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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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Blood of Luclin zones
Forum: EQ2MAP New mapsPijotre
05-19-2020 08:56 PM
by RLaburda
TNAME not working how I'd like in the quick...
Forum: DarqUIutaeladil
05-19-2020 02:24 PM
by Darqwood
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 19, 2020
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
05-18-2020 08:12 PM
by Offical Forums
Could not download
Forum: DarqUInoseui
05-14-2020 12:09 PM
by noseui
toons not showing bags on Utility
Forum: DarqUIchiefmack9
05-13-2020 09:09 AM
by Darqwood
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 12, 2020
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
05-11-2020 07:12 PM
by Offical Forums
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 19, 2020
May 18, 2020 - 8:12 PM - by Offical Forums
  • The following raid achievements have been reset:
    • Guild Raid: The Spirit Within the Spires [Challenge]
    • Guild Raid: Portabellius Shrieker [Challenge]
    • Flawless Guild Raid: Nhekrin, Dual Master [Challenge]
    • Flawless Guild Raid: Portabellius Shrieker [Challenge]
  • Corrected an issue that granted challenge rewards when completing Lunar Locales [Event Heroic] when completing the weekly mission in a non-challenge zone.
Fordel Midst: Remembrance [Challenge Raid]
  • Lowered the number of overall curses that can be applied per Nhekrin's phase switch, even if the timing of the spells are ignored.
  • The Vestigial Broker should now allow players to transfer the "You're It!" curse by using the /curse emote. /point can be used to check if the player is a valid target or not. These commands will only work during the Vestigial Broker encounter.
  • In the Dual Master encounter, corrected the wording for when the "Blind Faith" curse expires so that it correctly messages the reason for the failure.
Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Challenge Raid]
  • Lord Commander Seru should more reliably count how many gladiators are allowed to persist within the encounter. Pssst, it's 4! Don't tell anyone...
  • Evened out the maximum health of the Sanctum Stabalizer golems in the Lord Commander Seru encounter so that the health does not jump up so significantly.
Blood of Luclin Challenge Raids
  • The following encounters have had healing from player death removed:
    • Corrupted Lord Commander Seru
    • Uget, Ugep, and Uger
    • Scrawl
    • Thought Horror Aberration
    • Nhekrin
  • Bursar Janha in The Court of the Blades has been reminded the price for a searing sands cobra.
The Vault of Ssraeszha [Heroic and Solo]
  • You should now land safely when jumping down into the pit.

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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday May 12, 2020
May 11, 2020 - 7:12 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Using an offensive ability will no longer turn on auto-attack until after that ability has finished casting. This should fix the stealth/positional issues solo players have been having. This may require additional adjustment, so any feedback is welcome.
  • Fixed an issue where the housing UI was not updating correctly after moving items from one house to another.
  • Wracked Scale of Shadows - Typo in description corrected.
  • Acidic Scale of Shadows - Typo in description corrected.
  • Reishi Flesh Bracers - Reishi is now spelled correctly.
  • Nadine's Woven Sash - Sash is now spelled correctly.
  • Bracelet of Hot Sands - Item name is now appropriate for a wrist item.
  • Restored missing cloak appearance data on some versions of the following cloaks: Cloak of Marr's Fist, Cloak of Storms, Cloak of the Burning Prince, Cloak of the Cloaked Defender, Cloak of the Faydark Druid, Cloak of the Fayhunter, Cloak of the Forest Fist, Cloak of the Natural Caster.
  • Corrected a visual issue with overseer quests that were started before renaming a character. They should now update the name during the renaming process.
  • Increased the reward for the challenge bonus reward granted by Project Moonchase: Nowhere to Run [Heroic], and Project Moonchase: Nowhere to Hide [Heroic].
  • Guide Quest: Guide's Guide to Luclin - Quest is now categorized as Blood of Luclin.
  • Removed the change of receiving an infuser from Moon Mission: Diaku Corral [Heroic] mission Tier 3 reward.
  • The Bowels of Bonemire - Kildrukaun's name is now spelled correctly in the completed quest journal entry.
  • Crossing At The Crossing - Journal text edited for clarification.
Fordel Midst: Remembrance [Challenge/Normal Raid]
  • Nhekrin, Dual Master's "Protective Light" spell has had the immunity changed to beneficial spells only. This is a change for the recent zone crashes with that encounter.
Fordel Midst: Remembrance [Challenge Raid]
  • Corrected an issue that caused challenge bosses within the zone to not heal when a player is killed. This mechanic has been replaced with a buff called "Adrenaline Rush." The more players that are slain within a short amount of time, the higher heal that will result, but the overall heal amount for players per death has been reduced.
  • Awakened Abilities recipe scroll has been added to Beluba, the curator's assistant for level 120 tradeskillers.
Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic and Solo]
  • Vleecan Fele and Professor Gattley's conversation should always trigger when you approach them.
Wracklands: Showdown at High Noon [Challenge]
  • Lord Vleecan F'Ele's combat mitigation and health have been further reduced.
  • Blood coagulations now respawn at a reduced frequency.
  • Reduced the offensive stats gained per increment from Lord Vleecan F'Ele's Hidden Agenda buff.

