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  • Credits go to SOE for the Default UI that all work on EQ2Interface is based on.
  • Credits go to Profit for the original ProfitUI layout and code.
  • Credits go to anyone whose code may have been used by Profit.
  • Credits go to all the users of EQ2Interface who have provided feedback and ideas. The mod would not be the same without you.
  • Big kudos to Kaldran for coding the updater, hosting it on his server and helping support it!
  • Credits go to DBurgdorf for the great Milquetowst InfoCenter integrated in this mod and also for the idea (not the code) to have a bar showing different XP types. Parts of the InfoCenter have been updated by Lodrelhai (TIWIKE section) and mortis42 (SoD quest info). Drumstix42 gets credit for the updated the InfoCenter framework which was integrated into the ProfitUI Infocenter. The ProfitUI InfoCenter is now maintained by myself and no longer compatible with the standalone InfoCenter download.
  • Credits go to mother9987 for the excellent Timer window distributed with this mod. Original download is here.
  • Credits go to Faetyl for the emoteslist and the quickchat in the socials window (few modifications have been done).
  • The compact version of the inventory window is based on the layout of Geniva's UltraSmall Inventory window by Hantu.
  • The slim versions of the maintained window were inspired by Hantu's similar mod which had been part of the distribution for a while
  • The timer on top of the icons idea comes from Killarny's maintained window mod
  • The login and shutdown windows are based on Deacon Login w/Shutdown Addition 1.0 by Deacon.
  • The idea (not the code) to add price presets was taken from Pooka's set price presets mod.
  • Portions of the code for the dropdowns for favorites (not the contents) and for setting the class and max level of adventurers via a button contained in this mod were originally taken from Valdacil's Market Window, which in turn did use modified versions of xSilverfox's market presets and Abboddon's My Class/Lvl. The market presets functionality was originally introduced by Djanee and apparently first implemented as a dropdown field by Zonx.
    The advanced tradeskill books section of the favorites is based on a submission by AGAMEMN0N5. Many many thanks go to FloridaFringe for submitting his very comprehensive favorites that were used as the basis for the favorite dropdowns 4-6. RegenCoE provided great help in translating all dropdowns for the German servers.
  • The idea (not the code) to effect market searches from the examine window was taken from Fetish by Zonx, but it had first been implemented by Quib. The idea of a loot auto-decline function was also something that existed in Fetish.
  • The idea for the current bottom bar design came from Darcy.
  • Credits go to Othesus, whose browser window GU32.3 was the starting point for mine, and whose click-to-websearch functionality on the examine window was the inspiration for mine (along with Kodan's related functionality for the quest helper (which Kodan based on Zonx' work)). Othesus also put in many hours to work on the target window so it switches when NPCs turn attackable. Thanks!
  • The toolbar icons of the browser window are based on the default Mozilla Firefox icons (normal state directly copied, the other states custom made therefrom).
  • The dropdown style on the quest helper window was adapted from Calain80's work who had helped out with an optional quest helper mod for ProfitUI for the longest time as I was too lazy to get it finished. Thanks for the help!
  • The idea to make quest details like level, origin and zone available on the quest helper window came from dragowulf and his mod of the ProfitUI quest helper window.
  • Landiin's UIsettingsSpy has been instrumental in "cleaning" previous versions of the provided default uisettings files.
  • The AutoAttackBar window was created by razieh (samejima). Original download of the standalone is here.
  • Credits further go to anyone I may have missed (you should be credited in the changelogs though, just let me know and I will put you up here).

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