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Unread 05-04-2013, 11:16 AM
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Default Changing Pet Window to use Cure Magic instead of Cure Arcane

Hokay, I am using a modified version of Aseekia's Pet Window. The modified version can be found here.

So, what was changed from the basic version of the Aseekia window is that we swapped out some rarely-used buttons and added the two cures I could do as a conjy, which look like this:
<Icon BackgroundTint="#000000" DynamicData="/GameData.Pet.Effect4" IconStyle="/IconStyles.effect" Location="25,0" MaximumSize="21,21" MinimumSize="21,21" MouseOverColor="#FFFF00" Name="Effect4" OnPress="cureplayer g0 elemental pet" ScrollExtent="21,21" Size="21,21" TreatAsButton="true" />
<Icon BackgroundTint="#000000" DynamicData="/GameData.Pet.Effect2" IconStyle="/IconStyles.effect" Location="0,0" MaximumSize="21,21" MinimumSize="21,21" MouseOverColor="#FFFF00" Name="Effect2" OnPress="cureplayer g0 arcane pet" ScrollExtent="21,21" Size="21,21" TreatAsButton="true" />
So, now that all mage cures are "Cure Magic" instead of "Cure Arcane" or "Cure Elemental", I'm really not sure what to do to update the cure buttons to use the new cure spell.

Can anyone assist? I've got my group and raid windows using the new variant, but this one I'm just not knowledgeable enough regarding the code to guess a fix.
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Unread 05-04-2013, 03:22 PM
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First thing to do would be to figure out if the Devs remembered to include the Cure Magic spell into the cureplayer command. Otherwise, you won't be able to cast directly on your pet.

Your only alternative would be to use the command: useabilityonplayer and I'm pretty sure that only works on pets if they are named differently anyway.

If they did include the new spell, I'm not sure what the argument would be, but most likely it would be:
cureplayer g0 spell pet

That's the one that works for healers at least. You'll have to ask them devs
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