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Unread 04-15-2020, 08:30 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes: Thursday April 16, 2020

  • Illusionist
    • Ultraviolet Beam: Corrected a bug that allowed Ultraviolet Beam to hit for an extra effect below level 111
  • Corrected an issue that caused Jadeite Medallions to grant a single medallion no matter the roll. Characters who did not receive the correct amount of Jadeite Medallions will have them automatically granted once this fix has been deployed to live servers.
  • Bridon Kizzlebash's Diaku Corral quests are now listed as level 128.
  • The Avatar of Fear should more reliably spawn at the correct level.
  • The travel icon, "To Diaku Corral," has been added to the Wracklands map.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo]
    • Elga Upo's Plethora of Pain no longer applies a debuff to noxious damage reduction.
    • Tinboe Joro will no longer use knockbacks.
    • Sergio's Directed Swipe attack no longer drains mana.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo and Heroic]
    • Elga Upo's Plethora of Pain inflicts less damage.
    • The Joro brothers will no longer apply a stun resistance after a previously applied stun wears off.
    • The icons for the mechanical bull game now have a clue on mouse-over if they are the correct match.
    • Sharks will no longer attempt to kill other members of your group who did not fall into their tank.
    • The saloon doors can be used while in combat.
    • You should no longer be thrown out and over the walls from within Sergio's den.
  • Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic]
    • Vleecan Fele will cast his curse more than once.
  • Sanctus Seru: The Fading Arches [Challenge Raid]
    • The radius on the spell "RUMBLE" has been reduced from 22m to 12m
    • The radius on the spell "Gladiatorial Dismantle" has been reduced from 15m to 8m.
    • "Gladiatorial Dismantle" will now only apply to priests and mages within its radius.
    • Custom player usable abilities in the Commander Seru encounter have been adjusted.
    • Summoned pets in the Shadow Summoner encounter have had their health increased to better fit the rest of the zone.

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