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Changelogs v3.0 - v4.8.2
And here are the changelogs for all releases of ProfitUI Reborn as far as they are still available (and as far as I wrote them):

Changelog 4.8.1 - 4.8.2 (21 December 2008)
  • Persona window skills/factions tabs fixed again. using UIbuilder for yesterday's change. Here's the handwritten version.
  • Close button in quest journal window now also works with the window at the smallest size.

Changelog 4.8 - 4.8.1 (19 December 2008)

Effects windows
  • The effects windows can now display up to 45 instead of previously 30 effects. The ProfitUI windows were updated according, either resize them or just use your mouse's scroll wheel to see the additional icons once your window has filled up.

Quest journal
  • Collections can now sorted according to various options, the quest journal window was updated accordingly.
  • In addition, a whole bunch of other outstanding fixes and changes to layout and code of the quest journal window were made.

Raid window
  • Default raid window now also has cure curse buttons.

  • Click-to-cure: You can now configure a custom macro to be executed in addition to the cure when you press a click-to-cure button. Please refer to the section on Configuring Cure Macros in the FAQ for the details and an example.

Market window
  • Market window no longer changes the vertical size when switching to or from the single pane mode.
  • "Uncommon" moved to the bottom of the tier dropdown to avoid the need to change the favorites.

  • You don't need to manually input the Spell Cast and Recovery stats anymore.
  • This window now auto-detects your client language and now outputs the correct calculation result on German and French installations. Also the existing display issues on localized installations are automatically taken care of and should no longer be an issue.

Persona window
  • Persona window now displays the house address in addition to the house zone, therefore the respective field in the persona window was enlarged a bit.

  • Better EQ2MAP waypoint/tracking crosses with a black outline to increase visibility. The color of the previously white waypoint cross was change to a color which hopefully provides good visibility in all of the colorful new maps.
  • Nightvision function has been given a boost. If you want you can configure the values in _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt in the Nightvision page. Still with blocky trees of course, I know you'd miss them otherwise.
  • Added option to _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt to toggle the just press enter functionality for the Greed button on the loot window. NBGGreedIsDefaultButton=true|false
  • POIfinder is no longer included in eq2ui_custom.xml. If for whatever reason you still use the old EQ2MAP with POIfinder you'll need to add the include manually.
  • The clock window now auto-detects the client language and adjusts the placement of the numerical automatically according to this. Therefore the Frame & Titlebar mode (which currently is broken due to an SOE bug) has been removed.

Changelog 4.7.3 - 4.8 (18 November 2008)

Persona window
  • Persona window updated to include all new stats added with the release of the TSO expansion. Unfortunately that meant making the persona window longer, but I wanted to keep all stats on one page. Damage Reductions stats show the absolute value, not the percentage, although that would be available as well. If you want to see both I'll have to add a new page just for those, it's too much to fit onto a single page. Note that you can resize the persona window even longer in game, which results in the stats being grouped, making them easier to read.

Player window
  • The old bug with the player window showing both melee and ranged auto-attack indicators at the same time has been fixed

Quick Macro Buttons
  • Swashbucklers now have the spell Sleight of Hand on the fourth macro button.
  • All Fighters now have a fifth macro button for the "Intercept" ability (which, other than "Intercede" on button1 does not put 100% but only 75% of the damage on the caster).
  • Fixed a bug in the default first macro for Assassins that prevented it from always using the level appropriate spell. Thanks to Chrislau for the report and the fix.

Vertical Letterbox
  • You can now enable a vertical letterbox (emulating eq1's /viewport command) by editing the file _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt with a text editor and there the settings in the section "LetterboxOptions". Check the FAQ for details.

Auto Attack Calculator
  • The ControlCenter now has a button to show a window that you can use to calculate how CAs you can use during one auto attack. This is a little project that is pretty much built to specifications suggested by Jida and which is discussed here. Work in progress, some more automation might be added.

Chat window
  • Both chat window variants no longer cuts off the first line of text. Note that there was a bug on Beta which will probably go live which breaks the Frame & Titlebar setting. You need to set it to "None" if you are not able to chat.

Death window
  • Death window has been shrunken a bit further but is now horizontally resizable.

Market window
  • The market window tier dropdown now allows you to search for "Uncommon" items. This was missing for the longest time since the Default UI does not support searching for Uncommon items and therefore I never noticed. Thanks to ibnithl for pointing it out, he was in deep trouble finding enough uncommon Halloween candy in order to make spiderman-ish cloaks! ;-).
    Note that while this dropdown entry will not be translated on non-English servers, it should still work.
  • Fixed German language market window favorites for ammunition, thanks to PanEx for the good bug report including the solution.
  • Fixed market window search for Alkali loams which I broke in the last version

  • Updated ProfitUI Video settings "Raid", "Performance", "Quality" regarding the shadow types (Quality now shows some shadows, the former two still don't). Since the videosettings have not been changed in years other feedback on other things that should be changed to go with the systems people have today is welcome.
  • The Sokokar/Guildhall Teleporter window is now movable. Note that I shamelessly ripped the idea from Narzoo who just released a standalone mod for this. I did not even know this window was not movable.
  • InfoCenter game update history updated (seems like GU50 info is not yet posted though)
  • Subclass detection now checks all German translations twice, once without a space at the end and once with it, since I can't go check every couple of weeks which subclass names they have currently messed up. I have given up all hope that SOE will ever employ translators with a clue...
  • Cosmetic change to the browser window to give dragowulf a hand with his skins.

