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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
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Temporary map to city of Midst
Forum: EQ2MAP New mapsLeucosia
Yesterday 06:12 PM
by Leucosia
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 24,...
Forum: Patch NotesOffical Forums
Yesterday 02:17 AM
by Offical Forums
DarqUI Tip of the Week
Forum: DarqUIDarqwood
11-22-2020 06:11 AM
by Darqwood
Using DarqUI in Beta
Forum: DarqUIDarqwood
11-21-2020 12:23 AM
by trixlette2
Shy Updater
Forum: DarqUImelomebe
11-21-2020 12:17 AM
by Darqwood
Pijotre's odd zones
Forum: EQ2MAP New mapsPijotre
11-16-2020 10:36 PM
by Kaladz
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 24, 2020
Nov 24, 2020 - 2:17 AM - by Offical Forums
  • Mercenary Battalion: Blood of Luclin (Singing Steel) will grant an increased bonus once the Reign of Shadows achievement has been obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where pet data could show on wrong character in the group member UI if the "move up/down" commands were used.
  • Ergrott, Cerulean Terror will grant an increased bonus once the Reign of Shadows achievement has been obtained.
  • House items from the Sanctus Seru Promenade Furniture Recipes are now correctly classified as building blocks.
  • Removed spell doublecast from the following items:
    • Abyssal Boots
    • Abyssal Sabatons
    • Aesitharinar
    • the Disintegrator
    • Armguards of Castigation
    • Barrier of Swirling Spirits
    • Blazing Effigy of Najena's Lava Elemental
    • Bloodied Buckler of Sagacity
    • Boots of the Frostwight
    • Buckler of the Lost
    • Carved Figurine of the Elements
    • Carved Sculpture of the Lost
    • Chill Forged Iron Stompers
    • Chill Forged Ringmail Bracers
    • Coercer's Cap, Coif of Madness
    • Cossock of the Inquisition
    • Flaming Effigy of a Lava Elemental
    • Focused Symbol of Rime
    • Frosted Iceshard
    • Frosty Defender
    • Gauntlets of the Blessings
    • Gauntlets of Winter's Grasp
    • Gloves of Corrupting Decay
    • God-kin's Gloves of Healing
    • Hamarijin
    • the Remedy
    • Helm of Death's Cry
    • Incanter's Cowl
    • Itinerant Knight's Barbute
    • Linked Boots of Steely Resolve
    • Lodizal Shell Shield
    • Mantle of the Endless Wastes
    • Mantle of the Forgotten
    • Mitts of Superiority
    • Plate Helm of Power
    • Ritualist's Iron Stompers
    • Ry'Gorr Tome of Blood
    • Sculpted Symbol of Despair
    • Sculpted Symbol of Shadows
    • Shadeweave Robes
    • Shadow Forged Bracers
    • Shadow Linked Bracers
    • Shadow Wrought Helm
    • Shoulder Guards of Shame
    • Shoulders of Frostfur
    • Skullcap of Tangible Shadows
    • Spun Symbol of the Arachnid
    • Symbol of the Caller
    • Symbol of the Cornicen
    • Symbol of the Horn Blower
    • Terrolus' Ancient Stein
    • Tome of Ravenous Undeath
    • Unquenched Blocker
    • Whittled Essence of Fury
    • Wrappings of Terrible Cold
  • Hailing Pas Yu, or Yun Zi will correct characters that completed Traveler's Feast - Othmir Pepper Pasta but did not receive the account flag that allows them to purchase the rewards from Pas Yu.

0 Replies | 31 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 17, 2020
Nov 16, 2020 - 9:32 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Fixed an issue where owning Reign of Shadows was not correctly granting access to earlier expansions.

0 Replies | 108 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday November 10, 2020
Nov 09, 2020 - 8:50 PM - by Offical Forums
  • a Heroes' Festival merchant - The merchant has been reminded of the price for the "Heroes' Festival Minstrel" clothing pieces, "Heroes' Festival" clothing pieces, and the Silly Celebrator's Hat.

