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Changelogs v2.0 - v2.9
Changelogs 2.8.2 -> 2.9.0 BETA:
Release for EoF Beta server only

Changelogs 2.7.1 -> 2.8.2:
Changelogs for these versions were accidentally lost.

Changelog 2.7 -> 2.7.1:

Persona Window
+ Added just about all stats that are in game to the Stats page of the window
* The XP bars are now vertical. Let me know if there are any problems with these.

Login/Shutdown Windows
NOTE: Switching to another account does not work if you launch the game via the patcher. Added a tooltip to the shutdown window stating this.
+ The character list on both windows now shows the account name of each character
* Note that the function of the checkbox on the shutdown window was inverted from "same account" to "different account".

Start Button, Video & Sound Control Windows
FIXED: Clicking into one of these would no longer allow you to use your cursor keys (bug by SOE) - Your cursor keys will now be re-enabled once you move your mouse outside of the windows
FIXED: the VideoSettings window was corrupted leading to buttons not greying out when deactivated and tooltips changing to "&".

Inventory, Bank, and Bags/Boxes Windows
+ new lighter default background colors for the the slots depending on their contents. You can edit the default settings by editing the RGB (red green blue) values (0-255) for each type in the file _ProfitUI_InventoryColorSettings.xml (note that each entry appears twice per line, you need to edit both).

Inventory Window
* moved Ranged Ammo next to the Ranged Weapon and the Waist slot up

Bank Window
FIXED:The bank window once again has a titlebar

Merchant Window
+ also displays your current status points next to the available coin at the bottom

Changelog 2.6 -> 2.7:

* Updated Milquetowst Infocenter to version 060715
* updated default .ini files for 1024x768 and 1280x1024

Inventory Window
FIXED the window for Lu25
ADDED a second layout option that is accessible by selecting "frame and titlebar". This option arranges the icons more vertically instead of horizontally in the old layout and also shows a paperdoll image in the middle.

Quest Helper
FIXED the timer display that was broken after LU25

Market Window
FIXED presets to work with LU25 and future updates as well as with foreign language installations
Added presets for recipe book based on a submission by AGAMEMN0N5.

Examine window
FIXED clicking on examined item to search in market window was not working

Chat Window
FIXED the window could move when changing the screen resolution several times

Experience Window
Fixed some tooltips that were switched around

Since the badly rounded XP numbers are apparently staying, I threw in two different variants of the XP window to cope with this.

Variant 1: The main XP display works as it currently does, the top XP bar uses the format AB.B'C, where AB is the XP integer number which is rounded up, B' is the 1st integer which is not rounded and C is the actual decimal. Where B and B' differ, you are seeing SOE's rounding. B' is the correct (unrounded) number. For example, if it shows 29.84, you really have 28.4 XP. If it shows 30.98, you really have 29.8
Variant 2: The top XP bar remains unchanged, and the main XP display is changed to use the format AB'.C . this means that the main XP display will actually be correct most of the time, but will be +10 too high for values of B'C higher than 9.4, and B' will actually be empty for values of B'C smaller than 10.

I hope this little explanation made any sense to you. There are .zip files called _eq2ui_mainhud_experience variant 1.zip and ... variant 2.zip so you can easily switch them around and see which one you're comfortable with (personally I'm using variant 2, when you install ProfitUI the default is variant 1 however).

Start Button Window
Removed the video settings sliders and the expandable sound sliders from the start button. Instead, two buttons for sound and video controls got added.

Clicking these will open NEW separate windows with sound respectively video controls. The latter got much enhanced over what was there before. The control windows are resizable which can be used to either hide parts of the controls or to arrange them differently within the window.

The video settings window includes four presets which I copied from Milquetowst InfoCenter. You can change the presets to your liking by editing the files _ProfitUI_VideoSettings_<Preset>.xml - there is also a readme with instructions which I mostly copied over from Milquetowst's InfoCenter as well.

Shutdown/Login Windows
ADDED new shutdown/login windows that allow to quickly switch to an unlimited number of characters/accounts/servers. Edit the file _ProfitUI_LoginData.xml to enter your login data if you want to use this functionality. Please note the checkbox on the shutdown window which you will have to uncheck if you want to switch to a different account (you will notice that logging into a different account takes a little "detour").
IMPORTANT: Switching to different accounts currently only works if you start the game via everquest2.exe instead of via the patcher (eq2.exe).

Persona Window
The stats page of the Persona window (P) was amended with a number of otherwise invisble stats, for example chances on critical hits, etc.

