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Suggested UI pieces
Here is a list of pieces that either I use, or work well with my UI pieces.

EQ2MAP - By far the best mod EVER!

Ulitimate SageUI Group Window - Nice window for those who like click to cure.

Coldy's Priest Groupwindow w/Effect Buttons - Another nice window w/ click to cure.

Othesus Active Quest Helper - For those of us who aren't into figuring it out on our own.

Sage Side by Side Info Journal - Side by side quest journal, with much of the same info as the info center.

Show your current coin LU25 - Oldie, but goodie. Simply shows your current coin when you're shopping.

Othesus Four Tabbed Browser with bookmarks for GU 34 - Great browser mod.

Othesus Examine Window - Cool mod that lets you look up items to see where they come from (don't spend plat on an easy quest item ever again!)

Zoning with ui and load screen - Cool mod that allows you to continue typing, use the browser and other things while your zoning. (Here you go Vrah you never have to search again. )

Mini Spell Effects and Maintained Spells - Really small, yay!

eXtreme Tracking - This is the tracking window I'm currently using.

Mortis Tracking Mod for EverQuest II - But I really like this one too.

Milquetowst Tradeskill Window - Simple mod, lets you just hit enter to craft!

There you go. Hope you like some of them!
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