Changelog 4.7.2 - 4.7.3 (8 October 2008)
  • Market window searches for Alkali Loams, Steel Clusters and Rough Opal no longer bring up Alkaline, Feysteel and Rough Opaline as well. Thanks dansherrill for pointing these out and suggesting the fix.
  • Fixed auto decline loot and playerhousing just press enter functionality, and no I won't tell you what the bug was

Changelog 4.7.1 - 4.7.2 (8 October 2008)

Delete the following files from your ProfitUI folder:
  • eq2ui_playerhousing.xml
  • eq2ui_inventory_loot.xml

Macro buttons
  • Warlocks now have a fifth macro button for heart/shard requests

Tradeskill window
  • Added checkbox to disable guild hall supply depot amenity

Persona window
  • Added checkbox to disable voice chat invitations to persona window

Market window
  • Fixed spelling of "Screewoggins' Surprise" in favorites
  • Fixed my class/lvl button for carpenters on German servers (SOE likes renaming classes, now it is called "Schreiner" - thanks to PanEx for letting me know about the problem and the fix)

Vertical compact group window
  • Macro button labels for group member 1 count correctly from 1 to 5 now

  • Fixed loot auto decline setting in _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt, setting this value should now work (nobody seems to ever have tried this since nobody reported that bug so far...)
  • Fixed subclass detection for Furies and Wardens on German servers (SOE broke it), thanks Cairbre for posting the fix.

Changelog 4.7.0 - 4.7.1 (19 August 2008)
  • Default setting for curing code switched back to "queue" from "cancel spellcast" in _ProfitUI_Cures.txt, since queueing of spells via UI scripting seems to have been ninja fixed by SOE (thanks!). Of course you can always edit the file to configure a different default, see the FAQ for details.
  • Cosmetic fix for compact group window versions which now have macro buttons correctly labelled 1 to 5.
  • Fixed the speaker icon in the group and raid windows - I had not realized before that it would show all the time for voice chat enabled players, therefore I may yet move the icon to a different position because the member level is otherwise permanently hidden (that means I will have to enlarge the window)
  • Fixed disappearing member number in group window, that was actually some leftover code I forgot about

Changelog 4.6.9 - 4.7.0 (31 July 2008)

Voice Chat/Group and Raid windows
  • Default raid and group window variants now show a speaker icon for group and raid members for the GU47 voice chat feature. Currently only visible if you use the default variant of each window. All non-default variants will be updated in time.

Click to cure
  • Default setting for curing code switched from "queue" to "cancel spellcast", since queueing of spells via UI scripting seems to have been disabled by SOE.

Click to search
  • Replaced eq2idb with lootdb.com in default item search links.

Chat window
  • Chat window variant with tabs on bottom no longer sets you AFK upon login.

Zoning Window
  • Zoning window now has an option to toggle the display of game tips instead of the zoning progress for the duration of your gaming session. The default is off. Note that different tips will only be shown on servers having GU47 or later.

Market Window
  • Market window now also detects French language and selects appropriate French favorites - does not work if you use the English UI on the French server (cl_language English). Grand merci Jaclac pour la traduction !
  • German market favorites slightly changed in view of handling of characters

  • Updated InfoCenter with new TIWIKIE section posted by lordrelhai and the additions Drumstix42 added to the [DrumsUI] version of the InfoCenter, all credits go to them:
    • Epic Weapon guides! (Artisan and Adventurers)
    • Neriak + Gorowyn + All city T8 Writ information
    • Lore & Legend quick-list now includes locations + other various tweaks

  • The control center's icon size slider for detrimental effects window would not work. Fixed.

  • Default skin and default skinpack (separate download) have been updated with the icons for the GU47 voice chat feature (other skinpacks to follow)

Changelog 4.6.8b - 4.6.9 (13 May 2008)

Click to cure
  • Priests single target cures renamed to "Cure" for GU45. If your server is not yet patched to GU45, your single target click-to-cure buttons will stop working if you are a priest.

Horizontal group window
  • Cancel spellcast toggle buttons added to horizontal group window variant and slightly moved to the right in horizontal compact variant

Market Window
  • Market window favorites now auto-detect the language of the EQ2 localization and load appropriate favorites for the dropdowns. Currently there is only a German translation kindly provided by RegenCoE, thus other languages still use the English version. If you want to see a French or Japanese version, please submit a translation (since EQ2 UI scripting does not support non-US-ASCII characters you may want to /feedback a lot before sitting down to do that Japanese translation...).

    If you modified your favorites and do not want to replace them you will need to edit your files. In the second line find the text Name="FavSourceX", where X is a number from 1 to 6 depending on which file you edit. Directly after the number add EN for English or DE for German, eg. Name="FavSource1EN".

    Note to German players: Das EQ2 Interface ist nicht richtig kompatibel mit nicht-US-ASCII Zeichen, also Umlaute und das . Diese hat RegenCoE daher als ae, ue, etc. eingegeben und den Itemnamen mit einem doppelten Ausrufezeichen am Anfang markiert. Wenn Ihr die Ausrufezeichen seht, mt Ihr manuell das ae in ein ndern, das ue in ein , usw. Bitte /feedback an SOE, UI Skripte voll UTF-8 kompatibel zu machen.

Maintained window
  • Maintained window (all variants) changed to always be behind other windows so it can no longer overlay the group window or other windows

Bank window
  • New bank window layout for GU45

Inventory window
  • Inventory window fixed for GU45

  • Updated Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier section in InfoCenter with Lodrelhai's latest files
  • Some GU45 related InfoCenter updates

Login/Shutdown windows
  • Login window again shows the scrollbar where necessary to scroll through your list of characters
  • Camping to character select works again in all situations.

Control Center
  • Video Controls window now shows your actual settings on all sliders and toggles when you open it. Note that if you have changed the option "Show name for other players" to something else than "Always", it will be set to "Target or Mouseover" as soon as you open the window.
  • Sound Controls window now shows your actual settings on all sliders when you open it.

Changelog 4.6.8a - 4.6.8b (12 April 2008)

Don't ask... sorry for all the updates...

Changelog 4.6.8 - 4.6.8a (12 April 2008)

Horizontal compact group window was somewhat vertical. Fixed.. sigh.