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[Live] Update Notes: Thursday April 30, 2020
Apr 29, 2020 - 4:20 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Echoes of Faydwer Hunter's Missions now only require targets from instanced dungeons.
  • Avatars [TLE]
    • Avatar of Fear should no longer use profession abilities.
    • Summoned amygdalan knights in the Avatar of Fear encounter have had their health adjusted.
    • Avatar of Valor should no longer use profession abilities.
  • Loping Plains [TLE]
    • The Pumpkin Headed Horseman should now respawn at the same rate as other contested.
  • Vegarlson: Ruins of Rathe [All Versions]
    • Glimmerstone should always lose his Protection of Stones buff whenever a Runic Stone is attacked or killed.

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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday April 28, 2020
Apr 27, 2020 - 6:53 PM - by Offical Forums
TLE - Echoes of Faydwer mid-content
  • Shard of Fear is now accessible on Kaladim TLE.
  • The Estate of Unrest is now accessible on Kaladim TLE.
  • Hunter’s Quests for Echoes of Faydwer are now accessible on Kaladim TLE.
  • Beastlords now have the Disarm Trap skill.
  • Linathel Corredor and Festra Shallowfoot, within Sanctus Seru, will now display new items based on the progress made in the "Ley of the Land" raid quest series by any character within the same account.
  • Overlord's Polished Gem - Neck item is now properly named.
  • Scrawl's Shadowy Bludgeoner - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Kralkalik, the Hivewatcher - House item now has the proper icon, matching the mount item.
  • Totemic Wolf-Eye Charm - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Seru Badge of Deference - Collectible item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Trueshot's Chain Helm - Item name now has proper punctuation.
  • The wand, Come Pain or High Water, no longer requires ammo.
  • Overseer Season 2 rewarded wands no longer require ammo.
  • Vleecan's Pomade now has the Warrior's Way activated effect, rather then the challenge charm effect Fight Night.
  • Charged quests now clear out properly when the cooldowns for 0 charge quests expire.
  • Charged quests that have 0 charges and are on cooldown are now shown in the overseer quest window.
  • Error messages for charged overseer quests have been updated and will now show the maximum allowed amounts.
  • Rescue Gumbolt Triggerhand - Gumbolt's name is now spelled correctly in the quest description.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo and Heroic]
    • Gattley Contraptions and Mech Materials Chests should no longer despawn if you leave and return to a saved instance.
    • The Good, the Bad and the Broken - Hovering over a Gattley Contraption now gives the option to "Break Contraption".
  • Project Moonchase: Carry a Big Stick [Solo] - Quest journal is now accurate for Blood of Luclin, and no longer refers to the elemental planes.
  • Light Amongst Shadows: The Vault of Omens - If, for some reason, entering the Vault of Omens doesn't update your quest now approaching a D.I.R.T.Y. researcher will do so.
  • World merchants have been reminded of the price they should be charging for "dried bread", "flask of murky water", and "a torch".
  • The portals that allow travel between other instances of the same overland now have an added description to alleviate confusion over their functionality.
  • The Avatar of Valor should no longer use his "Infuriation of Valor" curse.
  • Reflections of the Grandmasters, vol. III can now be purchased for 150 Recuso Specie
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo and Heroic]
    • Vleecan Fele should no longer be stuck in an unattackable state.
    • A new collection has been added.
    • Elga Upo's piñatas should retain their correct size when re-entering a saved instance.
    • Pets and mercenaries can now follow you directly across the raised drawbridges.
    • The Joro brothers, Banstee and Tinboe, should now properly lose their immunity under the correct circumstances, should you leave and re-enter a saved instance.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo]
    • Elga Upo should no longer hint at more than one piñata animal.
    • Morna Joro's Rodeo Ruckus will no longer be cast if all players in the group are dead.
    • Quick Draw Heal no longer heals over time.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic]
    • The mech bull will properly dismount you once you complete a round against the Joro siblings.
    • Fordel Midst: Investigating the Shadow Haven
    • Reviving in the zone should no longer return you to the Fabrication Hall in Sanctus Seru.
  • The Blinding: Twisted Vista [Challenge Raid]
    • Changed the text color of the Thought Abberation's messaging in regard to his "Thought Gaze" ability.
    • The Thought Gaze ability will now start at a lower starting point for damage but can still grow out of control quickly if ignored.
  • Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Challenge Raid]
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Commander Seru's sword from being wielded to use his abilities against his allies.
    • Removed excess stats from the summoned pets in the Shadow Summoner encounter.
  • Wracklands: Showdown at High Noon [Challenge]
    • Against Rohnny Jongi, you can no longer attempt to cast Cure Curse to remove Outlaw Vengeance unless it's actively curable.
    • Pact of the Cheetah will no longer trigger side effects of Etched in Stone during the encounter with Rohnny Jongi.
    • Blurcille Croubis should no longer attempt to switch targets while casting directional spells.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed non-mages to be able to dispel a certain effect.
    • Boss Combat Mitigation and Max Health have been adjusted.
    • Gattley Caltrops should no longer fall below the platform.
  • Prophecy of Power Raids
    • Raids in Prophecy of Power should no longer require 75% of your raid force to have access, requiring only one member in raid to have access going forward.
  • Blood of Luclin Raids
    • The Raid Weekly mission "Moon Patrol" should now give higher tier rewards for defeating challenge mode encounters.

