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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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DarqUI Tip of the Week
Forum: DarqUIDarqwood
Today 12:00 PM
by Darqwood
ProfitUI CE: Raid Curse Alerts
Forum: ProfitUIDarqwood
06-18-2021 05:59 PM
by Darqwood
One character does not show equiped items
Forum: DarqUIMarrywine
06-18-2021 05:37 PM
by Darqwood
[Live] Update Notes: Friday, June 18, 2021
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
06-18-2021 07:11 AM
by Offical Forums
Forum: DarqUITaxet
06-17-2021 07:14 AM
by Darqwood
what do i do to fix this error
Forum: DarqUIDstri2
06-15-2021 09:35 AM
by Dstri2
[Live] Update Notes: Friday, June 18, 2021
Jun 18, 2021 - 7:11 AM - by Offical Forums
Great Divide
  • Frosty den no longer has the chance to spawn floating above the ground around the Ring War Remnants.
  • Items dropped by Ponzer the Propugnator in Kael Drakkel have been updated.
Recuso Digsite [Tradeskill]
  • Zoning into the zone should no longer pull your group members along with you.
Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
  • The door leading to the teleporter for Xerkizh the Creator should no longer become unusable if you leave and return to the zone.
Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
  • Thall Va Xakra Fer should no longer kill pets with his joust ability. If a pet is nearby during a joust event, it will check the range of the caster to make sure they are out of range of the joust before executing a fail.
  • When Thall Xundrax Diabo falls below 20% health, the Va Dyn Shadow Striker and Scrapper will now become weakened.
  • The messaging for the time to complete Emperor Ssraeshza's class challenges should now more accurately display the time from when the portals appear until the challenge timer has ended.
  • The Deliverer of Solace during the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter has had their health reduced.

  • Removed the ability to purchase the Guild Hall Chronomage, and Portal to Housing on Time-Locked servers as they will not function with Time-Locked restrictions.

  • Mentored players on a PvP server will have an effect applied to them that will reduce their stats to bring them closer to parity to the level to which they have mentored.
  • Characters will no longer be able to disband group if anyone in the group has been engaged in pvp combat.

Destiny of Velious
  • Adornments, including turquoise adornments, are no longer rewarded from the Ring War, Storm Gorge or Besieging Sleeper's Tomb public quests, and instead are dropped from heroic zone bosses and bosses within Kael Drakkel contested.

  • Flying Feathers – The Gryphon Research books in the Thurgadin library no longer have a chance to spawn at the same locations as books for "More Ore of Yore".
  • Cold Cuts in Winter - Returning to Farg Bloodtusk, at the Thrael'Gorr camp, will now update the quest, even if you have already completed Strength in Honor.
  • In the Thicket of It: A Sacred Essence - Sacred mantas can now be a target for this quest.
  • Spies No More - Investigating the second location for a Duhjalm spy now only provides a message to the immediate player.

The number of available charged overseer quests slots are now visible in the tooltip for available quests for the day.

The casting time for All-Out Brawl, the effect on the Ring of Ages, has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.
Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume I and Far Seas Strategic Pricing (3rd Edition), Volume II items have been adjusted
The Frostshadow Tyranodon and Xoloti, Spirit Guide mounts can now be examined from inventory to convert them to house items.
Corrected a bug that renamed Varig's Forge to Recuso Crafty Table
Greaves of the Circling Destiny - Armor item is now named appropriately for its inventory slot.
Overseer's Solid Chestguard - Item name typo corrected.

0 Replies | 81 Views
[Live] Update Notes – June 10, 2021
Jun 09, 2021 - 4:48 PM - by Offical Forums
Check out the latest patch notes for EverQuest II here.

0 Replies | 119 Views
[Live] Update Notes - June 8, 2021
Jun 07, 2021 - 5:50 PM - by Offical Forums

Destiny of Velious Kaladim Launch

Destiny of Velious has come to Kaladim for EverQuest II! Prepare to be transported to the legendary Great Wastes of Velious, where towering dungeons, dangerous beasts and epic storylines provide the ultimate MMO experience. Destiny of Velious will launch adventurers into the sky - Kaladim can use flying Mounts!

