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Growing a Ratongan Goatee -- the Othesus way
Temple Street, Freeport - Stargazing 23, of the year 3773

Most people know Othesus as the dirge extraordinaire with the astoundingly deep voice, but did you know that he's also a student of the sciences, ancient and modern? He always wondered why only a rare, select few Ratonga are able to grow beards.

Don't we all have the right to proudly display our chin hairs if we so desire? Does your chin feel unnecessarily cold when the winds whip up in Everfrost? Wouldn't you like to be able to stroke your beard thoughtfully?

The secret of the dignified Ratongan goatee was long thought lost to the sands of time.

Recently Othesus has made a breakthrough in beard research and is now proud to say that you no longer have to live a beardless life! You too, could soon posses the secret that Ratongas have been seeking all these years (as long as you're a bloke― no offense to the Dwarven ladies.) Even the young lads can take advantage of this breakthrough (with their parents' permission, of course.) But let me caution you, you may become the object of attention to females across Norrath whether you like it or not! Because, you know what they say about the Ratonga with the well groomed beard (wink, wink.)

Othesus is generous with his knowledge so if you act now, he will guide you through the tricky ritual required to grow a beard for a very low, low price. If you are a friend, or friendly type, he may even give you a special discount! The process is not for the faint-at-heart but if you have the courage to display your beard proudly, you may be brave enough to undergo the transformation.

Your journey into the glorious world of Ratongan goatees is about to begin! I guarantee you will love your new beard or the entire price will be refunded. Just visit Othesus in Temple Street or send him a quick note in the mail to set up an appointment. The NEW YOU is anxiously waiting!

So, you want to know the secret of growing a nice little beard? You've come to the right place! Please step into my office...

First you're going to need the proper tool for the job. This calls for a contraption called a "hex editor." If you don't already have a hex editor you can easily find a free one. Here's a good one:
Just unzip that wherever you like and then we can get started.

Next, we need a willing subject― a male Ratonga.

Now, we go to the Set Appearance mode in Everquest II. If this is a fresh new Ratonga it's part of the character creation process. If it's an existing character you might have a Set Appearance button on the character select screen. If you don't have the Set Appearance button, you'll need to buy a haircut from a barber in any of the major cities.

Set up the appearance how ever you like. The secret to growing a goatee lies hidden in the Head Features section. You can choose any option there, but we'll be sneaking a goatee into your look, so it doesn't matter which option you choose.

Now save your appearance settings by clicking Save. You can name the file anything you like. I'm calling it rtest002 in this example.

Alt-TAB out of EQ2 and open up your Everquest II folder. Then find and open the folder called saved_customizations. You should see your saved appearance file in there now. Mine is called rtest002.ccf.

Double click the HxD hex editor program to fire it up. Drag your saved appearance file onto HxD to open it and it should look something like this:

The blue numbers on the left side are the address locations in hexadecimal notation. The numbers and letters in the middle are the values in hexadecimal, but we don't need to worry about them. We'll only be working on the right column. The part we're interested in is where it says accessories/hair/hair006. The number for you may be different. That number is what you chose for Head Features. The choices available when you set your appearance range from "None" (000) to "The Spy" (017) but it skips number 002. What happens if we put 002 in there? Select the last two numbers and type 02. Then save the file. You may want to do a "Save as..." and save it to a new file so you have your old file as a backup.

Now, Alt-TAB back into EQ2 and click Load to load your new appearance. Voila! You should look something like this:

You can even try one more appearance. Alt-TAB back to HxD, select the numbers 002 and change them to 018. Save the file again and Alt-TAB back to EQ2. Now load that appearance and you should look something like this:

You may want to adjust the three sliders for your chin now. They affect the placement and size of your goatee.

So there you go! I hope it was quick and nearly painless. I can't guarantee that you'll be as popular with the ladies as me, but every little bit helps!

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