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Support Page: Fetish Patch
Fetish Nightfall v11.9
All credit to Zonx.

Current Patch: GU 63 Skyshrine, Version 1.3

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Current Patch Notes:

GU 63 Version 1.3


This is the full interface, v11.9 by Zonx is no longer needed to install this patch.
Be sure to back up any custom files. Commonly customized files include raidabilities, bookmarks and market favs.


~ None at this time.


~ _fetish_launcher.xml - Updated with three new buttons to switch between auto attack modes without opening hud windows.
~ _fetish_personabar.xml - Working properly again.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_startbutton.xml - Added back in the default Fetish startbutton.


~ eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml - Added in drop down for auto attack modes. Added in text for zones that do not allow mercenaries.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml - Added in quest indicator.

GU 63 Version 1.2


~ _Fetish_personabar - Personabar once again opens.
~ Folder/eq2map2 and eq2ui_mainhud_map2 - Map and Minimap updated, and working properly.

GU63 AoD - Skyshrine Compliant

GU 63 Version 1.1


You will need to do a clean install of the UI. Some files have been removed, and others just updated or replaced. Be sure to back up any custom files. Commonly customized files include raidabilities, bookmarks and market favs. You will need to run the updater for EQ2Maps, as this is a basic install to keep the file size down.


~ None at this time.


~ eq2ui_examine.xml - Fixed eq2wiki links.
~ eq2ui_journals_active.xml - Fixed eq2wiki links.
~ eq2ui_journals_quest.xml - Fixed eq2wiki links.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_impliedtarget.xml - Fixed eq2wiki links.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_inspectplayer.xml - Player name link redirected to use EQ2U.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_target.xml - Fixed eq2wiki links.


~ eq2ui_loginscene.xml - Updated for Skyshrine.
~ eq2ui_gamedata.xml - Added census altsenabled.
~ eq2ui_global_marketplace.xml - Added Dungeon marks.
~ eq2ui_inventory_market.xml - Added in T10 for fav lists, reordered favs lists.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml - Removed Crit Mit, census for alts added, minor cosmetic alterations, merc salary info added in.
~ eq2ui_playerhousing_browseratings.xml - Play as Avatar button added.
~ eq2ui_playerhousing_dmflavortext.xml - Text entries updated to match default.
~ eq2ui_popup_achievementmerchant.xml - Scroll bar added in.
~ eq2ui_popup_ingamepoll.xml - Minor cosmetic alterations.
~ eq2ui_popup_social.xml - Text enteries updated to match default.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_startmenu.xml - Slider out panel added in for access to Fetish Startmenu.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_browser.xml - Added in bookmark link for EQ2U.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_zonereuse.xml - Fixed cosmetic problem with titlebar.

Previous patch notes:

GU 62 Version 3.7


The only files included in this mini-patch are the ones listed below. Files for Version 3.5 and earlier are not included. If you're doing a new install of this Fetish patch, you will need both V3.5 and V3.7.


~ eq2ui_popup_ingamepoll.xml - Added in, and re-skinned.


~ eq2ui_gamedata.xml - Added include for CensusAltsEnabled.xml.
~ eq2ui_global_marketplace.xml - Fixed error with rebate page.
~ eq2ui_playerhousing_dmcreate.xml - Players can now name the dungeons they make.
~ eq2ui_popup.xml - Added include for ingamepoll.xml file.


~ images/beastlord.dds - Changed graphic for savagery window.
~ eq2ui_custom.xml (Locator) - Added Merc pet window to the list.
~ eq2ui_examine.xml - EQ2U search button added in, google search removed.
~ eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml -
Warder Tab: Added hide-able/collapsible stat info. Pet xp bar adjusted so players can see lower amounts of xp clearly.
Mercenary Tab: Added hide-able/collapsible stat info. Added in small button that will relocate the merc pet window.
~ eq2ui_mainhud.savagery.xml - Resized, excess dead space removed.

Thanks to Dethdlr for the examine file with links to EQ2U.com!

GU 62 Version 3.5

This patch includes all files for V3.0 as well as the changes listed below. If you're doing a new install of the Fetish patch, V3.5 is the only one you need as of now. This patch is only partially tested, back up your files.