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[Live] Update Notes: Thursday April 16, 2020
Apr 15, 2020 - 8:30 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Illusionist
    • Ultraviolet Beam: Corrected a bug that allowed Ultraviolet Beam to hit for an extra effect below level 111
  • Corrected an issue that caused Jadeite Medallions to grant a single medallion no matter the roll. Characters who did not receive the correct amount of Jadeite Medallions will have them automatically granted once this fix has been deployed to live servers.
  • Bridon Kizzlebash's Diaku Corral quests are now listed as level 128.
  • The Avatar of Fear should more reliably spawn at the correct level.
  • The travel icon, "To Diaku Corral," has been added to the Wracklands map.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo]
    • Elga Upo's Plethora of Pain no longer applies a debuff to noxious damage reduction.
    • Tinboe Joro will no longer use knockbacks.
    • Sergio's Directed Swipe attack no longer drains mana.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo and Heroic]
    • Elga Upo's Plethora of Pain inflicts less damage.
    • The Joro brothers will no longer apply a stun resistance after a previously applied stun wears off.
    • The icons for the mechanical bull game now have a clue on mouse-over if they are the correct match.
    • Sharks will no longer attempt to kill other members of your group who did not fall into their tank.
    • The saloon doors can be used while in combat.
    • You should no longer be thrown out and over the walls from within Sergio's den.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic]
    • Vleecan Fele will cast his curse more than once.
  • Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Challenge Raid]
    • The radius on the spell "RUMBLE" has been reduced from 22m to 12m
    • The radius on the spell "Gladiatorial Dismantle" has been reduced from 15m to 8m.
    • "Gladiatorial Dismantle" will now only apply to priests and mages within its radius.
    • Custom player usable abilities in the Commander Seru encounter have been adjusted.
    • Summoned pets in the Shadow Summoner encounter have had their health increased to better fit the rest of the zone.

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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday April 14, 2020
04-13-2020 06:06 PM
04-13-2020 06:06 PM
by Offical Forums
0 496
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday March 31, 2020
03-30-2020 02:32 PM
03-30-2020 02:32 PM
by Offical Forums
0 726
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday March 24, 2020
03-23-2020 04:40 PM
03-23-2020 04:40 PM
by Offical Forums
0 870
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday March 19, 2020
03-18-2020 11:30 AM
03-18-2020 11:30 AM
by Offical Forums
0 1,228
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday March 17, 2020
03-16-2020 01:50 PM
03-16-2020 01:50 PM
by Offical Forums
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