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Unread 12-06-2018, 12:02 PM
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Default EQ2 won't load my UI

I would gladly receive assistance from anyone who has a useful asuggestion on how to fix this problem.

I haven't changed anything, my UI was fine the last time I played, but this morning when I load up the game, it keeps coming up with the default UI. It doesn't see EQ2Maps, either.

I tried closing the game and restarting it. No joy. I rebooted my computer. That didn't fix it.

I tried using /loadui, which claims that it has loaded my custom UI. So I tried setting it to default, and it appeared to take the button clicks. But when I ran /loadui again, it still thought it was pointed to my custom UI. In either case, no changes were actually made it what my UI was doing.

I do have my eq2.ini file, containing:
cl_ui_skinname ProfitUI_CE
cl_ui_subdir UI/

# Sets options to advanced mode by default
cl_options_advanced 1

# Sets the default Auto Attack bar on/off
cl_show_autoattack_bar true

# Make mercenary STFU
cl_ignore_merc_chatter true

# Stop Intro Movie
cl_movie_enabled false
I thought maybe somehow that file was corrupted, so I created a new file in Notepad, copied over the eq2.ini file's text, then saved it over the existing eq2.ini. That did not work. The folder and subfolder paths are correct, and haven't changed.

I tried file validation from the Launchpad, no improvement.

My assorted window components are in their correct places and at their correct sizes, more or less, but I replaced my {server}_{toon}_eq2_uisettings.xml file with a backup copy saved a few days ago just in case it was whacked, and no improvements.

I ran the Profit_CE updater, and allowed it to update eq2ui_mainhud_detrimental_effects.xml, eq2ui_examine.xml, and eq2ui_journals_quest.xml. I use several pieces from DarqUI, which I have marked in the ProfitCE updater to skip. So then I ran the DarqUI updater. None of the pieces from there needed updates, so I closed that. Unsurprisingly, changing three XML files didn't fix the problem of EQ2 refusing to "see" my custom UI.

I'm stumped.
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Unread 12-06-2018, 02:37 PM
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If I were in this situation I would rename the ProfitUI_CE folder to something like XXProfitUI_CE and let the CE utility do a completely fresh download of everything, optionally including EQ2MAP in the first pass. Just to get the UI running. Once you verify it's loading up naked you can add the DarqUI files, try running that, then add your customization files a bit at a time.

Renaming your current ProfitUI_CE installation folder will protect it from getting clobbered by anything -- worst case you can delete the new folder and rename the original back again.

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Unread 12-06-2018, 04:03 PM
Sigrdrifa Sigrdrifa is offline
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This seems to be working. I'm adding in various custom components one at a time...

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