0 Replies | 131 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday November 5, 2020
Nov 04, 2020 - 9:40 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Phantom Troupe crit bonus overcap now correctly applies for raid members.
  • Corrected several tier 1 and tier 2 void shard items that were returning the incorrect item data. Characters with outdated items, which have been renamed with the Exchangeable suffix, may exchange them at Givetak in the Moors of Ykesha for the corrected items. If the outdated item granted an adornment, that adornment will be required as part of the exchange.
  • Added turquoise adornment slots for 22,383 items in the expansions Echoes of Faydwer, Rise of Kunark, The Shadow Odyssey and Sentinel's Fate expansions.
  • Converted the following items to correct a labeling issue and brought them into the correct stat progression:
    • Dagger of the Lich Knight
    • Dangling Skull Bone Chip
    • Displaced Frosty Paw
    • Displaced Icy Paw
    • Frosty Paw
    • Frozen Shrunken Head
    • Icy Paw
    • Icy Shrunken Head
    • Jewel Inlaid Fang
    • Lone Frosty Paw
    • Lone Icy Paw
    • Mistmoore Battle Drums
    • Severed Frosty Paw
    • Severed Icy Paw
    • Small Frosty Paw
    • Small Icy Paw
    • Spaulders of the Imprisoned
    • Symbol of the Imprisoned
    • Toggery's Tinkered Excavation Cap
    • Toggery's Tinkered Excavation Helm
    • Toggery's Tinkered Excavation Helmet
    • Toggery's Tinkered Excavation Skullcap
    • Vertas Corporal's Insignia
    • Vertas Footsoldier's Insignia
    • Vertas Lieutenant's Insignia
    • Vile Frosty Paw
    • Vile Icy Paw
  • Corrected the following items that were getting a lower blue stat multiplier than other items of their item tier:
    • Abandoned Kasa of the Jin Drake
    • Abandoned Leggings of the Jin Drake
    • Aegis of the Kingpriest
    • Aegis of the Protector
    • Amber Encrusted Leather Gloves
    • Amulet of Void Channeling
    • Ancient Blocker of the Warrior Priest
    • Aqueous Barrier
    • Armshroud of Sannik
    • Ascendant's Gi
    • Ascendant's Leg Wraps
    • Ascendant's Wrist Wraps
    • Astronomer Cuffs
    • Atramentous Shadowplate Bracers
    • Atramentous Shadowplate Pauldrons
    • Atramentous Shadowplate Sabatons
    • Atrebite Mantle of Destruction
    • Band of the Dervish
    • Band of the Silenced Howl
    • Bandolier of Sacred Blood
    • Bangle of Portals
    • Barrier of the Executor
    • Battleguard of Ka'El Ka'Vrish
    • Berserker's Blade of Insanity
    • Bilthor Tooth Belt
    • Black Hide Gloves
    • Blackened Cloth Moppet
    • Blackened Deep Forge Buckler
    • Bladestopping Wristguard
    • Blaze Wrought Defender
    • Blessed Bracers of Warming
    • Bloch's Water Sprinkler
    • Blocker of the Dark Horseman
    • Bloodruby Bangle
    • Bloody Socks
    • Boneknotted Buckler
    • Boots of Beatdown
    • Boots of Chaos
    • Boots of Swamp Walking
    • Boots of the Stern
    • Boots of the Wraithguard
    • Bow of Disfigurement
    • Bracelet of the Void Invader
    • Bracer of Planar Exploration
    • Bracer of the Highborn
    • Breastplate of Petrified Mushrooms
    • Breastplate of the Void-Touched
    • Bricklayer Breeches
    • Brilliant Void Stud