Changelog 4.6.5a - 4.6.8 (12 April 2008)

Group window
  • All group window variants are now GU44 compatible
  • All group window variants now have 5 macro buttons. Sorry, I never realized the variants did only have 3.
  • Fixed default vertical group window health bar for group member 3

Player window
  • Added cure curse icon

Raid window
  • Raid window kick group from raid buttons might now work - never noticed they didn't

Click to cure
  • Added line to _ProfitUI_Cures.txt for configuring Cure Curse potions, should those exist. Currently left blank.

Persona window
  • Added display bow option

Login/Shutdown windows
  • Fixed a very old open issue: You could not directly login to a char on another account, you always had to go via the login window. Not anymore! That also made the checkbox redundant.

Changelog 4.6a - 4.6.5a (23 March 2008)
  • Default vertical group window only now has a fifth cure button (Cure Curse) in anticipation of GU44 (should not cause issues on GU43 servers).
    You may need to horizontally resize the window to see the fifth button after GU44 hits live (or currently on the Test server). The other group window variants, the player window and the raid window and everything else will have to wait until after GU44 (and my vacation). Since I expect curses to be a raid only thing the group window is the only place you really need to cure for now.
  • Loot window updated to need/greed button placement of default UI since that makes sense (Greed is at same position as Loot All). Just press enter for greed. Loot window also made GU44 compatible in advance (should not cause issues on GU43 servers)
  • Click to cure can now be configured for 3 different types of potions. Dedicated potions have been added. Let me know if you think this is too much and I should just drop grandmaster potions in favor of having only 2 options (= less spam in the chat window).
  • Click to search now directly goes to the Allakhazam quest/item info page after they added that function (and kinldy informed me off it)
  • Subclass detection fixed for French illusionists

Changelog 4.6 - 4.6a (5 March 2008)

Hotbar overlay really works now.

Changelog 4.5a - 4.6 (4 March 2008)

Loot window
  • GU43 compatible loot window (should also work with GU42)

  • Enable the frame & titlebar mode of your hotbars to get a big number overlayed over the icon that shows your reuse timers (I have asked SOE to allow us to hide it when no timer is running, currently it always shows). Only works if your server has GU43

  • Updated InfoCenter based on Drumstix42's work, however the ProfitUI version contains more up to date information, changed functionality and fewer bugs . Credits for the new framework still go to Drumstix42. NOTE: Do not use his version with ProfitUI, it will not work.
  • T8 status furniture items added to InfoCenter. Thanks to psychogonk for submitting the list.

Chat window
  • Reworked a lot of the code of both chat window variants fixing a couple of bugs in both variants
  • Chat window close button is now in the upper right corner of the chat area left of the scrollbar in both variants, also when no tabs are showing
  • Chat window tab pane now extends across the entire width of the chat window
  • Chat window scrollbars + default chat type selection icon now only show if you mouse over the right part of the window.
  • Chat window scrollbars now overlay the text - in other words, the chat text is now displayed across the full width of the chat window

Effects windows
  • Removed the frame & titlebar mode from beneficial and detrimental effects windows because the icon size can now be configured in _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt

  • Fury lvl32 spell Wildling Elixir now works on quick buttons (typo in spell name)
  • Visual fix to achievement window titlebar (was slightly cut off) and added localized tooltip for detrimental spell effects

Changelog 4.5 - 4.5a (8 February 2008)

Armor mannequins fixed.

Changelog 4.4 - 4.5 (7 February 2008)

Quick Macro Buttons
  • All of the quick macro buttons (group & raid window) have been updated for all levels. This was entirely done via the ProfitUI Quick Macro Button Configurator. Because of this, all existing bugs in the code should have been wiped out.
  • Tooltips now list the entire spell line including the level of each spell. While at lvl80 this might be annoying, I hope that on the way there it is helpful. As always, feedback is welcome.
  • The level detection is now based on your actual level even if you mentor (thanks go to UI dev Rothgar for adding in the data I needed for this!)

Pet window
  • Click the pet name to change it without recasting the pet.
  • Access the new Petoptions window for permanent petoptions via a new button on the pet window (upper right corner)

ProfitUI Control Center
  • It is now possible to select your detrimental spell effects icon size
  • New checkbox to auto-decline loot for mentoring. This was requested by a user who saw it on the Fetish UI, so credits for the idea go to Zonx. However, in contrast to Fetish, my solution actually declines the lotto instead of just hiding the loot window, so you don't have to wait for lotto to time out.
  • Added buttons to toggle the new connection/fps stats window and to load a uisettings.ini file (/load_uisettings)
  • New _ProfitUI_MiscSettings.txt: Allows you to predefine effects icon sizes and the auto-decline loot option (not that the values you change on the control center still do not save).

Quest helper window
  • Quest helper: Tooltip with quest details (Level, Origin Zone, Current Zone) added. This is based on Dragowulf's mod who deserves full credit for the great idea of putting that data on the quest helper! Note that my implementation only works with the ProfitUI QuestJournal window, whereas Dragowulf's also works with other journal mods.

Market Window
  • added Item Effect search box for GU42. Take note that the favorites files now need an entry ItemEffect should you use your own versions of these files.
  • added 3 additional favorites dropdowns. Many many thanks go to FloridaFringe for submitting his very comprehensive favorites that much of these are based on. Note that not all new sections are complete, feel free to submit additions.

  • Updated Cookbook with T8 drinks and food submitted by Hiastia (and I updated the 5 hour page based on that myself)
  • Added missing Kelethin T5 writs submitted by Vampiree, thanks!
  • Added templates for Neriak and Gorowyn writs, please submit the info
  • Fixed Qeynos/Freeport T7/T8 writs pages being overlaid with Kelethin writs (not that T8 has any info...)
  • Fixed the claymore menu being cut off in the middle
  • Added info on tome collections in Forsaken City (submitted by Ashkanar, thanks)
  • Updated LU history

Click to cure
  • Cure buttons now use the correct T8 expert potions, sorry for getting them all mixed up

Click to search
  • Added "EQ2" as a standard search term to each google search for better results (forgot who suggested this but thanks, good idea!)

