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Unread 01-10-2022, 09:33 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - January 11, 2022

  • Shaman
    • The Spirit Animal summon will now display properly in the "Pets" tab of the character UI.
  • Assassin
    • Reduced the maximum multiplier on Fatal Followup to from 12 to 9.
  • Monk
    • Master's Interpose has been updated to do it's damage reduction on the target via an interpose effect instead of a damage reduction effect. This does not change the functionality of the effect other than allowing the triggers to be displayed on the target, and description. There is currently a display only bug that lists interpose effects as a whole number instead of a decimal, but this is a display issue only and will be corrected in an upcoming update.
  • Bruiser
    • Drag will now terminate if your target gets more than 10 meters away.
  • The carpenter-made Wagon Wheel and Weathered Slab of Rock should now be less sunken into the ground on initial placement.
  • Loot item Pristine Kinnahma Barrette is now spelled correctly.
  • Purchase of essential recipe books/primers for Chaos Descending, Blood of Luclin and Reign of Shadows no longer have a quest completion requirement.
  • The Artisan's Tunic can now be worn as soon as it is received, instead of making you wait until you are level 20 in your chosen crafting class.
  • Overlander Leather Boots of Limitless Daring now display properly with a boot icon.
  • Increased the damage of Visions of Vetrovia tradeskilled ammo.
  • Stacks of the special crafting harvestables from Forlorn Gist can now go up to 800.
  • Some of the nodes in Karuupa Jungle and Mahngavi Expanse have been moved around a bit.
  • Yulondo, the Steadfast - House item can now be properly swapped back to a usable mount.
  • Corrected an issue that caused Yulondo, the Steadfast to buck the rider off the saddle when flying.
  • Large Glacial Room Divider - Is now properly marked as a building block.
  • Corrected/increased the stats on Visions of Vetrovia Focus of Entropy, Visions of Vetrovia Heavenscale, Visions of Vetrovia Shard of the Firmament, Visions of Vetrovia Star Shard, Visions of Vetrovia Manarock.
  • Infusion of Qua'ddathul will no longer set the global reuse time used by some potions.
  • Corrected an issue that would prevent several spells from loading on the hire window of several older mercenaries.
  • Scouring the Sands
    • Finding a strong wind is now easier for those searching for a wisp of air from the highest dune.
  • Finicky Frogloks
    • Quest targeted food items respawn much faster now!
  • Ginwyss D'Arkenett can now offer "Rotting Scum" and "Thexian Taint" to players even if they have already completed "A Guard Insignia?" and "The Missing Recruit".
  • Renamed the mount gear recipe books to Karuupa Tack, Forlorn Tack, and Vacrul Tack.
  • The residents of Cardin Ward got tired of wax drippings all over their engraved desk and insisted that the recipe for "Recipes for Wayward Defender's Supplies" be changed to use incense instead of candles.
  • Recipes from Grandmaster Vetrovian Adorner's books will now correctly call for Vetrovian Fragments as a build component, instead of calling for last tier's Empyral Fragments.
  • Recipes for the Ancient versions of level 121 priest spells now properly display what build ingredients are needed.
  • The recipe for Double Blast X (Ancient) can now be crafted.
  • Recipes for level 122 Ancient versions of priest spells will now properly display their build ingredients.
  • The recipe book for Grandmaster Vetrovian Adorner's Volume I now has the correct recipes for accuracy, extra attacks and strikethrough in it.
  • Completing the Visions of Vetrovia weekly tradeskill mission from Renfry's Basement will now grant the player their choice of one class-specific mastercrafted recipe book.
  • The Sheaf of Paper for Were Is the Messenger: Simple Gifts now requires 1 astral incense per combine instead of 5.
  • Castle Vacrul: Suite of Screams [Event Heroic II]
    • Intercept, while Master's Interpose is active, will now work against Taskmaster Devioth's Venomous Interlude curse.
  • Castle Vacrul: Suite of Screams [Event Heroic II and Solo]
    • Bloodlord Durogan should no longer Tap Blood in rapid succession.
  • Castle Vacrul: Throne of the Ydal
    • Priests of The Undying can now be pulled from range.
  • Forlorn Gist: Nightmares of Old [Heroic I]
    • Exiting the zone no longer takes the entire group.
  • Mahngavi Wastes: Warpwood Cairn [Heroic I and Solo]
    • Defeating Krel Korek Mal before killing all of the Dreadfell Summoners in the same encounter will no longer prevent the next boss from spawning.
  • Karuupa Jungle: Dedraka's Descent [Heroic II]
    • Heroic Opportunity starter abilities are now properly tracked by boss encounters.
  • Karuupa Jungle: The Fading Light [Raid]
    • Glaur Xrzin should no longer attempt to apply his curse "Sharpshot Technique" to dead players.
    • The lockout for this zone has been lowered to 3 days from 5 days minimum. The maximum lockout remains 14 days.
    • Maximum health has been lowered for all bosses within the zone.
    • Reworded the spell description for the "Sharp Eye" spell used by Glaur Xrzin to be more accurate to what the ability actually does.
    • Corrected an issue that caused "Sharp Eye" to be applied at a larger range than initially intended, triggering a heal at the incorrect range.
    • Corrected an issue that caused Glaur Xrzin to have time limits incorrectly applied to the encounter.
    • Combat mitigation requirements have been lowered for encounters within the zone.
  • Mahngavi Wastes: The Engulfing Night [Raid]
    • The lockout for this zone has been lowered to 3 days from 5 days minimum. The maximum lockout remains 14 days.
    • Maximum health has been lowered for all bosses within the zone.
    • Corrected an issue that caused Cewtie Irewater and Cliff Dweller Gadsin to have time limits incorrectly applied to the encounter.
    • Combat mitigation requirements have been lowered for encounters within the zone.
    • Corrected an issue where Persepherator would think her bonepile adds were not defeated properly, triggering a "ZOOM" fail condition.
    • Corpse feeders should now be aggressive.

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