    • Buckler of Magmatic Bronze Rock
    • Buckler of Scales
    • Buttress of the Northwind
    • Cap of the Scholar
    • Captain's Cursed Spaulders
    • Captain's Moldering Flesh Cord
    • Captain's Nightmarish Spaulders
    • Carved Ice Earrings
    • Caterwaul Band
    • Cement Smudged Sleeves
    • Censer of the Risen
    • Centered Footpads of the Lava Lotus
    • Centered Foreguards of the Lava Lotus
    • Centered Gloves of the Lava Lotus
    • Centered Helm of the Lava Lotus
    • Centered Jerkin of the Lava Lotus
    • Centered Mantle of the Lava Lotus
    • Cestus of the Volcano
    • Champion's Cape of Solid Stance
    • Champion's Mirror Greaves
    • Chillhall Protector's Shield
    • Cinder-Proof Leggings
    • Claymore of Dissection
    • Claymore of the Ethernaut Leader
    • Cloak of Marr's Fist
    • Cloak of the Ethernaut Dreamer
    • Cloak of the Mistmoore Legion
    • Cloak of the Order of Marr's Fist
    • Cloak of the Renda'dal
    • Clubfoot's Pegleg
    • Coif of the Afterlife
    • Cold Iron Plate Leggings
    • Combatant's Double Weave Skullcap
    • Contained Vortex Gate
    • Corrupted Shadow Eddy Staff
    • Coupled Hammer of Distrust
    • Cowl of Sanedrac
    • Crypt Master Gloves
    • Crystallized Ravager Rage
    • Crystallized Thought Earrings
    • Dagger of the Lich KnighDark Core Bangle
    • Dark Mail Gauntlets
    • Darkened Bracers of Shadowrage
    • Darkened Buckler
    • Darkened Epaulets of Shadowrage
    • Darkened Gauntlets of Disdain
    • Darkened Naga Flesh Strap
    • Darkened Sabatons of Shadowrage
    • Darkest Fleck of Umbrage
    • Darkflame Tunic of Decay
    • Darkpriest Neckguard
    • Death Dipped Sabre
    • Defender's Amulet
    • Defender's Band
    • Defender's Girdle
    • Defender's Stud
    • Demonic Footwraps of Recovery
    • Disenthralled Shadow Eddy Staff
    • Distorted Shadow Eddy Staff
    • Drape of Enchantments
    • Dreadnaught's Long Bow
    • Dreadnaught's Mantle
    • Dreadreaver's Choker
    • Dried Skin Skullcap
    • Ear Stud of Lock-up
    • Elemental Infused Leggings
    • Emblem of the Ashes
    • Emblem of the Gukish Lords
    • Enduring Barbute
    • Energized Aegis of the Void
    • Ether Champion's Bracers
    • Ether Champion's Epaulets
    • Ether Champion's Sabatons
    • Ethereal Sabre of the Voidbeast
    • Ethermage's Noxious Circlet
    • Exarch's Necrotic Chestplate
    • Executioner's Adamantine Bracers of Dominance
    • Executioner's Adamantine Breastplate
    • Executioner's Adamantine Helmet of Dominance
    • Executioner's Adamantine Legplates of Dominance
    • Executioner's Adamantine Pauldrons of Dominance
    • Executioner's Adamantine Sabatons of Dominance
    • Executor's Wraps
    • Feasting Flesh Legwraps
    • Felwithian Drape
    • Fighter's Fang Earring
    • Fighting Symbol of Honor
    • Fireborn Pants of Mindmelting
    • Fistwraps of the Ethernaut Brawler
    • Flame Licked Enforcer Skullcap
    • Flame Wrought Defender
    • Flame Wrought Towershield
    • Flare Wrought Towershield
    • Flesh-Colored Bracers
    • Fleshwrapped Leggings
    • Fleshwrapped Sandals
    • Frost Cured Leather Bracers
    • Frost Tempered Ringmail Boots
    • Frost Tempered Steel Gauntlets
    • Frosttide Snowcloak