  • EQ2MAP: If you have EQ2MAP, ProfitUI will fix the missing POI problem which appears in certain zones for you. Might not work for everybody, but should work for most.
  • Player housing: Enter now zones you in after you selected a name - this was probably the longest pending feature request so I implemented it just because of that. Enjoy Eloora
  • Loot window: Enter now loots all.
  • /cl_escape_opens_main_menu removed from eq2.ini again since it is now available via Options->User Interface->Game Windows

Changelog 4.3.1 - 4.4 (23 December 2007)

Quick Raid Buttons
  • Tier 8 spells have now been added to the macro buttons as far as users had requested them. The buttons detect your level and use the appropriate spell (only between Tier8 and Tier7 spells). And for those classes that have no Tier8 macros yet: Not my problem if you are too lazy to submit the info.
  • The control center now has a checkbox to disable (and enable again) the QuickRaidButtons on the Group Window. This setting is not saved between sessions as it was only requested for some fights requiring hectic curing.
  • Fixed a bug with subclass detection for Illusionists on German servers. SOE has a bug in the data they send and the class is now named "Thaumaturgist " with a space at the end.
  • Default potions (_ProfitUI_Cures.txt) updated to include T8 Expert potions (thanks to pixal for posting the vdl numbers). The fallback potion are T7 grandmaster potions now and I expect most people to use those, since they go up to lvl 97. T6 master potions have been removed since they only go to level 83.
Player window
  • The invisible buttons on the "self" portion of the player window now light up on mouse-over clearly announcing their presence. Let me know if you want something like this for other windows as well.
Browser window
  • Fixed (worked around) the old bug with the maximize/restore button on the browser window.
  • Fixed, updated, and added a couple of the browser bookmarks. InfoCenter web link was removed since it was dead.
Quest helper
  • The recently updated quests dropdown menu no longer shows when you jump even if you have the quest helper window selected.
Journals window
  • Journal window collections tab now has the "Hide completed" checkbox added with GU41
Dressing room
  • Changed dressing room zoom levels when mounted to allow zooming out further
Market window
  • Added T8 rares to market window favorites
  • Added T8 containers to market window favorites
Persona window
  • Persona window fixes: Haste Mod is no longer spelt Hate Mod and the actual Hate Mod now shows the correct number.
  • InfoCenter: Fixed bug with displaying T8 Qeynos and Freeport writ pages (no info on them anyway...).
  • Redid coding of navigation bars all over InfoCenter for easier aligment
  • Added T8 sections all over the InfoCenter, although most just contain placeholders for now until you submit the information.
  • Added in T8 spell lists taken from TTH. Was quite some work, but thanks to them for compiling it in the first place. Please verify them and let me about errors. At least their Troubador list was visibly false and I added at least missing M2 spells back in from the beta list (without description). The updated Fury spell list was sent in by Ypselon
  • Added T8 harvesting info to InfoCenter, updated LU history, and added new update to TIWIKE section by Lodrelhai
  • Updated racial traits in InfoCenter as compiled by Hakujin of Permafrost on Nov 7 2007 in this thread
  • Fixed InfoCenter minimize button not working
Chat window
  • The little arrow keys that allow you to scroll the chat tabs left and right if you have too many now only show when you hover your mouse over the tab area
Target window
  • The effect icons of the target window were cut off in large icon mode (frame & title setting). Implied target window was fine.
Persona window
  • Persona window weapon stats text is no longer being cut off at the default window size
  • Persona window details page now shows your current language (saw that on a screenshot of Othesus' persona window and liked the idea) and has a button to change it (something that Othesus forgot ). Also changed some labels in the English version and realigned/resized a number of elements on all tabs
Bottom Bar
  • The 1024 pixel wide version of the bottom bar should again be the correct file. Sorry it took so long.
ProfitUI Control Center
  • Language section has been removed from Control Center. Instead I brought back the checkbox the open your last read mail even when not at a mailbox (so you don't have to note down that long crafting order). Also the bottom bar width can now be maximized to the exact window width instead of the previous preset buttoms. Finally the window has been shrunken and a button to my portal page added.
  • The control center now has a checkbox to disable (and enable again) the QuickRaidButtons on the Group Window. This setting is not saved between sessions as it was only requested for some fights requiring hectic curing.
  • I have added /cl_escape_opens_main_menu 1 to eq2.ini to prevent the start menu from opening when you hit ESC since I cannot imagine anybody that considers the change made by SOE useful.
  • Internal fix to _ProfitUI_InventoryColorSettings.txt, penultimate line.
  • Socials window: Fixed typo with "aggressive".

Changelog 4.3 - 4.3.1 (16 November 2007)
  • Persona window factions tab fixed
  • Persona window alignment of tradeskill class/lvl on stats tab fixed
  • Crafting window now works correctly in expanded mode
  • Tradeskill process can again be fully keyboard controlled, i.e. hit Enter to repeat and ESC to stop
  • Startbutton tooltip for ProfitUI Control Center now correctly says "Show" instead of "Hide" when logging in
  • Timer window can again be opened by clicking the clock
  • POIFinder is again preconfigured, just drop the latest version into your ProfitUI folder

