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Unread 03-13-2023, 07:40 PM
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Default [Live] Personal Loot Reward Update in Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones

Renewal of Ro [Heroic III] zones have been converted to a new system. The personal loot reward system will allow characters to run the zone rapidly, while still preserving the intended time progression of rewards. These zones will now have a minimum lockout duration of 30 minutes, but the treasure rewards in the zones are no longer tied to the zone lockout itself. Instead, treasure is granted to each character who participated in defeating the encounter, and each of those characters will receive their own personal loot roll from the encounter treasure chest.

Resetting a zone lockout will not reset the personal loot lockouts of the encounters within the specified zones. However, when using a Personal Treasure Unlocker in the specified zones, a window will open allowing you to reset any individual personal treasure lockout for one unlocker, or the entire zone for three unlockers.

As up to six characters are now able to obtain these rewards, changes to how the rewards are structured have also been made to prevent the introduction of [Heroic III] gear more rapidly than intended. When you receive your Personal Treasure Reward from the treasure chest, you will have a 33% chance of obtaining one of the gear rewards that the encounter drops, and a 66% chance of obtaining the common rewards such as adornments or spell scrolls. These gear rewards are not class specific, and you may obtain gear the looting character cannot directly use.

When you defeat an encounter, each player who participated in the encounter will be able to loot a Personal Treasure Reward from the chest. When looted, the Personal Treasure Reward will set a lockout on the character that prevents obtaining that specific Personal Treasure Reward again until the lockout has expired. However, you can still reset the zone lockout and assist friends and guildmates in the zone.

Upon entering a zone in which you have personal loot lockouts, you will receive a message detailing which encounters are locked from receiving rewards for that character.

When you defeat the final boss in the specified zones and loot their Personal Treasure Reward, you will be given an option to expend Personal Treasure Reward Keys. These keys increase the number of treasure rolls you obtain, or even guarantee a gear drop from that encounter. Spending a single Personal Treasure Reward Key will give you an additional reward roll with a 50% chance for the reward to be a gear item. Spending three Personal Treasure Reward Key will give you that same additional roll with a 50% chance, plus a third reward roll with a guaranteed gear reward.

Personal Treasure Unlockers and Personal Treasure Reward Keys can be obtained from [Heroic III] final boss encounters.

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