    • Full Moon Gloves
    • Fused Obsidian Bracers
    • Fused Obsidian Helm
    • Fused Obsidian Spaulders
    • Gallant Breastplate of D'Lere
    • Gatorscale Leggings
    • Gatorscale Sleeves
    • Gauntlets of the Undying Soul
    • General's Iron Cuirass
    • Gilded Shield of Justice
    • Glancing Shortspear
    • Gloves of the Dark Transfer
    • Glowing Void Blade
    • Grave Digger's Shovel of Zombie Slaying
    • Greaves of the Stoking Forge
    • Guard of the Shin Ghoul
    • Gynok's Ring of the Misleading
    • Hammered Plate Gussets
    • Hamyr's Hammer
    • Hardened Bone Buttress
    • Hardened Elemental Band of the Void
    • Heart Protecting Studded Leather
    • Helm of Usurpation
    • Heroic Steel Helm
    • Hood of the Rising Sun
    • Hoop of the Imbiber
    • Horrific Chestguard
    • Ice-Banded Hide Boots
    • Ice-Banded Hide Kasa
    • Icering of Velocity
    • Illuminate's Crashing Waves Foot Wraps of Overbearing
    • Illuminate's Crashing Waves Gi
    • Illuminate's Crashing Waves Leg Wraps of Overbearing
    • Illuminate's Crashing Waves Skullcap of Overbearing
    • Imbued Amulet of the Swamp
    • Imbued Belt of the Swamp, Iniquity
    • Vortex Hammer
    • Iron-Shod Skull Squishers
    • Ivory Studded Shoulders
    • Jeweled Earring of the Void
    • Jeweled Ydallian Slippers
    • Judgment Giver's Buttress
    • Kelkrin's Bracers of Annihilation
    • Kiteshield of the Night
    • Lava Forged Bangle
    • Lavakiln Fired Hoop
    • Lavalink Spaulders of Eruption
    • Lavaworn Epaulets of Chaotic Energy
    • Lavawrought Champion's Breastplate
    • Lavawrought Champion's Epaulets
    • Lavawrought Champion's Gauntlets
    • Lavawrought Champion's Greaves
    • Lavawrought Champion's Helm
    • Lavawrought Champion's Sabatons
    • Leather Bracers of the Guk Priest
    • Leather Headsock of Insight
    • Legionnaire's Bracers
    • Legionnaire's Breastplate
    • Legionnaire's Legplates
    • Libant Heavy Boots
    • Loop of the Greater Bastion
    • Lost Shadow Emblem
    • Lubesh Clan Crest
    • Mad Crusader's Shoulders
    • Magma Pouch
    • Magmatic Gem Baton
    • Magolemus' Hauberk
    • Magus Veinca's Voidmetal Bindings
    • Magus's Spellbound Weave Robe
    • Manacle of Molten Lava
    • Mantle of Tundric Furs
    • Manual of the Apprentice Engineer
    • Mesh Leggings
    • Minotaur Hide Cap
    • Molten Eidolon's Greaves
    • Mortar-Specked Bracelet
    • Mottled Gore-hide Buckler
    • Netted Kelp Shroud
    • No Man's Leather Tunic
    • Nurgan Aggressor Wristband
    • Obelisk Powered Ring of Defense
    • Olrga's Choker
    • Outworldly Pouch of Blades
    • Pain-word Epistle
    • Pauldrons of the Mason
    • Pauldrons of the Portal
    • Placid Cane of Understated Master
    • Plate-Hardened Hide Boots
    • Plate-Hardened Hide Helm
    • Poison Pearls of Power
    • Preserved Snowflake Earrings
    • Preserved Tundra Leather Boots
    • Protective Bronze Splinted Cloak
    • Ravager Hide Armguards
    • Ravenscale Gauntlets
    • Razor Sharp Saber
    • Reed Ring
    • Righteous Spaulders of the Befallen
    • Ring of the Pushwhip
    • Ring of Walled Flesh
    • Ringlet of the Enthralled
    • Robe of the Powermonger
    • Robe of the Undying