~ Popup.Social added in - not sure when soe implemented this.

~ Global.Marketplace added rebate page.
~ Map2 changes made to the size. There was some weird overhang I believe this will fix it.
~ Playerhousing.Browseratings added the thumbs up/down.
~ Playerhousing.Saveratings added the thumbs up/down.
~ Playerhousing.DMCreate added the new template.
~ Playerhousing.Toolbox added in the missing buttons.
~ Popup.AchievementMerchant should work properly now.
~ Popup.Avatars fixed background overhanging the window.
~ Popup.SelectedAvatars fixed background overhanging the window.

GU 62 Version 3.0

~ Beastlord search on market now functioning properly.
~ Beastlord spellbar resized to default size in order for it to work (ty soe for hardcoding ).
~ Dungeon Maker toolbox window added in the missing buttons.

~ Dungeon Maker/House Ratings now has the new thumbs up/down.
~ Mercenary 'pet' window updated, made slightly smaller, bars made slightly bigger, and now includes salary bar.

I know a few people have mentioned the AA respec window is coming up as incompatible, I've compared code with the default UI and can not find any changes. I've not been in game for about 2 weeks now, I'll try to get in game and see if I can confirm this.

GU 62 Version 2.0

Fancy that, I actually managed to get this together by the time I said I would! And now to the goodies....

This patch had changes to eq2ui_mainhud_map2.xml. If you have any programs that affect this window, use with caution. This patch is mostly tested however, being as my beastlord is only lv 4 I haven't been able to test much on beastlord specific windows/settings. As always; back up your files!

~ All things relating to Beastlords and Mercenaries.
~ All things relating to Dungeon Maker.
~ New and updated windows relating to Player housing.
~ Reforging

~ Darn near everything.
~ Examine window - Bigger tool tips
~ AA window - Beastlord stuff added in.
~ Broker window - Ry'Gorr info added into marketfavs 1.
~ Newcharacterscene2 - Beastlords added in.
~ Persona window - New tabs and info added in.

Optional Files: (Read me file included)
~ Tradeskill window - Three display settings: Default, Expanded (shows recipe list while crafting), and Icon (shows icons for recipe list while crafting). Please note, close, help and settings buttons only work in mode1 (default). Credit to Lordebon for the idea.
~ PvP experience bar - moved into this folder (normal non-pvp xp bar is in the main folder now), no changes.
~ Shutdown window - Added in editable lines so players can now add in up to 12 characters, and switch between characters on the same account in two clicks (more info found in Readme in the optional files and in shutdown.xml file it's self).
~ Setprice / Setpricestatus - Twelve preset buttons, player editable if needed.

And yes, you do need all of these files.

GU 62 Version 1.0

Back up your UI folder before applying this patch, as it has not been tested!

New: Beastlord class windows (some will be reskinned at a later date!)
Updated: Persona window now gives access to Mercenary and Warder options.

There is a bunch of other stuff changed, but most of it is behind the scenes stuff. As I said before this is basically untested and there may be some bugs or misalignment of things. I'll get to these middle of next week (around the 14th or so). Until then please let me know if you find errors or problems by posting in the Fetish area of the forums!

GU 61 Version 1.6

Updated: Zone Reuse window updated, now functions properly again, and has the new Dungeon Finder tab.

Updated: Player window to add in functionality of Dungeon Finder.

Updated: Group members window to add in functionality of Dungeon Finder (both the regular size and re-sized versions have had this fix added).

All of the GU 61 files are included in this patch, however the only files that need to be copied over are:

And the Optional Files folder, if you use the re-sized groupmembers window.

This patch partially tested, let me know if there are any problems and I'll get to them as soon as possible.

GU 61 Version 1.4

Fixed: Player housing You can once again get portal objects, and rate/publish houses. (Ty soe for the fugly new buttons!)

Optional Files Folder: Three new files added, see new pic at right and "Readme" file included.

- Community - Invite and Tell buttons added.
- Market - Broker points added (I'm sure these are useful somewhere...)
- Mail - "Inbox" and "Send" tabs both show the amount of coin you're carrying.

Sorry for the delay, got a lot goin on atm. This patch is mostly tested, yell if you find something broken, or weird.

