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Known Game Issues
Known Issues

for SOE to fix
  • The EQ2 UI scripting engine cannot handle non-ASCII characters internally, which means that many UI mods cannot be made to work on international servers. In ProfitUI this specifically affects the macro buttons, the cure buttons, the market favorites, the click-to-search functions, the voice chat buttons, the friends list and guild window invite/tell buttons, etc. Issue since launch.
  • Subscribed chat channels don't always stay in the tabs you originally put them in (usually they migrate into your first tab)
  • After GU27 it is no longer possible to click empty buttons (e.g. on hotbars, inventory windows, etc.) to move a window. This is caused by SOE and may be intentional
  • The target health percentage display sometimes changes to the color of the health bar. This issue is caused by SOE since launch.
  • Hotbar buttons "shine" when you mouse over them. Unfortunately this shine stays even if you remove your mouse from the hotbar because of the way SOE improperly implemented this feature. They only deactivate it if you move your mouse over the dead space of the hotbar window - ProfitUI does not have much dead space. Currently you can only disable the shine if your spinners are disabled ("frame only" mode) and you mouse over the space left of the icons (the only deadspace ProfitUI hotbars have). Issue since GU29 or maybe even GU27.
  • When saving a configuration profile from the options the game always sets chat_fontsize 15 regardless of your actual settings. Issue since introduction of the feature with GU34.
  • Dressing Room: Items with particle effects may shine through the blue background (which I can't seem to remove unfortunately). This also occurs with the default Dressing Room window.
  • Group window impairments are sometimes not shown for certain impairments. Since ProfitUI's effect icons code is identical to that of the Default UI's group window, I have to assume it happens for the Default UI as well. Also I had reports that player spells which do self damage such as a Defiler's Forced Cannibalize shows as trauma effect in group window, which they probably shouldn't.
  • It may happen that you miss chat lines during zoning. This is a client issue, not a UI issue.
  • In the persona window, if you mouse over the mitigation value for specific types (slashing, crushing, piercing), the percentage displayed is 1/10th what it should be. The percentage for the overall mitigation value displays the correct value.
  • A number of other data items on the persona window are not always accurate, including Spell Reuse and Spell Cast %, melee, spell or heal mod, amongst others. I still added them because they are available. You decide whether they have any usefulness to you.
  • The remaing ward/charges/triggers amount display in the maintained windows is sometimes "cloned" to other spells not having any wards/charges/triggers.
  • One detrimental icon sometimes gets stuck showing the default placeholder image. This bug is server side, restarting the client does not fix it. Occuring since around GU46.
  • /use_itemvdl (i.e. click to cure w/ potions) does not work if there are similar potions in your private bank (shared bank is fine).
  • With the addition of bank slots in GU45 there are now more inventory/bank/vault containers than will be saved when you log out.
  • Some item links will currently go into your first chat window, regardless of whether it is open or closed and regardless of which window you selected for "Always chat here". So make sure you set that up to receive chat input and be visible (if you have closed it use the open existing chat window option in the right click menu). Issue since GU50 I think, maybe longer.
  • The collection "Add" button moves around or is hidden completely if you resized the quest journal window during the same play session (issue since GU50).
    Workaround: You can just drag'n'drop the collection item to the collection window into the collection you want to add it to
  • Japanese server only: Searching for missing collection items does not work on the Japanese server due to a different implementation of the functionality on that server compared to all other servers, rendering it incompatible with the ProfitUI Market Window. The only workaround is to use the default or another market window.

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