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EQ2 Journal Guide

First off, thank you for choosing to try out and use the EQ2 Journal System. This project has been in development solidly for well over two weeks and has grown from a small little app to something much larger, and is expected to continue to grow. As I add new features, this will be updated.

Getting Started : Installation

Installation, thankfully, is quite easy. You can install it by either clicking on the download link here, unzipping and running the install program or you can click on the forums link and download it similarly from the post labeled Downloads.

The Installer is a smart installer in that it installs a shortcut on your desktop, a link within your start menu (you can change the program folder name if you like), and automatically updates to the most current version each time you run it, so you don't have to redownload the program again.

Built into the program is also an automatic patcher program which currently downloads, from my site, the latest databases listed below:
  • eq2journal.mdb
The patcher can determine the versions of each, and download the updated one if one is available. This is necessary for the program so please do not be alarmed. When the program is first ran, the patcher will ask you to select the folder you want to save the databases in. You can select any folder anywhere you feel safe, but once selected please do not change the location or move the databases, as the patcher will automatically redownload them and you may lose your character information.

Setting Up Characters

The next important step is setting up your characters for the program. To do so, once you have accepted the agreement, click on Characters, Add. This will open a new window where you can enter your characters information. Here you can enter your characters base information, which you can update or change later by clicking the MODIFY button below the character data. Once you hit accept, the program will create the character and load the initial data, which is stored on the computer within the databases.
*There is currently NO limit to the number of characters you may have at once.*


One of the fun features is tracking collections. Right now, the program cannot automatically pull in the data from the server, and for that I apologize. However, the program *should* automatically update any new collections once logging has been turned on. It's not a fully tested system, so if for some reason an item doesn't add, please post a bug so I can look into it! Updating your collections is easy, and the program window is setup to remain on top and is resizable (the controls wont move, but you can choose to show or hide as much of it as you wish for what you need) and the items should be listed as they are in game. There is also a Check All button which will check off all items in a collection so it's fairly easy to run through the list. Simply order your list in game alpha and go down the journal list. *IMPORTANT* As you add collections you MUST CLICK the Save Collection button on the bottom before you change to a different collection. I do plan on building an automatic update function however.


Tracking named is even easier than collections. Once you have the tab open, simply find the name in the list, ordered by zone, select the named and click the checkbox next to Killed - the name will show up as green once killed. At this time, and in the forseeable future, there is no way to update the data from within EQ2, as the data isn't stored dynamically.

Enabling Logging

This is necessary if you wish to use the auto update features for collections or track fun facts and especially the DPS system. Enabling logging is easy - simply click options if Logging is greyed out to select the location of your Everquest 2 Directory - once you have entered that, you can turn logging on by clicking Logging -> Start . Each day, if you have not backed up your EQ2 logs, will create a backup of the logs first in a folder called archive under the logs directory. This is to keep the file size of the logs within an easily managed amount. The program will ask you to turn off logging if it is on in game by typing in /log into the chat box of EQ2. Once logging is off, click OK and then it will tell you to turn it back on again, using the same process of typing in /log. **NOTE** Please ONLY type /log as any other command like "/log on" will rename the logs to that name, and the program will not be able to find the unique log files for that character. IF you do this, you can easily fix it by typing "/log" and then "/log" again to turn off and back on logging using the default logging locations. Thats it! Once logging is on, you can turn it off by clicking Logging -> Off or by changing characters in the character menu bar on the top right of the screen.

DPS Window

This is the first Window designed to sit over EQ2 as if it were part of the overlay. You can open and use it by clicking Tools -> DPS Display. The window that pops up will always remain on top of EQ2 (but only in windowed mode), and will display the DPS data for your character. The DPS meter will cycle through "waiting" where it is simply waiting for combat to start, "Fighting!" which of course speaks for itself, and "Checking" which is where it gives a 3 second buffer to make sure combat is actually over in case of group fights. **NOTE** The DPS system isn't perfect and isn't guaranteed to run as well as ACT. However, the more bugs I recieve about it, or suggestions, the better it will be as I will continue to tweak it. Also Note - the DPS system only tracks DPS for your current character.

Fun Facts (aka Useless Facts)

I know it sounds silly, but this is probably one of the coolest features in my opinion, and the only thing it requires is turning on the logging. On the main page (overview) you will find a list of facts about your characters development, such as rares harvested! These facts can help determine a % rate of gathering rares over the course of your characters life, and show things such as how much damage you have recieved...ever! (Note Ever for this purpose starts from the time logging was turned on) I can't wait to hit 2 billon damage!

Comments and Suggestions

Please please please!!! Give them, because without the communitys suggestions, it will be hard to add new and cool features. If someone has a need for something that is not available in game, please post your ideas because theres a big chance that I can incorporate it into the program! Help me build the perfect tool for the community!!

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