Following the events of Sentinel's Fate, the twin Swords of Destiny, Soulfire and the Qeynos Claymore, have been drained of their powers, setting the stage for the destruction of the EverQuest universe. The prophecy known as Age's End begins to unfold in the legendary continent of Velious, and it's here that the war for Norrath will arise. If there is to be any chance of saving Norrath, the Swords of Destiny must be restored.

Destiny of Velious – New Heroic Character

Start your adventures in Destiny of Velious with a free limited 85 heroic character! With the launch of Destiny of Velious, each account will earn a single Level 85 character boost upon logging into the Kaladim server.

This boost is granted once per account and grants gear appropriate for starting adventuring in Destiny of Velious overland content, and may be placed in the shared bank.

Destiny of Velious Web Pack

A new and exciting web pack is now live in celebration for Kaladim’s Destiny of Velious Launch. Items are useable by players on all servers!


  • Added Combat Mitigation to Destiny of Velious encounters.
  • Increased auto-attack and ability damage on Destiny of Velious encounters.
  • A portion of the damage dealt by Destiny of Velious encounters will now bleed through wards.
  • All servers, except Thurgadin, will now enforce English character names.
Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]
  • Damage from Furious Fangs has been reduced.
  • Health on base population and boss adds has been reduced.
Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
  • Corrected an issue during the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter that causes raiders to get a loading screen when returning back to the throne room from a class challenge. The teleport should now be instant. This change will not apply until a new zone has been created.
  • Corrected an issue that caused mages to not be able to enter the class challenge portals during the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter. This change should not need a new zone to apply.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from reviving during the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter.
  • Thall Va Xakra Fer should no longer kill pets who are within the death areas when checked.
Vex Thal: Den of Shadows [All Versions]
  • The shadeling darkstitch ability, Dark Flecks, should no longer hit other NPCs.
Savage Weald
  • The Grimling Hero should more reliably award his medals and mission updates.
Qeynos Capitol District
  • Musheff af'Neqi is now obviously an erudite.
The Lesser Faydark
  • An abundant patch should no longer have the chance to spawn in unreachable locations.
Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire
  • Corrected an issue that would cause Grand Restorer Lingwal to path under the world and break the encounter.

  • Corrected an issue with wards that would cause them to lose their crit bonus modifier when cast on a server that has not unlocked bonus critical types (legendary/fabled etc critcals).
  • Added checks for an invalid AA reference in bard profiles. When identified it will be auto-corrected (will receive a chat message if applicable).
  • Peaceful link will no longer trigger on a pvp server unless the target is engaged in combat.
  • Blueberry pie will no longer grant an inexplicable ability to outrun Usain Bolt
  • Corrected an issue that caused season three Overseer Adventures to grant duplicate but non-stackable infusers from previously rewarded content. These duplicate infusers will replace themselves on next login with their original versions, so that they may be stacked.
  • Zun Xi Vanguard Gauntlets - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Abyssal Xundraux Gauntlets - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Gauntlets of Dark Embers - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Nelon Hes' Written Plea - Item name now matches the boss' name.
  • Turquoise set adornments are now expansion restricted. Turquoise set adornments will function up until the expansion after they are first obtained in, so a adornment that is gained in Echoes of Faydwer will function through the Rise of Kunark expansion, but will no longer function in The Shadow Odyssey or later expansion zones.
  • Eidolon's Chain Mantle of Force is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Eidolon's Cloth Mantle of Force is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Eidolon's Leather Mantle of Frenzy is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Eidolon's Plate Mantle of Force is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Eidolon's Plate Mantle of Fortitude is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Skyking's Chain Mantle of Fortitude is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Skyking's Leather Mantle of Force is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Skyking's Plate Mantle of Frenzy is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Worthy's Chain Mantle of Frenzy is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Worthy's Cloth Mantle of Fortitude is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Worthy's Cloth Mantle of Frenzy is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • Worthy's Leather Mantle of Fortitude is now Heirloom instead of No-Trade.
  • An Eye for Power - To reduce confusion, the different colored shards of the shattered wand can now only be seen when you need them for the quest.
  • A Rocky Beginning - Quest journal now specifically indicates the player must return to 'The Forest Ruins: A Clandestine Meeting' to speak with Queen Amree.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multi attack from affecting pvp combat.
  • Dumbfire pets will no longer benefit from the players DPS or base auto-attack stats when cast on players.
  • Proof of Death Certificates have been replaced by Tarinax Toe Tags, which will drop at a rate of 1 per 10 levels of the target.
  • Tarinax Toe Tags will not drop if your target is more than four levels below your level.
  • Players who are 5 levels above the actual level of the player you are killing, or more, will no longer get rewards for killing that player.
  • Tarinax Mentoring changes are still in progress with code and QA and were not ready for live at this time. More later.
  • PvP templates for LoN items are still in progress. More later.

