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History of the Himay UI
I don't know how much anyone really cares, but here is a brief history of how my pieces came to be.

Originally in EQ Live there was SARS. A great interface that I loved. It also introduced me to modding UIs. Being a straight melee type (monk), there were somethings I wanted it to show that it didn't. There was no UI Builder so I had to figure out the whole XML thing. I made some minor modifications and got it to display what I wanted.

I made the move to EQ2 and was a little sad that I was losing my SARS UI. I came to this site to see what was out there and I ran across the OCD Experience. I was back home, well mostly. Unfortunately Jaxel quit playing and modding (he was a modding genius). I found out that he used many pieces (and a lot of graphics) from Myned's MyUI. With Jaxel leaving the game I soon found myself in the predicament of needing pieces updated and no one to update them. So I looked at the UI Builder and figure it out (was probably harder than teaching myself XML) and made some updates.

Eventually I got up the nerve to post my first piece here (been so long I can't even remember which one it was). I then decided to take on tougher and tougher endeavors, and now have had over 17,000 downloads of my mods. That just blows my mind.

Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions that have kept me interested in doing this throughout the past few years.
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