Effects window
Removed the space between the effects icons to reduce the overall window size

Changelog 2.5.5 -> 2.6:

+ Created new default UI settings files for a large number of resolutions. These are all based on the default layout shown in the screenshot and are free of preset channel information. I hope these work, since I was working blind (my screen only shows 1280x1024)
+ Fixed/changed the clickthrough functionality for some windows. Unfortunately, this was not possible for quest helper window (it would no longer be scrollable) and the raid window.
+ If you get a blackscreen crash on your ATI card or if you simply don't like the unsmoothed fonts in the XP window, you can extract _Fonts smooth (XP window).zip in your ProfitUI directory to switch to smooth fonts. You might get alignment issues.
* Updated Milquetowst Infocenter to version 060621

Market Window
FIXED a few issues like drag'n'drop not working or search not working after you had automatically searched for items in your store
FIXED the My Class/Lvl functionality for Paladins
+ The My Class/Lvl functionality no longer displays decimals
+ You can now change the level range that the market window uses for the My Class/Lvl functionality by editing the file _ProfitUI_Market_LevelRanges.xml
+ searching for items in your store will now insert the item name in item search box
+ Market window is now expandable (default) with buy and sell tabs side-by-side. You can permanently switch between both modes by changing the frame and titlebar options or temporarily switch by hitting the appropriate button in the window's titlebar. Note that resizing the compact version will not save between sessions.
+ Buy stack/quantity buttons are now always visible on the buy and sell pages
+ The first favorites dropdown (rares) is now completely LU24 compatible
+ The third favorites dropdown (containers) should now contain all craftable containers and shows their slot size

Chat Window
Added an area in the lower right corner which you can grab to move your chat window if you have "clickthrough" enabled for chat windows in the options (Alt-O). If you don't have that option set, you can grab the window almost everywhere.

Group Window
All alternate group windows now contain the same functionality as the default group window. There are the following variants:

Vertical (default)
Vertical compact
Horizontal compact

They are now found in .zip files in you ProfitUI directory for easy installation.

Raid window
The raid group title bars which are enabled by setting "frame only" mode will now only show if appropriate, i.e. for your two group raid you will no longer see the bars for groups 3 and 4.

Player Window
FIXED a bug with the AFK button that did reset your AFK message to "true". Doh. Please make sure to set a new AFK message by typing /afk <message>.

Experience Window
FIXED some font and wrapping issues and a bug that did not make one stat bar resizeable on very wide resolutions

Target/Implied Target Windows
FIXED (hopefully) an issue where the target health percentage display was hidden on some systems
FIXED a display issue that occured when the target was mentored.

Maintained window
FIXED: The optional frame now displays correctly

Reduced the size of the round day/night display

Bottom Bar
Haste was moved to the right side of the bottom bar

Changelog 2.5.4 -> 2.5.5:
The bottom bar with smoothed fonts is now really in the .zip.

Player Window
+ Added AFK, LFG, and LFW indicators
+ Added AFK, LFG, and LFW invisible buttons located over the "Self" area. You will get an appropriate tooltip when your mouse is over each button.

Market Window
FIXED: Market window saved searches feature didn't save the searchtext
FIXED: some other isses with Market window after last patch

Changelog 2.5.3 -> 2.5.4:
The war is over! In an earth shattering battle the smooth fonts faction did end up whining louder than the correct alignment faction, and the opportunist that I am, I betrayed to the winning team. ;)
All windows except for the experience window have been reverted back to smoothed fonts.

Clock window:
In preparation of Germany's soccer team winning the world cup 2006, the clock window has now got the most important Germany setting, mistitled in game as "frame & titlebar". This setting will reposition the displayed time to a position so will (hopefully) display correctly when playing on German language servers. In an effort to make this accessible to everyone, our time is still labeled "Earth" and not "Germany". :D
Thanks Taxor for linking me a post by Tinu where I found an example working on German servers. Let me know if this still needs tweaking, as I can't test it.

Market window
* Your sudden wealth of 9999 plat is gone. You were accidentally seeing my bank account there anyway. :nana:
* A couple of other minor fixes were also done.