    • Ro-steel pauldron
    • Rusted Sogger Greaves
    • Rusted Sogger Pauldrons
    • Sandals of the Scholar
    • Savage Wall
    • Sceptre of the Master
    • Scorched Deep Forge Buckler
    • Screaming Silk Gloves
    • Selgrak's Evil Leggings
    • Shaded Metal Buckler
    • Shadow Tome
    • Shadowweave Sandals of Perfect Balance
    • Shadowweave Sleeves of Perfect Balance
    • Shadowweave Wristguards of Perfect Balance
    • Shamanistic Wristwraps
    • Shaped Bone Buckler
    • Shield of Last Rites
    • Shield of Null Space
    • Shield of the Ethernaut Protector
    • Shin Greaves
    • Shortblade of Cosmic Ether
    • Shoulder Pads of the Yciid
    • Shoulderwraps of the Forsaken
    • Sigil of the League
    • Silvered Link Chain
    • Singed Leather Boots
    • Skin Hide Buckler
    • Skullcap of the Curse Bringer
    • Skullcap of Understanding
    • Spackled Foreman Pants
    • Splatter Bracers
    • Spore Laden Gloves
    • Stone Tower Drape
    • Stone Tower Earring
    • Strong Royal Claws
    • Stud of Eternal Remembrance
    • Stud of the Downtrodden
    • Sulfur Fused Cinch
    • Sulfur Fused Clasp
    • Sulfur Fused Stud
    • Summoner's Cuffs of Spectral Fury
    • Suntouched Symbol
    • Swamp Warrior's Armlet
    • Tainted Ring of Anashti's Will
    • Tainted Shadow Eddy Staff
    • Tarnished Circlet of Shadow
    • Temporal Bludgeon
    • The Horns of Duogaw
    • Torn Cloak of the Zol Knight
    • Torrent Touched Trinket
    • Tower of Bone
    • Tower of Bone: Exchangeable
    • Tower Shield of the Bog
    • Tunic of the Burning Dead
    • Vashotan Neonate's Skullcap
    • Veiled Evil Cloak
    • Vest of Screaming Silk
    • Vile Soaked Fistwraps
    • Void Blazed Cinch
    • Void Gi of Sorrows
    • Void Knight's Darksteel Greaves
    • Void Knuckles
    • Void Legplates of Righteousness
    • Void Ringlet of Power
    • Void Ripper Armwraps
    • Void Tunic of Mauling
    • Voidbrawler's Satchel
    • Voidbrawler's Spiked Knuckles
    • Void-Etched Blade
    • Voidithic Mesh Armwraps
    • Voidman Boots of the Palace
    • Voidman Pants of the Palace
    • Voidmetal Enhanced Gauntlets
    • Void-poisoned Cinch
    • Void's Embrace
    • Void-Soaked Peacock Feathers
    • Void-Touched Staff of Insight
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Breastplate
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Epaulets
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Gauntlets
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Greaves
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Helm
    • Volcanic Knight's Tempered Sabatons
    • Wall of Healing
    • War-Marked Thullosian Breastplate
    • Waterlogged Leggings
    • Woven Shadow Cuffs of Crushing
    • Woven Shadow Sandals of Crushing
    • Woven Shadow Sleeves of Crushing
    • Wriggling Flesh Armwraps
    • Wyvern Bone Bracers
    • Zealous Voidbeam Bracers
    • Zealous Voidbeam Pauldrons
    • Zealous Voidbeam Sabatons
  • Speculative fix for instances stacking up when not intended.
  • Advanced Provisioner Studies recipe books now have distinct names.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented double loot drops from triggering on several Blood of Luclin heroic zone bosses.

