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Posting to the EQ2 forums from the in-game browser.
If you've ever tried reading the EQ2 forums from the in-game browser you probably saw that the browser doesn't work for posting. The bug seems to be with the embedded browser and how it handles JavaScript. The SOE forums use an open source text editor called TinyMCE which uses fancy JavaScript to allow WYSIWYG editing.

But other forums like eq2interface work fine with the in-game browser. So with a couple more steps you can post to the eq2forums.

I recommend using a tabbed browser mod since you'll be working with two web sites at the same time.

First, click "Reply" in the thread on the EQ2 forums.

Then switch to a new browser tab and go to another forum. I'm using the eq2interface forum in this example.

Start a new topic and create your post. Click the "Preview" button but don't click the "Submit" button.

Drag your mouse across the preview text to select it. You have to drag kind of slowly and it might take a couple tries.

Press CTRL-C to copy that text.

Switch back to the EQ2 forums tab and click somewhere in the text box.

Press CTRL-V to paste your text.

Click the "Submit" button and you're done!

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