GU 61 Version 1.3

Fixed the problem with the new stats not showing.

Three files have been changed for those of you comfortable with moving specific files:

eq2ui_mainhud_welcome.xml (Idk about yall, but it wasn't auto-hiding for me anymore.)

If you're not comfortable with moving individual files, just copy the contents of the entire unzipped file over to your FetishUI.

GU 61 Version 1.2

- Changed: Over looked the Persona window changes, the new stats have been added in.
- Changed: Reskinned the video capture window, and cut out the dead space.
- Changed: A few image files have been changed as well to fit in better with the look/feel of Fetish.

These are the changed files:

* images (folder)
* eq2ui_mainhud_persona.xml
* eq2ui_mainhud_vidcap.xml

Either unzip and copy just these files over to your FetishUI, or unzip and copy everything over.

Version 1.2 is the same as 1.0 except for the three files listed above.

GU 61 Version 1.0

Updated for GU 61.

- New: Playerhousing windows added for ratings and all that stuff.
- New: Video capabilities added in.
- Changed: Image folder has an updated file in it, either copy the whole folder to your Fetish file, or feel free to dig through it and find the file named fetish_widgets1.dds
- Misc: Other files added and changed as needed.
- Misc: You will notice a new folder included named "Optional Files". As the name implies, this is where I will put optional files in any future patches that I may do. Currently this folder only has one file, which is the resized group window. If you decide to use this new window swap it out for the original (default) group window that you can still download from Fetish Nightfall v11.9. As it is optional, you do not even need to copy the folder over if you have no interest in using it.

*!! Only files changed for GU 61 are included in this zip, if you need files from the GU 60 patch scroll down to the section near the bottom of the page titled "Archive List (Old Versions)". Version 3.5 should be the first one listed, which is the most recent patch for GU 60.

To install:
1) download UI.
2) unzip UI
3) copy files inside the unzipped folder
4) paste into Fetish ui folder
5) click yes to replace

This update is mostly untested at this point, all I've had time for is updating it. Please let me know if you find any problems.

Version 3.5

- Playerhousing windows fixed, should now close when the close button is pressed.
- Changes made to the examine windows - some people were still having a problem with adornments not showing, this should solve the problem.
- Tradeskill recipe list now scrolls properly using the mouse wheel.

**Group Members optional window still included, do not copy these files over if you do not want larger player windows within the group window:
Please make sure when you hit the download button that the file name is "Fetish_GU60_V3.5". If it is not, clear your browser's history then try again.

Version 3.1

- Fixed error causing wrong tab to show on opening the Persona window.

Version 3.0

- Achievement Merchant window fixed.
- BG/Reuse window fixed.
- Re-skinned Arena/Battleground windows.

* Optional pieces included: Group Members window - individual players made slightly larger.
If you do not wish to use the larger group member's window, do not copy the following xml files to your Fetish folder:

Version 2.7
- Achievement Merchant window updated
- Other stuff tweeked, I don't remember what all was changed, but this patch will hopefully address any remaining problems/bugs, unless I've missed something.

Edit to fix minor error on Persona window.

Version 2.5
- Should now be fully functional with GU 60.
- XP bar should be fully functioning now, without any weird overlapping, or resizing problems.
- Command added in to the XP bar to force Startbutton window to show on log-in
- 'Use' buttons reincorporated into the Persona window for the equipment pieces.
- Tooltip containing rare lists reincorporated into the 'help' button on Persona window.

Version 2.0
Includes a few more files than the last patch. Experience bar has a known problem with overlapping when resized to a smaller state, I'm still working on this, but figured as it's mostly functioning properly I'd go ahead and release it.

As usual, feedback is appreciated.

This patch is to bring Fetish Nightfall mostly up to date, so it is compliant with GU 60. Unzip folder, replace existing files within Fetish with these. Remember to back up any custom files.

Pls note, this patch is not fully tested at this time.

Updated for PvP, thanks for pointing that out Penebo, I missed those. Experience bar and Persona window are untested in game after this update, so let me know pls, I won't be able to check till later. The xp bar was a pain, but I've gone the easy way and added a fourth bar just for pvp, that you should be able to hide by resizing the window, for those not into pvp.

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