0 Replies | 159 Views
[Live] Update Notes: Thursday October 22, 2020
Oct 21, 2020 - 7:22 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Corrected the required expansion, stats, and minimum level to equip for the following The Shadow Odyssey items: Belittling Sabatons, Boots of Disparaging Days, Breastplate of the Burning Dead, Chainlink Coif of Pure Darkness, Charred Deep Forge Greaves, Charred Deep Forge Leggings, Charred Deep Forge Legplates, Chestplate of the Burning Dead, Cinder Step Boots, Darkened Flesh Skull Wrap, Darkened Gauntlets of Disdain, Darkflame Chestplate of the Black, Darkflame Links of Dismay, Darkflame Tunic of Decay, Darkness Imbued Barbute, Death Drenched Leggings, Death Drenched Shawl, Defiled Coif of the Befallen, Demonic Boots of Recovery, Demonic Footwraps of Recovery, Demonic Sabatons of Recovery, Fallen Knight's Spaulders, Feasting Flesh Legplates, Feasting Flesh Legwraps, Feasting Flesh Pants, Flame Licked Enforcer Coif, Flame Licked Enforcer Helm, Flame Licked Enforcer Skullcap, Flamelicked Sabatons, Fleshwrapped Bracers, Fleshwrapped Gloves, Fleshwrapped Leggings, Fleshwrapped Sandals, Frost Tempered Steel Sabatons, Frostbitten Chain Boots, Gauntlets of the Three, Glancing Bracers of Darklinks, Gloves of Perception, Helm of Impending Darkness, Legplates of Hardened Bone, Maledictive Barbute of the Deathknight, Master's Gauntlets, Preserved Tundra Leather Boots, Sabatons of Hardened Bone, Sandals of the Scholar, Singed Leather Boots, Skullcap of Bellowing Darkness, Spiked Bracers of Darkness, Spiked Gauntlets of Chill, Tunic of the Burning Dead, Vashotan Acolyte's Boots, Vashotan Acolyte's Chain Helm, Vashotan Battlepriest's Helm, Vashotan Battlepriest's Tonlets, Vashotan Neonate's Boots, Vashotan Neonate's Skullcap, Woven Links of the Dark.
  • Updated the following quest rewards to fall within appropriate progression: Blades of Torment, In Honor of the Fallen, Removing the Heads of State, Elemental Studies, Conquering the Elements, Knowledge Through Experimentation, Bringing It All Together, Knowledge through Necromancy, A Potion Remedy, Ruined Teleporter, More than Meets the Eye, Confusion is the Key, One Final Task, Plots Within Plots, Ramp Up the Adventure, Passing the Stones, Back to the Caves, Remnants of the Present, A Mineral to Guide By, Driven into the Flames!, Out of Her Element..., Hook, Line, and... Anchor?, Crystal Replacement, Seepage is Never Good, No More Barrier... Right?, Elemental Mystery, Barred No More, Kaedrin Ironforge's Trial
  • The Not So Nice Yet Accurate Prophecies of Beckah Stormsong - Lusiri A'Fahmi will now continue her conversation and offer this quest, even for those who completed "The Fallen Swords: Mystery in the Shadows".
  • Updated most encounter cast percentage based damage or heal abilities to no longer be modified by potency.
  • Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
    • a ykeshan guardian base hit points decreased to 3,089,145
    • a ykeshan conscript base hit points decreased to 2,893,167
    • Takla base hit points increased to 6,516,450
    • Ykulka base hit points increased to 7,489,054
    • an unstable minion base hit points decreased to 204,402
  • Tomb of the Mad Crusader
    • Captain Ikalus base hit points increased to 41,013,728
    • Senior Loyalist Tilas base hit points increased to 29,058,724
    • a thet disciple base hit points decreased to 277,898

0 Replies | 231 Views
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 20, 2020
10-19-2020 05:40 PM
10-19-2020 05:40 PM
by Offical Forums
0 190
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday October 13, 2020
10-12-2020 07:11 PM
10-12-2020 07:11 PM
by Offical Forums
0 259
[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday September 22, 2020
09-21-2020 03:20 PM
09-21-2020 03:20 PM
by Offical Forums
0 429
[Live] Update Notes: Wednesday September 9, 2020
09-08-2020 04:50 PM
09-08-2020 04:50 PM
by Offical Forums
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[Live] Update Notes: Tuesday September 1, 2020
08-31-2020 06:26 PM
08-31-2020 06:26 PM
by Offical Forums
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