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Using EQ2Inventory without DarqUI
You can use EQ2Inventory and the Chat Log Parser without running the DarqUI game interface. Here's how:

1. Download the DarqUI Unified Utility. Unzip and launch the app.

2. When the first window appears, confirm the location of your EverQuest II game folder. The DarqUI_v3 folder will be used to store the necessary support files for EQ2Inventory, but will not interfere with your game in any way. Click OK.

3. When the utility appears, you will be presented with a setup window offering to perform various installation tasks. Change all of the blue option links to No and then click "Do these items automatically." The support files will be downloaded. That's all there is to it. Now you can use the Inventory and Chat Log features without changing your in-game interface.

To use EQ2Inventory you will need to create an inventory log for each character that you want to track. The easiest way to create inventory logs is to use the DarqUI Character (Persona) window. Copy or move eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml from the DarqUI_v3 folder into your current custom interface folder. If you need help doing this, click F.A.Q. on the menu bar near the top of this page.

When you log in to the game, click the EQ2Inventory button on the first tab of the Character window. This will create the inventory log automatically. Alternatively, you can create your inventory logs manually. If you prefer this option, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

To track a house, guild hall or player-made dungeon you will need to create a house layout (type /house while your character is in the housing zone.) When prompted to choose a name for the layout, include the character's name and server. The layout name can contain other words, but character name and server name must both be present and separated by underscores. Any of these examples will work:


To manually create macro buttons for EQ2Inventory logs:

If you are not using the Character window from the DarqUI custom interface, follow these instructions to create two in-game macros for each character that you want to track.

1. Enter the game and use the Start menu or press "O" to open the Socials window. Open the Macros tab. Choose an empty slot and <Click to edit>. At the top, give the macro a name like "EQ2Inventory" and optionally choose an icon.

2. Click "Add Step" six times. In the slots type the following, one line per step. Use your character's name instead of "Charname" in the example:

log EQ2INV31_Charname
finditem a
finditem e
finditem i
finditem o
finditem u

3. Click Save.

4. Choose another empty slot in the Macro window and <Click to edit>. Name this macro something like "Resume logging" and optionally choose an icon.

5. If you normally play the game with chat logging enabled, click "Add Step" twice and type


on each of the two lines. This will turn off the EQ2Inventory log from the last step, and turn on your default log. If you don't normally run chat logs, simply click "Add Step" once and type


in the command box.

6. Click Save. Note that you cannot create just one macro button for both steps since the last command will close the log before the items can get entered into it.

7. Now, to generate the inventory log, click the first macro icon and allow the chat window enough time to add all of your items into the special log file. Once the logging is done, click the second macro icon to resume your normal logging status. Now you can open the DarqUI Unified Utility and interact with your character's inventory.
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