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Thank you for visiting the home of EQ2 Journal here on EQ2Interface! Please, if you like the program remember to vote and if you come across any bugs or issues with the program, do not hesitate to post them as I check the forums almost every hour and push patches all day long to fix and add features. This program will literally change throughout the day to become bigger and better, and the growth will not stop!

Release 1.4.0 is available!
By: anubisrwml - 05-30-2010 09:09 PM
VERSION 1.4.0 - 5/30/10 2:30pm PST
* Added Languages to the Languages N Lore Tab
* Added L&L to the Languages N Lore Tab
* Enabled the Server Script - players with logins can now log in.
* For those with logins saving and loading player data is now
available. This uploads all of your characters data so you can
download it again should you need to, or to a second copy of
the program on another computer.
* Added Leaderboards Tab - its still empty but it will be used
for players with logins.
* Fixed several issues where some of the Useless Facts were
not saving. This has been corrected.
* Enabled Bug Reports - find a bug use the Report menu option.
This is available for all users regardless of logon status. Please
use this should you find an error!
* Enabled Corrections - if you found something within the
database thats incorrect and needs to be fixed, submit the fix
here and it will be applied on the next patch.
* Enabled Suggestions - have a great idea on what to add or
how to improve the program, share it! I take every suggestion
and 9 out of 10 times do my best to make it happen.
* Added the HPS meter - now available in the Tools Menu. Please
be aware this is only an estimate and is far from perfect. Combat
does not trigger the timer like normal. It gives a 10 second buffer
and once reached, stops the current time trigger and only
counts the time from the first to the last heal. Total Heals is
counted for the entire zone.

***For now, the only players with logins are testers.***

News for 5/26/2010
By: anubisrwml - 05-26-2010 01:12 PM
VERSION - 5/26/10 10:18pm PST
* Added a bug report pop up for when the log scanner enters
an infinte loop - please please please post these reports if/when
you come across them so I can fix them. Yes, to protect your
data it WILL stop the program. I apologize for that.
* Shinies should now show up as being harvested when you
find them within the Useless Facts area.

5/26/2010 2:26pm PST
* Turned Harvesting Tracking back on and included a new database for the system - eq2data.mdb - the purpose of this database is to hold all the tables of static miscellaneous information which the program will track.
* Harvesting now displays correct % of rarity index
* Harvesting now should work for any tier off any node - however if any harvest doesn't work, please post a bug. NOTE* materials are not counted towards harvest counts since they can be harvested from multiple nodes.

Old News
I have pushed an emergency patch to disable tracking of harvestables due to the fact that I have recently found that, depending on what tier you harvest and what you harvest, the messages you recieve are not generic and the same across the board, so harvesting a mined node in Tier 9 gave the same trigger for trapping Tier 1 and was not updating in the correct area. I will need to compile a list of what each message is for each tier and rewrite the code so as to add the correct item to the correct list.

I apologize for this and the next release I will correct this.

Latest News for 5/25/2010
By: anubisrwml - 05-26-2010 11:45 AM
QUICK PATCH 5/25/10 11:43pm PST
* Fixed an error which caused the entire journal tracking system to freeze. This fix was necessary as there are scripting errors with the new release (Halas release) which results in a blank line.

VERSION RELEASE 5/25/10 9:52pm PST
* Enabled the Useless fact features - now total dmg recieved, total dmg dealt, shinies and harvestables and more are tracked per character. At one point I may make fun leaderboards for supporters to sort of "compete" with each other. "Oh yeah? Well I've taken over 1 billion damage!"

VERSION RELEASE - 5/25/10 5:07pm PST
* Major fixes to the DPS system - there were quite a few
issues with how it was monitoring DPS - there still may be a
few problems, but for the most part the DPS meter shouldnt
become stuck in a fight anymore. The biggest issue was DoTs
which extended past the end of the fight.
* If for some reason the DPS meter is stuck on fight, simply
turn on and off auto attack.

VERSION RELEASE - 5/25/10 3:18pm PST
* Emergency Patch - Fixed the problem where collections were
not loading correctly. This also affected many of the functions
within collections search option. These have now been fixed.
* Greatly sped up the loading process. Enjoy!

VERSION RELEASE - 5/25/10 11:22am PST
* Removed overlay option - it may not be possible to persue
this option due to the limitations of the program. I will
investigate some more options, but for now windows will be
all that are available.
* Completed the Mob Database - unfortunately it still has many
errors and bugs, but I will be cleaing it up.
* Fixed error where named wern't being saved. Also changed
the color scheme from killed being red instead of green.
* Added the new collections to the collection DB - they should
be fully functional.
* Added a few more tabs in preparation for the next step in
the development of the program.
* Pages may not be added as they should be, but this will be
fixed in the upcoming patches.

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