or as presets
Automatically preload monitored spells
Save and load banks of NPC spells, timers and alerts in groups of 10
Spellcast Monitor reports pre-casting and recast interval histories
Timers start and stop automatically when encounter begins/ends
Choose a high-contrast spell timer countdown bar color
Append an extra sound to any chat text alert, allowing you to see and hear the alert
"Clear all tags" function added to standard tagging interface

Use the unique one-button pet pull script to simplify pulls with your controllable pets and warders
Pet call and shrink quick access buttons free up hotbar slots

Player and Extended Player windows
Add clickable toggles for AFK, LFG, Anon, LFW and Roleplaying to the Player window
Choose which toggles to display for each of your characters
Configure the Player window in the popular Self > Target > Implied Target layout
Optionally display the Extended Player window (Self > Target > Implied) only in combat

Raid window
Targeted spell buttons with real spell icons, tell/raidsay/groupsay/macro extensions
Select reference-cast spell icons from the suggestions database or query the Daybreak server
Full-featured click-to-cure interface with DarqUI Cure Check and macro extensions
Macro facility is Battlegrounds compatible
Choose transparent or classic raid group background colors
A more compact window than the default, yet uses larger fonts for legibility
Audible raidwide curse alert, toggle from the options panel in-game
Health and Power Monitor tracks and reports raiders' power and health status

Shutdown (Camp) window
Switch immediately to an alt without camping to the character select screen
Camp to another character, character select, account select, or desktop
Manually add accounts and optional passwords to the login window for easy switching between accounts
Automatically import character names and servers from the Quick Setup character list
Optionally lock the shutdown list when performing Quick Setup
Add an optional "are you sure" confirmation window when you click the /quit button

Target/Implied Target windows
Tagging interface integrated into target window
Added "clear all tags" function
Health percentage overlays
Optional target mana bar display
One-click URL links to popular websites for current target/implied target
Target Distance Monitor offers visual and audible feedback when you move into or out of a selected distance range from your target

Threat/Detriment window with potion and spell self-cures, melee attack timing bar, spellcast bar
Feature-rich replacement for the default threat meter
Spell and potion self-cures with detrimental icon buttons
Audible and text chat detrimental alerts
Self health and power bars
Target and target's target health bars and percentages
Numeric and graphical primary and secondary threat bars
Pet threat display (direct targets)
Melee attack timing bars for primary, secondary and ranged
Dual wielders can opt to combine primary and secondary bars
Configurable audible melee attack timing signal
Real-time weapon delay display
Colored under-attack and melee/ranged status icons
Target spellcasting bar overlay, toggle visibility from the options panel

Tracking window
Dramatically smaller footprint from the default, but uses large fonts for legibility
Hide extra frame controls (selection dropdown, con level toggles, text input)
"Shiny finder" quickly sets up harvestable tracking mode to look for shinies exclusively
PC Listener polls and alerts you when other players and their mercenaries enter or leave the area
Save up to 10 favorite tracking targets for each character, choose quickly from a dropdown list

Choose single-pane or side-by-side recipe book with frame button or default setting
Instantly recall your last recipe search after closing the book or zoning
Fully keyboard aware controls make repeated combines easy
Recipe favorites dropdown keeps frequent recipe searches handy for each character
Recipe selection shroud while combining prevents bugged window mishaps
Configurable graphical event cycle timer and audible event signal when crafting a recipe
Crafting and Experimental stats panel shows pertinent values while performing combines
Tradeskill Vitality stat changes color to signal when Vitality is running low

Window Settings
OCD-aware numerical values take the guesswork out of setting transparency for your windows
Use the padlock icons to lock normal and mouse-over opacities together for window, frame/titlebar and backdrop
Locate Window panel finds and displays windows that have moved off-screen or have become hidden

Window Manager
This central configuration window allows you to make quick, permanent UI customizations from the game screen
The Window Manager is the in-game equivalent to the external DarqUI Unified Window Utility
Get complete, context-sensitive help for any DarqUI component from the Help button
Reset your character's configuration instead of relogging if your UI gets mangled due to lag while zoning

Mini-Zoning window
A smaller, movable adaptation of the default zoning shroud
Allows you to see your chat windows and have some limited interaction with the interface while zoning
Can be resized to enlarge the random zoning artwork, size and location are saved for each character
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