Experience Window
FIXED an issue where the top bar was hidden in certain configurations
* The window can now freely be expanded in all directions (as before, you can of course also minimize it to as little as the XP/stats bar)
Placement of large decimals adjusted
- Achievement decimals removed from large XP display as well

Player window:
FIXED clicking on implied target will now correctly select this target
* The effects panel should once again display correctly for everybody
* The "Frame and titlebar" setting now also controls the display of the label "Self"

Group window:
* The effects panel should once again display correctly for everybody

Chat window:
FIXED: the [x] button is working again and once again auto-hides

- Hiding the shortcut keys by setting frame to "none" did not save (and I found no way to make it save). Settings therefore changed to:
None / Frame only: no bank selectors, shortcut keys displayed according to frame opacity settings
Frame & titlebar: bank selectors displayed on mouse-over, shortcut keys displayed according to frame opacity settings
Default UI setups
+ Added default .ini file for 1920x1200 contributed by angelindisguise (Thanks!)
* Changed default state of some settings in the 1280x1024 file so new users see the maximum of options.

Changelog 2.5.2 -> 2.5.3 :
Added possibilty to search for seller name to broker window again (I swear this wasn't working before...grumble...).
FIXED: Font and Font color in pet window had accidentally been changed[/indent]
Changelog 2.5.1 -> 2.5.2 :
FIXED: Bag positions were not saving for everybody
FIXED: Broker window, sell tab list could not be sorted by "Listed" and "Price"
FIXED: Group window effects on self were not showing correctly
FIXED: Tradeskill window recipe list and expand buttons working correctly again
FIXED: Timer window is functional again

Changed a lot of fonts around again in response to feedback on this

Updated Milquetowst InfoCenter to latest version.

DefaultUI settings for 1280x1024 adjusted, default bags/boxes locations now correct for 32 slot boxes

Changelog 2.5 -> 2.5.1 :

changelog was lost

Changelog 2.4 -> 2.4.1 :

changelog was lost

Changelog 2.3 -> 2.4 :

changelog was lost

Changelog 2.2.2 -> 2.3 :

changelog was lost

Changelog 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 :

* Fixed the hotkey number sequence issue.
* Removed eq2ui_mainhud_harvest.xml as it is apparently redundant.
* Added a readme file to the zip containing links to the two main threads here.

Changelog 2.2 -> 2.2.1 :

* Added necessary font files to the zip again. (oops)

Changelog 2.1.1 -> 2.2 :

* LU21 compatible.
* Fully compatible with 1024x768 resolutions and higher.
* New default ui_settings for 1024x768.
* Added default ui_settings for 1280x1024 with chat window tabs and bag locations already set up (choose 1280x1024-c&b for this one).
* Updated to Milquetowst Info Center release 060325.
* Added Mini Intro-Screen (after character creation) to complement mini-zoning screen (fixes the black screen during intro bug).
* Fixed display of guild members online to show 0 when unguilded.
* Target window expands automatically when selecting the larger icon size via the frame and titlebar setting.
* Optional mini inventory window included based on Geniva's Smaller Invetory with only minor modifications..

Start Button:
- Size of start button reduced.
- New button for opening the new Zone Lockout Timers window on start button.
- Panic button can be disabled by setting "frame and title" to "none".
- Fixed shadow buttons to be clickable again.

Changed behaviour for "frame & titlebar" settings:
(None): No bank select arrows shown, no shortcut keys shown.
(Frame Only): No bank select arrows shown, visibility of shortcut keys controllable via frame opacity settings.
(Frame and Titlebar): Bank select arrows shown when mousing over, visibility of shortcut keys controllable via frame opacity settings.

Chat Window:
- HOTFIX: Setting default chat channels should work properly now.
- Scroll bar at the right side, shown only when mousing over.
- Reduced distance between the tabs even more to save space.
- Changed behaviour for "frame & titlebar" as follows:
(None): No frame, no chat input possible.
(Frame Only): Frame, no chat input possible.
(Frame and Titlebar): Chat input possible, must have tabs. If you want to use this without tabs, change frame and backdrop to the minimum or it will look ugly.

Pet Window:
- New button to send pet in to attack, guard itself and you (useful after calling the pet back).
- Dismiss pet button moved to titlebar, visible only on mouse-over.

Tradeskill Window:
- Cancel button added to prepare pane when in non-expanded mode.
- Fixed titlebar being too small.

Changelog 2.0 -> 2.1 -> 2.1.1 :

* Fixed hotbar resizing problem.
* Fixed some window placement issues.
* Fixed some elements not showing up in target and compass windows.
* Includes new default ui_settings file (1280x1024).
+ Added "frame and title" option for target, implied target and effects window increasing the spell effects icon size by a fixed amount.
+ Added correct tooltips to some start bar buttons.
+ Re-added depechenode's advanced hotbar slider.

Changelog 1.8f -> 2.0 :

changelog was lost

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