Changelog 4.2.1 - 4.3 (12 November 2007)
  • Updated a number of windows for GU40 compatibility and features, including some interesting new features on the tradeskill window.
  • Please delete eq2ui.xml, eq2ui_mainhud.xml, and eq2ui_mainhud_achievements.xml from your \ProfitUI folder, these files are no longer part of ProfitUI and not compatible with GU40
  • Modders note: All custom windows that were previously located in the MainHUD tree were moved to the new Custom tree
  • Modders note: The subclass detection for the persona window is no longer performed via _ProfitUI_Styles.xml
  • Fixed player window "frame only" mode sometimes not taking effect after logging in
  • The optional zone name display below the clock window now display the region within a zone instead of the entire zone's name if there is such a region. This is a RoK feature, I do not expect other zones to have regions, meaning for most zones you will not notice a change.
  • Persona window updated with more stats. While the default UI's persona window has received an upgrade as well, the ProfitUI window still displays more stats.
  • Bottom bar has not yet been updated with the new stats, but will eventually be.
  • Preconfiguration for POIfinder has been removed since I have not yet seen the new EQ2MAP and I do not know whether it will be compatible. It will be added back in once I know/once it has been updated.
  • The font size for the stack number display in your bags has been slightly increased to help readability. Unfortunately I cannot add a shadow to the font, which would be necessary to create better contrast on very light items such as ashen roots. I encourage you to /feedback this, requesting the possibility to add a ShadowStyle.
  • InfoCenter now has button that opens the ProfitUI FAQ in a in-game browser window.
  • DisplaySettings page was removed from InfoCenter since ProfitUI has its own superior display settings code
  • InfoCenter now includes Sword of Destiny walkthrough compiled by mortis42
  • Added heart/shard request to macro button 3 for assassins and moved the /assist macro to button 5 in _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt

Changelog 4.2 - 4.2.1 (6 November 2007)
  • fixed quick raid buttons being invisible on raid window
  • Added updated TIWIKE (Things I Wish I'd have Known Earlier) section for InfoCenter posted by Lodrelhai

Changelog 4.1 - 4.2 (4 November 2007)
  • The raid window can again be fully arranged horizontally with cures showing
  • You can now disable all or specific Quick Raid Buttons for each subclass for both raid and group windows. Do this by editing _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt as explained in the FAQ. For every button where you configure Macro="NONE", the button will be disabled and invisible in game.
  • You can control the opacity level of the quick raid buttons on the raid window (not the group window) by configuring the value ButtonOpacityLevel in your _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt. The default value is 1.000, making them completely opaque on mouse-over. To have a half transparent window, you would set the value to 0.500. To turn the buttons off completely, you would set it to 0. Attention: You must manually add this parameter to your _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt< file if you want to keep it and have it on ignore. Otherwise the buttons will be hidden by default.
  • In view of the change above the raid window variant _eq2ui_mainhud_raid (cures, QRB half transparent).zip has been removed again. Note that you must manually go to the variants window and select the default variant if you had previously selected the half transparent variant. Otherwise you will not receive the updated raid window.
  • The buttons on the vertical group window are now also completely hidden until you mouse-over, just like on the horizontal variants of the window.
  • The duration only variants of the maintained window now also show remaining charges/ward amount at the top of the icon
  • The ProfitUI v3.4.1 group window variants have been added back into the release as an option for international players. Due to the encoding bug of the EQ2 UI engine the current curing/casting style using useabilityonplayer cannot be used on players having non-ASCII character names. Note that these variants do not have the macro buttons that the 4.x windows have and are not configurable via _ProfitUI_Cures.txt. They also do not allow potion curing. I suggest that you all /bug the encoding issue that does not allow UI authors to work with non-ASCII characters in scripts.
  • The title of the bank window is again correctly aligned
  • The page number indicator on the mail window is again correctly aligned and no longer overlaps with the line above it
  • Persona window bio editor background overlap removed
  • Bags have been fixed for GU39 and can again be resized
  • Experience window should no longer cut off tradeskill class name on German servers
  • The optional 1740+ wide bottom bar now places the resistance values correctly. This one was actually quite difficult to fix, but I won't bore you with the details.
  • The mail signatures got bold and ran off again - they have been caught.
  • You learn something new everyday, SOE hardcodes even the positioning of elements in the group window. Both horizontal versions fixed.
  • I was taught how to count to five (macro buttons 4 & 5 on the raid window should now work)
  • Added variant of raid window without macro and cure buttons (i.e. the old raid window) per request

Changelog 3.4.1 - 4.1 (21 October 2007)

There have been a couple of intermediate releases between these two. Trying to reconstruct here what was done:

Leaving ProfitUI 3.x behind, ProfitUI 4.x is upon us
Delete your ProfitUI folder if upgrading from a version below 4.x as a number of files have been deleted/renamed. This includes some .txt files - edit the new files with your old data.

Note to those that had installed version 4.0 - delete eq2ui_mainhud_map.xml from your ProfitUI folder unless you are also an EQ2MAP user. That file had been in the 4.0 archive and should not have been.

Also delete eq2ui_hud_slider.xml, wasn't supposed to be there.

New skin style
  • I got tired of looking at the old default button style. So we've got a completely redone skin using new rectangular buttons and a new brushed aluminium background image. Sliderbars are (partly) redone as well.
  • Full skinpack to come for these, still sorting out some issues with the graphics encoding before making that one. As always, if you want a custom color, just let me know, always happy to add one.
  • The skin style I had for ProfitUI 2.8-3.x will be updated and made available as "ProfitUI Classic" (it's not really classic, ProfitUI < 2.8 had a different skin) skins as well. You can still use them in their current form, but note that the new /pet hide button on the startbar (see below) will be invisible, as will be the maximize button on the LoN window.

  • Default bag window (only) in titlebar mode still will be cut off at the bottom when you move items in it. The advantage is that you can have some bags in titlebar mode and some not.
  • No cutting off occurs in the new optional _eq2ui_inventory_bag (fixed titlebars).zip in your ProfitUI folder. The downside is that you cannot turn titlebars off in this one.

Beneficial / Detrimental Effects windows
  • Beneficial and detrimental spell effects on you are now shown in separate windows (if your server has GU39)
  • Both windows now have two variants each, one that sorts top to bottom and one that sorts bottom to top. Extract the respective files in your ProfitUI folder.

Bottom Bar
  • New optional full version of the bottom bar displaying all information at once - you will need a screen width of at least 1740 pixels to display this properly. Extract _ProfitUI_BottomBar (1740+).zip in your ProfitUI folder to use.

  • Fixed the first line of bookmarks being unclickable
  • This line is still kept empty in the default bookmarks because it will be clicked when then bookmarks close on you inadvertantly.

