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Unread 01-18-2022, 08:40 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - January 19, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where certain NPCs were not playing states (animations, particles, etc.) correctly.
  • Player Vs. Player
    • Most deity abilities can no longer be cast in player versus player combat.
  • Paladin
    • Holy Warding no longer has a 3 second recovery time.
  • Shadowknight
    • Unholy Warding no longer has a 3 second recovery time.
  • Guildhall Gatherer and Guildhall Hunter NPC dialog will now have the player asking them to "gather" and "trap" materials from Vetrovia instead of asking them to "mine"
  • Increased the stats on all raid drops and equivalent progression items by one tier.
  • Increased stats on Kormoda Trueflight and Allogata Skyspear to the intended levels.
  • Vanilla bean now stacks to 800.
  • Removed the incorrectly applied imbued effect from Xegonite Vanguard Cuirass.
  • All two-handed weapons introduced in Visions of Vetrovia should now have the same adornment slots available.
  • Name corrected for Recipe Scroll: Blood-Wrought Reflex Bow of the Charnel Legacy.
  • Shoes of the Forlorn Residents Spelling of item name has been corrected.
  • Claudia The Far Seas Token Exchange Merchant is now willing to exchange any unspent G.L.E.E.S.H. Marks or Bobbing Acorns for City Tokens.
  • Purified amboyna burl now uses the rare wood icon instead of the rare root icon.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Dreadfell Grandmaster Recipes from dropping.
  • Updated many Visions of Vetrovia spell scrolls to transmute into the correct materials.
  • Piccolo, Fivalt and Renfry have had minor cosmetic emote text added during their quests for the Were Is the Messenger tradeskill signature line.
  • Renfry's Basement now will have some small changes at the completion of a Visions of Vetrovia tradeskill daily or weekly mission. These graphical changes will be directly tied to the mission that you just completed and will be temporary in nature as things continue to be consumed, break, are shipped off, etc. (Example: Completion of "Basement Building: Freeding Renfry" causes an empty plate on the table beside him to be replaced with a plate of Renfry's ... um ... "food". When the next mission cycles in, the food is gone and the empty plate has returned.)
  • Fast Travel Obol Plains druid ring option has been added for those who meet the requirements.
  • General
    • Added a chance for base population to drop rewards in raid zones.
    • Decreased the auto-attack mitigation on all heroic and raid encounters.
  • Mahngavi Wastes: Warpwood Cairn [Solo]
    • Krel Korek Mal's ability Bone-Bladed Fist should no longer crit. He now emotes when he is going to use it and the ability is now a 2.5 second cast instead of instant.
  • Mahngavi Wastes: The Engulfing Night [Raid]
    • Corrected an issue that caused Cewtie’s nearby check to count missing players as dead players, increasing the number of increments she obtains from “Felled Cascade” when she should not.
    • The undead version of Cewtie can no longer be triggered to spawn unless the previous 3 bosses have been killed within the zone.
    • Corrected an issue that caused the undead version of Cewtie to get stuck in a healing loop.
    • Decreased bleedthrough gained from failure effects during boss encounters and capped the maximum it can grow to prevent it reaching 100% unless specifically designed to.
    • The Zemii Idol pedestals should now have mouseover text describing what is needed to complete the ritual.
    • Increased the amount of time before bosses gain the “Battle Rager” buff due to lengthy encounter pulls.
    • Added a message for when “Battle Rager” effect is applied.
    • Reduced the damage increase amount gained from “Battle Rager”.
    • Increased the delay between when Cewtie see any spawned shinies and when she has that uncontrollable urge to chase after them. This applies to both versions of the encounter.
    • Decreased the mitigation amounts on “Mahngavi's Wasted Mindmeld”.
  • Karuupa Jungle: The Fading Light [Raid]
    • Glaur Xrzin has had the minimum recast of his “Sharpshot Technique” curse increased from every 20sec to every 30sec. This is the minimum as it starts much higher and reduces each time its cast.
    • Increased the amount of time before bosses gain the “Battle Rager” buff due to lengthy encounter pulls.
    • Added a message for when “Battle Rager” effect is applied.
    • Reduced the damage increase amount gained from “Battle Rager”.
    • Decreased the mitigation amounts on “Jungle Mindrot".
  • Svarni Expanse: Carrion Crag [Heroic I]
    • Skulkor's Dance of Bones no longer inflicts increasing damage with each tick.
  • Castle Vacrul: Throne of the Ydal [Solo]
    • Can now be entered with a mercenary from Forlorn Gist.
  • Karuupa Jungle: Predator's Perch [All Versions]
    • Fixed a bug that could prevent Pterrordax from flying down to feast.
  • Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone [Challenge]
    • Automaton of Escalation has had its HP reduced.
    • Automaton of Escalation is no longer able to be hailed.
    • The spell Enthralling Flames has had its damage reduced.
  • Vallons Tower [Challenge]
    • Gindan Commander Angler's add, a diaku deceptor has had its HP reduced.
    • Ambassador Grindstone's add, a geonid warrior has had its HP reduced.
    • Hand of Vallon's overall encounter HP has been reduced.
    • Vallon Zek's add, a diaku war rider, has had its HP reduced.

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