0 Replies | 172 Views
[Live] Update Notes - May 27, 2021
May 26, 2021 - 8:11 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Bounty bosses should no longer cast multiple curses of the same curse.
  • Dedalyk the Devourer should no longer cast duplicates or more than its two curses during the fight.
Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
  • Corrected an issue with when the Emperor chooses targets for his challenges.
  • Fix for Scatterstorm has also been applied to Stunning Scatterstorm.

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[Live] Update Notes - May 25, 2021
May 24, 2021 - 10:02 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Corrected an issue that caused Destructive Mind to damage the caster in pvp combat.
  • If you are experiencing loss of buffs after zoning while using a server AA profile, please recommit your AA profile, which should fix the issue.
  • Red tradeskill collection pieces are no longer LORE flagged. Those that were no-trade are still no-trade, but all red shinies should now no longer have the LORE tag attached to them.
  • Restricted the following premium race abilities on Tarinax so that characters who exploited the race change potions will not gain any pvp benefit:
    • Detect Weakness
    • Featherfall
    • Frightening Speed
    • Glide
    • Intrinsic Nature
    • Pounce
    • Pyrebreath Bulwark
    • Reveal Inner Demon
    • Shadow Walk
    • Wing Beat
  • Savage Origins I - Quest category has been corrected.
  • Savage Origins II - Quest category has been corrected.
  • Midst Mission: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge] - Completing this mission after having earned the achievement, Triumph: Backwoods Beat Down, now offers a choice reward for the collection, War of the Grimlings.
Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]
  • Emperor Ssraeshza's ability "Scatterstorm" should now correctly affect only players within 15m of the targets current location, this is increased from the original 10m which was set incorrectly but was not being checked.
  • Emperor Ssraeshza should no longer be permanently rooted. This was a hold over from testing that was missed and has been removed.
  • Emperor Ssraeshza's "Acid Splash" frontal ability should now correctly hit all non-fighter targets in front of or flanking him when it is cast. Fighters will still show the visual hitting them but will not receive the negative effects. This ability should not be used while the barrage ability is active.
  • Pets should now be able to attack High Priest Verrkara while she is using her "Occupational Hazard" ability.
  • High Priest Verrkara should no longer fail to recognize specific rooms upon entering, leaving her immune to damage when she shouldn't be.
  • The Emperor has grown tired of ordering the scraping of frogloks off the throne canopy and has order the flight path from Shadowed Isles: Whisper's Span diverted.
  • Added distinguishing text to each of the travel crystals atop the center tower so it is less confusing where each one leads. Many directionally challenged raiders hath rejoiced.
  • Reduced the number of required encounters needed to open the portals on each of the Shadowed Isles.
  • Named encounters within the portals on the Shadowed Isles should now more reliably spawn as long as the creatures from their area are not present.
Vex Thal: Edge of Oscuris [Challenge]
  • Mortal Shadow Coil II heals bosses for 5% of their max health instead of 10%, or 0% if you don't die!
  • Atramonox summons his Spell Mantle less often.
  • Inkling adds will spawn less often.
  • Aten Ha Ra will summon Ebon Oscuris adds less often.
Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
  • Xerkizh the Creator should no longer need to be reset once in order for the symbols for his "Creation Reversal" ability to be seen.

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[Live] Update Notes - May 18, 2021
05-17-2021 05:24 PM
05-17-2021 05:24 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes - May 11, 2021
05-10-2021 07:18 PM
05-10-2021 07:18 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes - April 27, 2021
04-26-2021 07:54 PM
04-26-2021 07:54 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes - April 13, 2021
04-12-2021 08:12 PM
04-12-2021 08:12 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes - April 6, 2021
04-05-2021 08:12 PM
04-05-2021 08:12 PM
by Offical Forums
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