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Performance tips
The UI engine of EQ2 is horrible performance wise.

The rule of thumb is that every additional window you have on screen reduces your performance, even if it's just empty. However, the biggest performance hit are the fonts, in particular if you use the smooth fonts option, which is enabled in the game by default. That's due to the way the EQ2 UI engine works, it is not very optimized in how it renders the UI, in particular fonts having shadows. I estimate that depending on your system speed, every chat window you have open which is filled with text costs you 10-20 fps.

Another important performance factor is windowed mode. Only moving the mouse cursor in windowed mode will probably cut your fps in half if not more on some systems. If you keep a mouse button pressed it will hide the cursor, thus increasing your fps in windowed mode (not that this is a viable solution).

So, to summarize: ProfitUI in the default setup costs more resources than the default UI, simply because it displays more things on the screen (even though it takes less space for that than the Default UI). To increase performance hide windows when you don't need them. Set your chat window to hide completely unless you mouse over. Same for other windows. You will see your performance go up considerably.

A somewhat related tip to decrease network load is to leave all chat channels and turn off all chat messages that you do not need ("hiding" them in tabs does not count, and not that the "combat spam" will always be sent to your logs at least, so turning that off does not help unless you also have logging disabled I suppose). If a channel is not subscribed in any window/tab then the respective data will not even be sent to your game and to the UI, thus theoretically increasing performance. However, on my system I did not notice any significant difference, but your mileage may vary.

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