Chat Window
  • Added requested chat window variant with tabs on bottom - extract _eq2ui_mainhud_mainchat (tabs on bottom).zip if you want that
  • Chat window now has small buttons to move tabs left or right when they will otherwise not fit on the window.
  • Added frame and titelbar mode to also allow chat entry (it's identical to setting it to none). Hopefully this eases the pain of people not reading the installation instructions. You've now got a 66% chance to get it right.

  • Compass graphics have been cleaned up a bit with a different font that should be better to read.
  • Just noting in view of a recent discussion that the ProfitUI compass is exact. :P

Group Window
  • Click-to-cure is now using subclass specifc cures.
  • Configure the cures for your subclass in _ProfitUI_Cures.txt in your ProfitUI folder.
    Example: If you are a Coercer, you will find this line:

    <Data Name="Coercer" TraumaCure="NONE" ArcaneCure="Cure Arcane" NoxiousCure="NONE" ElementalCure="NONE"/>

    A coercer has a spell to cure arcane impairments (named Cure Arcane - if you want to use a different spell, write that spell name instead).
    A coercer cannot cure any other impairment. That is why NONE is written for those. If you write NONE (and only then) it will try to cure such impairments on yourself using a potion from your inventory:
  • You can now define two sets of potions for potion curing. Example:

    <Data Name="TraumaPotion" potionvdl_1="-1126736947" potionvdl_2="-292985664"/>

    When you have defined NONE as your cure spell, the UI will try to first your with potionvdl_1 and, if that is not found in your inventory, with potionvdl_2. Check the FAQ on how to configure the VDL numbers representing the potions.
  • If you need to define more than two sets of potions let me know, it would be not big deal to add more.
  • Added Q and C buttons to either queue cures or - for those urgent situatons - to cancle any ongoing spellcast so you can begin casting your cure immediately. The default is set to queue cures. You can change the default in the file _ProfitUI_Cures.txt in this line:

    <Data Name="CancelSpellcast" Value="false"/>

    You can set this to either false or true.
  • Quick Raid Buttons are now also on the group window placed above each group member. These are fully customizable with any macro you want and provide a subclass specific set of macros. A predefined set of 3 macros for each subclass at level 70 is provided. If you are lower level you will need to define your own. Check the FAQ on how to customize the buttons in the file _ProfitUI_QuickRaidButtons.txt in your ProfitUI folder.
  • The default vertical group window has 5 buttons, the other variants only 3 so far and will be updated in the future.
  • Targeting yourself on the group window works again
  • The compact versions of the group window have been slightly restyled to be more in line with the default versions.

  • Since Milquetowst is currently no longer updating the InfoCenter it will no be maintained by myself within ProfitUI and the file has been renamed accordingly and moved out of the Journals tree. The files eq2ui_journals.xml and eq2ui_journals_infocenter.xml have been removed from the UI.
  • Minimizing has been brought in line with the ProfitUI style of doing it - minimizing now hides the entire window, use the startbutton to minimize/restore it (deal with it).
  • Added a maximize button
  • Removed the socials tab since it was redundant
  • I will not be adding any info by myself but if you bring me usable text files in the usual InfoCenter style/format for, e.g. SoD, I will add them.

Inventory Window
  • Click the "Show Appearance" text to have the window expand and show appearance slots.
  • Appearance slots have a red color tinting to allow you to tell them easier apart from the "real" inventory slots, in particular on the compact inventory version.
  • Yes, the large inventory version moves to the right when appearance slots are shown, possibly hiding part of the window if you have it arranged at the right side of the screen. Deal with it, I like it that way - there is nothing on the hidden side of the window that can be put into appearance slots anway.

Login/Shutdown Windows
  • As requested, the account name of your toon is now listed in a separate column so it is easier to see.
  • Shutdown window now camps to Server.Charactername as it was reported to cause issues for people with multiple toons with identical names on different servers otherwise.
  • Added new button "Skip to Login w/o Camping" to get to the login screen without camping. Basically a faster way to log on to a different account SOE has still not fixed the way to do it directly. Clicking this brings you immediately to the login screen where you can immediately log into your other account. If you try to log onto a different character on the same account you will likely get an "account in use" error message.

Main Window
  • Spam page added a while ago

Maintained Window
  • Remaining charges/ward amount added!
  • Icon-only versions that show duration on the window have been added (this is basically Killarny's maintained window that I had fixed a while ago adapted for ProfitUI use). Extract the respective variant you want (currently left, left slim, right, right slim, duration only, duration only slim).

Persona Window
  • Some data was hidden and had to scrolled into view. Fixed.
  • You can now decline LoN invitations.

Player Window
  • Subclass specific curing code as on the group window (see above)
  • New window settings modes. Setting frame and title to none will now hide inactive parts of the window, i.e. the parts for target and implied target only show up if needed just as the read target/implied target windows.
  • Frame Only mode is the old always visible mode
  • Use the backdrop sliders to control the blue backdrop.
  • Use the frame sliders to control visibility of the small Self-Target-Implied titles
  • The "self" part now shows both health and power percentage.

Quest Helper
  • The buttons and the dropdown for recent and last updated quests have finally been finished and are now shown by default when you mouse over the titlebar of the quest helper window.
  • The dropdown style was adapted from Calain80's work who had helped out with an optional quest helper mod for ProfitUI for the longest time as I was too lazy to get it finished. Thanks for the help!

Raid Window
  • Quick Raid Buttons as on the group window (see above). These appear on mouse-over on top of the health/power bars.
  • The raid window has a set of 5 buttons
  • Cure buttons as on the group window. These will not light up even for your own group (SOE does not provide the necessary data)!
  • The window applies the default cancel spellcasts setting defined in _ProfitUI_Cures.txt (see above). If you want to toggle it during the raid you can do that via the buttons on the group window, they work for both group and raid window.
  • To hide the cure buttons, either go to window settings and set frame to none, or - if you like the titlebars - click the minimize button on the first group's titlebar that appears on mouse-over at the right of the bar. The first variant saves, the second variant must be done every raid unless you just resize your raid window to hide the cures that way.
  • The frame around the raid window is now controlled exclusively by the frame sliders in windowsettings

Socials Window
  • Setting mood to "none" now also works with French and German localized versions (due to the persisting encoding problems of the UI engine it will not work with Japanese (or Russian) versions)
  • Added /mood afraid which was mysteriously missing

Sound Controls Window
  • Amended the sound control window with all sound types there are in game - you will need to resize the window to see them (default uisettings not yet updated for this)
  • Something I always forgot to fix: The sound control window will now display the actual correct value of all your sound settings when you open it - the sliders remain at the leftmost position though, there is no way around that

Startbutton Panel
  • There is now a button to /hide pet to get rid of those pesky deity pets. If you raid with those visible you should be kicked from the raid IMO...

Timer Window
  • The default timer settings from _ProfitUI_Timerdefaults.txt will now be loaded.
  • The /testcopy bug had come out of hiding and was chased off again.

  • EQ2i link fixed
  • If you had your own bookmarks defined, please copy you <Data ... lines into the new default file, otherwise they will stop working.

Changelog 3.4 - 3.4.1 (23 May 2007)
FIXED a bug with some of the self cures in some group window variants

Changelog 3.3 - 3.4 (17 May 2007)

Test server/GU35 ready
The interface is compatible with the test server and upcoming GU35 (as far as we currently know).

ProfitUI Standard Searches
Easily configure your click-to-websearch options for Examine, Quest Helper and Quest Journal windows in one place by editing _ProfitUI_StandardSearches.txt.

Examine window:
The click to search buttons have been slightly moved to the right and now only show if you mouse over the upper area of the examine window, allowing you to take loot screenshots without them showing.

Quest Journal
Quest Journal now also has click-to-websearch functionality

Player window:
Ready for GU35.
Moved AFK display down and colored red
Added display for LFM status.
Fixed: Pet selection protection did not work for trauma cure button

Persona window:
Vertical and horizontal player level text on stats page should no longer display at the same time. Vertical will show when the game feels like it, and when it breaks, the fallback horizontal text will show as a reminder to SOE to finally fix the vertical display.

Browser window:
Fixed: Setting your homepage now works
Added Google to bookmarks

Target/Implied Target windows:
NPCs that turn attackable will now (hopefully) show health bars in ProfitUI. All praise Othesus for this fix!

Pet window:
Fixed (again) the ranged/melee buttons being just black - this fix was supposed to be in 3.3 but somehow got away before I could lock the .zip...

Bottom bar:
Relabeled spell "Recast:" to "Recov.:"

Market window:
Fixed MyClass/Lvl buttons for Japanese Sages and Tailors
Fixed header of Items column
Fixed some display and translation issues on localized systems

Fixed a sizing issue caused by SOE hardcoding sizes that occured when opening a new hotbar that had been closed in a previous session and had been configured for a vertical size smaller than 40 pixels.

Maintained window:
Fixed a tooltip issue with the alternate maintained windows

Changelog 3.2 - 3.3 (29 April 2007)

- "Frame only" setting will now disable the auto-show of the bank selectors (aka spinners). You can now permanently show or hide them via the hotbar options.
- Click on the bank number to show/hide the move target

Browser Window:
+ Tabbed browsing: Browse the web with 8 real tabs (note that I considered providing the possibility to open and close tabs upon user command as in a real browser, but it would not make a difference performance-wise, so currently I did not implement it and the 8 tabs are always open. Let me know if that is a problem. Also, tabs do not show window titles as we do not have access to that information)
* Fixed an issue that would maximize the browser window when reopened after it had previously been maximised and restored to normal size
* Fixed incorrect transparency level of disabled buttons
* Browser window can be made much smaller now
+ Added a completely new set of bookmarks
- Note that there is a very strange bug that will activate the maximize toggle in certain situations (e.g. open the browser window, click maximize, click tab 8, click maximize again to restore, then click tab 1 again and the maximize button will be clicked. Funky stuff. Doesn't seem to happen during normal browsing, only when playing with empty tabs, so I guess it does not matter too much).

Examine window:
In addition to the old functionality of searching items on the broker with a click of a button you can now also search on the web on Allakhazam, EQ2i, EQ2idb, and Google (idea from Othesus examine window GU33.1)

Quest helper:
Added three buttons to search for quest information on Allakhazam, Google, and EQ2i, inspired by Kodan's Active Quest lookup for ProfitUI, which in turn was based on Fetish.

- "Frame only" setting now enables titlebar - with this setting your bags will be too short when you resize them - hiding your bags once will fix this permanently (until the next time you resize)
* Fixed move target being difficult to grab (in titlebar mode there is no move target - you can grab the titlebar instead)

Video Settings:
+ Videosettings can now easily be saved via Options -> "Save". Save as one of the following to replace the default Raid, Performance, Quality, or Screenshots videosettings profile:
Note that if you save them yourself the profile will include more than just your videosettings but also options such as your browser homepage
- Removed the old videosettings .txt files in the ProfitUI folder, they are no longer being used

Experience Window:
Fixed tooltips that were not showing, instances where the wrong tooltips were showing and added any missing tooltips

Pet window:
Fixed ranged/melee button graphics that broke in last release

Zoning window:
Fixed: window is no longer slightly off-center

Bottom Bar:
Fixed alignment of some numbers
Fixed bottom bar being impossible to grab for resizing at the right corner

Fixed sixth inventory slot position (you may need to toggle inventory modes for this to take effect)

Persona Window and Market Window:
- Finally full support for Japanese, French and German subclass and tradeskill names for persona window background images and market window class/lvl buttons
Many thanks to the posters in this thread, in particular mim/Syahal and Guruguru for solving the problems with the Japanese names.
If the still have trouble with the functionality in any of these languages after updating to this version please let me know, it will likely a typing mistake on my end that I can quickly fix.
- Fixed some translation issues, most of the window should now be translated if you play on a localized server.

Start Button:
Added mouse-over icon for browser icon.

Group Window:
The missing horizontal group window makes a reappearance.

* Default UIsettings.ini files have all been updated
+ More windows have been translated for localized versions now.

Changelog 3.1.1 - 3.2 (25 April 2007)
Release is for GU34 only, wait until your server is patched.

Chat window:
* text input is now enabled by default
- the default uisettings files have not yet been updated, after loading one of those you will need to right click the chat window and set "frame & titlebar" settings to "none". Might also happen to existing users, you may need to toggle it back and forth. I will update the default settings in the near future.

* Moved bank selector arrows left of the icon area, you can now access the full right-click menu by right-clicking the bank selector arrows
+ Click on the bank number to show/hide the move target
- all frame & titlebar options have been removed

Browser Window:
Added custom Browser Window with
- toolbar icons (based on those from the Firefox browser)
- minimize/maximize buttons
- load/set homepage buttons (code taken from Othesus)
- bookmarks (code and list taken from Othesus)
- edit your bookmarks in the file _ProfitUI_Browser_Bookmarks.txt
- auto-hiding status bar

Start Button:
Added Button to open browser window or to restore it after minimizing it

FIXED: Spell Recovery Value now showing (was incorrectly showing Spell Cast Value before)

Player Window & Group Window
- Self cures should no longer target your pet in certain situations

Experience Window:
Updated for GU34 - no more incorrect rounding (window variants therefore removed)

Raid window:
Fixed drag'n'drop issues

Quest journal
+ added quest sharing buttons for GU34
+ window should now be fully translated on localized versions

Examine window
+ added spell use display

Updated Milquetowst InfoCenter to v070317
Removed support for Mother's MapSpoiler
Added support for TreeMos POIfinder - just drop the files into your ProfitUI directory, no need to edit anything

Changelog 3.1 - 3.1.1
This is a minor update for GU32 to enable the /browser window (you can install this even if your server has not been patched yet)
+ added /pet ranged and /pet melee buttons to pet window (top left)
FIXED: move buttons on hotbars are visible again

Changelog 3.0.3 - 3.1
- Hotbars now always show the move target on mouse over to facilitate right-clicking
- Reverted target/implied target windows back to previous non-resizing version so buffs should be visible for all again
- Market window now shows level column in buy pane
- Persona window now shows Ranged double attack chance
- Persona window now shows no background image at all when your class name contains non-ASCII characters, working around an issue caused by SOE
- Player window now shows PVP indicator
- Bottom bar now uses a minimum screen width of 1280 to fit more information on it. It no longer uses a mouse-over switch, but click on the left triangle |> to switch some information
- The old 1024x768 compatible bottom bar is included as an option, just extract _ProfitUI_BottomBar (1024x768).zip in your ProfitUI folder.
- XP windows can now be shrunk horizontally to hide coin and the big XP number. Doing this will cut the top XP bar in half of course.
- Fixed display issue in XP window variant 2
- Fixed display issue in vertical compact group window (hopefully, did not test this)
- Fixed self-cure buttons in horizontal group window
- Fixed raid window drag'n'drop issue
- Made bags resizable in view of upcoming change which is currently on Test server (size changes won't save correctly on live at the moment)
- uisettings should again be up to date for all resolutions

Updated Milquetowst InfoCenter to v070104

Changelog 3.0.2 - 3.0.3
Fixed for GU30
Behaviour of frame & titlebar settings changed to
none: default, all settings controllable via the new hotbar settings menu
frame only: bank selectors visible on mouse over (regardless of the settings in the menu)
frame & titlebar: bank selectors visible on mouse over, move button visible on mouse over
Experience window
* Variant 1 is once again the default (sorry for always switching that one..)
* 100 total AA points now display correctly (100 available points won't)
* fixed pfacement of HP/Power regen display
* fixed class/lvl text clipping for some classes
* moved health/power numerical values left to display on top of the bars to save some space

Target & Implied Target windows
Added auto-resizing code introduced by Mortis in his addon target window (good idea Mortis!) and changed it to support the larger icons mode ("frame & titlebar" setting) as well.

The bottom bar should no longer vanish.

Player window
* Player window frame setting "none" now also hides the background for yourself.
- removed the player window options and replacement file to show/hide. Use Alt-U instead, works without issues now.

Other fixed for GU30 and some minor adjustements to some other windows
Updated Milquetowst InfoCenter to v061220
Updated default uisettings for 1280x1024 for this release (for the other default settings you need to fix your hotbar settings manually, otherwise they work)

Changelog 3.0.1 - 3.0.2
Fixed XP window variant 1 and remade it the default
Changed In Combat display in Persona window and fixed target section title no longer being possible to hide
Made hotkey bank selectors smaller.
Added _ProfitUI_BottomBar (No MouseOver).zip for those that don't like the mouse-over effect. Use "frame" and "frame&titlebar" to manually switch the displayed stats in this variant.

Updated default uisettings.ini for 1024x768 and 1280x1024 resolutions. Fixed some settings in the former file. The other default settings are not yet updated.

Updated Milquetowst InfoCenter to v061115.

Changelog 3.0 SP2 - 3.0.1
FIXED the missing icons. The skinpack has been updated as well.
FIXED display of "health regen" label in persona window
Changed hotbars to disable the move button when you hide spinners
Added info on current selected XP display in XP window tooltips

Changelog 3.0 SP1 - 3.0 SP2
FIXED tradeskill window and removed black background from bags.

Changelog 3.0 -> 3.0 SP1:
I knew I had forgotten something. The video after character creation was not visible. Fixed.

This release is dedicated to Iamien who kindly made me the present of an EoF key.

Changelog 2.8.2 -> 3.0:
Release notes? When should I have had time for that? (will try to really add them this time)

- New features include automatic per-character e-mail signatures and different skins for the UI available as a separate download

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